Suicide Bomber Wanted Salary, Officials Say It Was Extortion

A Chinese man injured by a suicide bomber in Guangzhou who detonated his homemade explosive due to a labor dispute.

From Sohu:

Man Demanding Salary Detonates Explosive Killing 1 Wounding 7, Officials Claim It Was Extortion

A man asking for his salary detonated a bomb strapped to himself

An explosion occurred in the Guangzhou Tianhe Doushi Huating Community this afternoon causing 1 death and 7 wounded

At 3:53pm this afternoon [January 18], an explosion happened in an apartment building in Guangzhou’s Tianhebei Road Dushi Huating Community. Upon report, Guangzhou Police quickly dispatched police officers and firefighters to the scene to handle the situation, evacuate the surrounding people, and immediately take the injured to the hospital for emergency treatment.

According to the preliminary investigation by the police, in the afternoon, a man arrived at a company in Tianhebei Road Dushi Huating Community to ask for his salary, then detonated the explosive strapped to his body. The man died of his severe injuries. At present, this incident has already caused 1 death and 7 wounded. Police are currently investigating this incident.

Chinese police officers and firefighters on the roof of an apartment building in Guangzhou following an explosion.

A Chinese man injured by a suicide bomber in Guangzhou who detonated his homemade explosive due to a labor dispute.

A Chinese man injured by a suicide bomber in Guangzhou who detonated his homemade explosive due to a labor dispute.

More reports

According to Ms. Guo who works on the 30th floor, she heard the explosion as soon as she walked out of the elevator and stepped into the office. The elevator immediately stopped working, the entire door deformed and emitting thick smoke. Half an hour later, all personnel in the office were evacuated due to the heavy smoke, but because the elevator could no longer be used, they all climbed up to the top of the building on the 32nd floor. 4 or 5 wounded people were found sitting or lying down, their entire bodies burnt black, clothes torn and ripped, bodies covered with blood. There might have been other wounded people. The other elevator was used to carry the wounded.

Guangzhou City Tianhe District Party Committee Propaganda Department Press Section Chief Li Bin claimed: This man wasn’t actually demanding his salary, but rather committing extortion. Li Bin also indicated that further information would be released tonight.

An elevator with a deformed door in a Tianhebei Road Dushi Huating Community apartment building following an explosion caused by a labor dispute.

People on the roof of a 32-floor building, evacuated due to an explosion caused by a man that was seeking wages owed to him.

Comments from Sohu:

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浅尝辄止 [搜狐湖北省武汉市网友]:

Calling peasant farmers “criminals”, calling a demand for one’s salary “extortion”, calling a demand for an explanation “making a scene causing trouble”, calling mistresses “co-workers”, making prostitutes “subordinates”, treating the ordinary people as “enemies”, and treating money as their “biological father” [putting money above all else], these the things today’s government officials do.

时过夏末4567776 [搜狐内蒙古自治区呼和浩特市网友]: (responding to above)

Today’s officials are worse than the Japanese!

红旗下的无能愤青 [搜狐广西壮族自治区网友]:

Tying explosives to his own body to go extort, whether he succeeds or not, he wouldn’t be alive to spend the money, a recourse that only migrant workers would turn to. I cross my fingers looking up at the heavily clouded sky, grinding my teeth trying not to swear as I leave this comment in a good manner, silently warning myself: I’d Rather believe that there are ghosts in the world than to believe the words of an official.

自由思想者 [搜狐内蒙古自治区包头市网友]:

Sullying and making false accusations of a laborer from the bottom rung of society so desperate that he’d sacrifice his life in exchange for his hard earned pay, are you not afraid of being struck down by a bolt of lightning?

囫囵吞枣4436278 [搜狐江苏省网友]:

A thug that uses this kind of means, regardless of whether for extortion or to demand pay, doesn’t deserve our sympathy.

环游世界163095 [搜狐北京市网友]: (responding to above)

Would a civil way work? Could he convince government officials with words alone? Could the poor be helped with the law alone? You call him a thug, but that’s fucking because you’ve never been in his situation.

囫囵吞枣4436278 [搜狐江苏省网友]: (responding to 环游世界163095)

Are you fucking stupid? Using an explosive will hurt the innocent. You say he’s not a thug, I wished you were killed by the explosion.

自选股199882 [搜狐上海市网友]: (responding to above)

Because you’ve fucking never had someone owe you money and asked for money owed to you and don’t understand what it’s like. So ignorant.

记忆的空41052443 [搜狐网友]:

Killing oneself in order to extort? Is he a fool? Or do certain people think that the people are stupid?

A Chinese man injured by a suicide bomber in Guangzhou who detonated his homemade explosive due to a labor dispute.

东拉西扯4532701 [搜狐天津市网友]:

Is there any extortion in the world that is done like this? Truly a society where black and white [right and wrong] are reversed.

末日审判4360383 [搜狐山西省太原市网友]:

The police haven’t even finished their investigation, but the propaganda department has already determined the nature of this incident! Truly laughable to the extreme!

息息相关41492832 [搜狐北京市网友]:

Extortion at the cost of one’s own life? Would you do such a thing? Whether you believe it or not, either way I don’t believe it.!

防火防盗防公安 [搜狐黑龙江省鸡西市网友]:

Can you still belive the bullshit from the authorities? It’s the end of the [lunar] year, only because he was forced to the point where he could not even survive that he would take the ultimate road of suicide and killing. Workers, migrant workers, those who work and are under employment throughout China should all kill our black-hearted money-owning leaders/employers.

盛世流光42972961 [搜狐辽宁省营口市网友]:

The brains of China’s government officials these days have all been smashed into pig heads [stupidity] by money. If you’re going to fabricate the truth, couldn’t you have made up a more believable story? Do people extort like this? Better watch out for angry ghosts coming for your lives.

吃草的狼4279在搜狐 [搜狐陕西省西安市网友]:

Hero, rest in peace, take the man who said you were “extorting” with you.

肥水养花41722769 [搜狐辽宁省大连市网友]:

“Guangzhou City Tianhe District Party Committee Propaganda Department Press Section Chief Li Bin claimed: This man wasn’t actually demanding his salary, but rather committing extortion. Li Bin also indicated that further information would be released tonight.”
Complete TMD bullshit. They’d say anything out of fear of being held responsible. Who would commit extortion using their own life?

陌上西风2012 [搜狐广东省深圳市网友]:

Extortion by suicide? If he’s already dead, how can he get what he’s extorting for. You’d be better off accusing him of being mentally unbalanced as it would make more sense.

甜到悲伤4677266 [搜狐天津市网友]:

This explanation is so funny. Would you extort people by sacrificing your own life? Li Bin, can you publicize your home address? CNMD.

囫囵吞枣4352995 [搜狐河北省衡水市网友]:

No wonder things [in the nation] are so bad these days, there’s so many nao can as government officials. Who would believe that someone would ever go this far to extort someone??? You think the ordinary common people are as mentally retarded as you officials?? 

Police bomb squad vehicles at an apartment building in Guangzhou, China.

An update from Sina Weibo:

@网络新闻联播: Police: The Explosion Has Already Resulted in 1 Dead 8 Wounded, Caused by Labor Dispute: According to Guangzhou Police, January 18 afternoon, a man surnamed Wang was at the office of a certain company in the Guangzhou Tianhebei Road Dushi Huating Community demanding pay owed him. Due to the labor dispute, he detonated the homemade explosive strapped to his body, causing his own death, injuring 8 others, amongst which 3 are severely wounded.

The Tianhebei Road Dushi Huating Community apartment building where a man seeking the salary owed him detonated a self-made bomb strapped to his body.

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  • Not surprised in the least. The bureaucratic mindset of indifference here drives people to extremes. Like setting themselves on fire or blowing themselves up.

    • starsky

      says the arab looking guy who supports suicide bombers whether they be muslim or not

      • carmouflagger

        How did this even get a single ‘Vote up’?? O.o

        • Brett

          Lots of creepers on these boards.

          • starsky

            CHinese knows who their enemies are and it isn’t only bureaucrats or capitalists like the suicide bombers employer. i would count everyone west of sinkiang

          • Nick in Beijing

            If you’re going to reference the names of Chinese provinces, at least use the accepted pinyin spelling.
            IMO nothing makes a person look more ignorant about China than using antiquated ways of Romanizing the names of people and things in China.

  • joe

    you are all the same, 1 billion people complaining but no one does anything to change the situation. chinese people deserve the chinese government

    • nicegoing

      Many people disappeared because they fought agaist the government.

      • Thuan Bui

        Wish Joe would disappear!

      • Lovely

        He is too ignorant to understand it. People who die fighting their government will never enjoy its freedoms anyway. Especially in cultures where oppression is entrenched in their societies.

      • bprichard

        Absolutely, but that’s the kind of sacrifice people need to be willing to make if they want change. I’m not particularly brave, so I’m not making any claims that I would take action in this situation. If you want a better world, there is a price to be paid, though.

    • starsky

      there was an excellent article on why Chinese government is unable to ban dynamite just like America can’t ban guns. Turns out the COnstruction business men in CHina lobby against banning explosives in CHina. even though for the COmmunists it would make sense to ban civilians from owning any weapons even explosives. DO u still think Chinese govt is a dictatorship?

      • mr.wiener

        “DO u still think Chinese govt is a dictatorship?”

        Yes, the only difference being there is no individual dictator, It is a dictatorship of the party /local cadres and the minority with power and money over the masses.

        • manofearth

          appropriate for any country on this earth – or are u forgeting ur country of origin now? would the description of urs fit austria?

          • mr.wiener

            Um…that would be Austr-AL-ia mate….Yes it would, if most western countries could confiscate your land and chuck you in the clink for protesting, tells you when and how to worship and makes you use an internal passport to travel around your own country.
            I’d compare the current state of the Party as somewhat akin to the national-socialist party in 1930’s Germany.

          • ManofEarth

            well pl. renick urself as Austr-AL-ia mate then- for all austrians sake ; ) and yes mate go tell that the aborigines … would u please! they sure remember ur kind of ppl. – right? ; )

            how dare you compare china with your kinds history of genocide lil weener that you are…

          • vincent

            Oh good idea, comparing ancient history to current events, damn dude I knew u were an idiot but really? Do you bang ur head against the keyboard or something, ur post is gibberish.

          • mr.wiener

            Not sure if you are joking [because of the ;) ] or you just went full retard. Sufficient to say if you are a happy camper with the people’s republic then enjoy it.

      • ManofEarth

        in real life you have ur own funny lil NDAA indefinite detention act – google it – and tell us bout ur lil homemade-dictatorship u r living in right now ; )

        • vincent

          Haha in China there’s the NDA (National Dying/Disappearing/Detention Act) google that bitch.

          • ManofEarth

            lil sissyboy – be a nice wife and bend over for ur husband gab – when grownups talk lil sissyboys are quiet – didnt ur mum tell u? gosh…

    • ManofEarth

      lil racists like u r the same too -and yes – u dont deserve ANY thing at – u lil waste of oxygen ; )

  • nicegoing

    as a chinese,I always think about committing suicide.FUCK CHINA.The damn country make me sick.

    • Lovely

      think about getting OUT of China at all costs, work toil, do what you have to do then leave and find happiness somewhere in the world. If China is miserable, you CAN be happier elsewhere.

      • nicegoing

        Thank for your suggestion

    • Gay Azn Boi

      Go for it. I recommend “death by a thousand cuts.” It was featured on cS a while ago. Look it up.


      So is being Chinese causing you to think about committing suicide or is it just because you’re personal situation that is causing you to think about suicide?

    • the ace of books

      What Lovely said. Also, I know there’s not much in the way of therapy in China, but if you’re constantly thinking about suicide, you might want to find someone to talk to about that. (I promise you are not less of a man for going to therapy! No one is.)

    • Erick

      Might as well

      har har har

  • nintendo-nerd

    if this happened in America, the gov. would blame it on those horrible al-qaeda terrorists .. you know… those crazy arabs that “blew up (wink wink) the twin towers” lol

    • x1sfg

      Yeah, okay, whatever you say.

    • If this happened in America, the White House would immediately deny that it was terrorism, and the guy’s name would only be released to the media if it was not Muslim. That’s because the U.S. government breathes a collective sigh of relief whenever an act of mass violence was committed by a Timothy McVeigh. It’s politically safe to condemn a McVeigh. The problems arise when it was committed by a Nidal Hasan, with blatant overtures of Islamic jihad, because those are a political nightmare that no government agency, from the State department to the TSA wants anything to do with.

      • Dr Sun

        If it happened in America, people “NRA” types would remind you that it’s not explosives that blow up and kill people.

  • The Enlightened One

    Hey here’s a thought for you government officials! Stop screwing over the common man and stop getting blown up? Cause this stuff is really starting to catch on!

    I heard about a worker going into a principal’s office at a University and demanding his pay… no pay… KA-BOOM! Has happened many times!

    Just pay the man what he’s owed!

    • quake

      screw with JAPAN instead the df-21s are gonna land on Tokyo

      Guangqian of the Chinese Academy of Military Sciences was quoted saying by the China News Service and other state media.

      “Firing tracer bullets is a type of provocation; it’s firing
      the first shot,” he said. “Were Japan to dare to fire tracers, which is
      to say fire the first shot, then China wouldn’t stint on responding and
      not allow them to fire the second shot.”


        Cleo, is that you? Now you’re taking on multiple personalities?

        • Dr Sun

          sounds like Cleo

    • Charles

      Sadly – you are right – violent attacks against the leadership in China are extremely common. They just don’t get much press, especially not inside the country.

  • FanBingBing

    extortion, lol

  • stevelaudig

    It is easy enough to prove/disprove the extortion claim. Show us a receipt signed by the deceased acknowledging receipt of his salary. Or, require all press releases to be under oath and have mandatory minimum jail time for sending out a lying press release. better yet public caning for government officials caught telling petty lies.

    • starsky

      have reading probelm\??? the police said HE didnt receive his salary from his employer. that was his motive for terrorism, what you thought he did for supporting the Dalai lama?? or something

    • Brett

      Yes because signed receipts are presented when salaries are paid in China.

  • ASDF

    When Chinese people blow themselves up against their own government they’re heroic revolutionaries, but when Arabs blow themselves up against the US government they’re delusional terrorists.

    Human rights seem to only apply to those within one’s own nation while exploiting people from other countries is perfectly fine. The high living standards of the United States and its allies isn’t supported by their democracy. It is supported by their military. Suffering can never be eliminated. It can only be diverted elsewhere. What China needs isn’t Democracy. Democracy will not pull the Chinese people out of poverty. It hasn’t pulled anyone out of poverty. What China really needs is the capability to export its human rights abuses to the citizens of other countries. Once the suicide attacks are committed exclusively by foreigners, the Chinese government can then easily label them as acts of terrorism and relieve itself of all responsibility.

    • Germandude

      Ok, nice story. Problem is, the guy that blew himself up was doing so because he wanted his salary from his employer. And I fail to find where someone here said that he blow himself up for protest against the government, or where somebody here said that this guy was a hero.

      Now I am not a fan of the US foreign policies, but your comparison between “Chinese people blow themselves up against their own government….Arabs blow themselves up against the US government …they’re delusional terrorists”, stinks.

      Most Arab terrorists that blow themselves up are poorly educated and brainwashed fools that blow themselves up in the BELIEF that they were fighting “their” good cause. They fail to see that they are just a tool of other interests, certainly not their real “friends”.

      Question they should be asking: “Why should I change one tyrant a thousand miles away, than a thousand tyrants one mile away”.

      And again: I am not trying to justify or support US involvement in the middle east. Both sides stink and the trouble there is too complex. Certainly, you wouldn’t find a solution on chinaSmack for this.

      • ASDF

        I agree. This incident is strictly a personal conflict between a worker and his employer, not an ideological struggle between the people and an oppressive regime. What I don’t understand though is why you didn’t make this clarification with Joe or The Enlightened One who are using the same misconception to imply that it is the CCP officials who are directly responsible for this incident. Why is it that clarification is necessary only for the arguments in favor of the CCP and conveniently ignored for those against it? Perhaps my comparison was a bit ill suited for this particular example, and for that I apologize. It should be applied instead to the Uighur rampages and the self immolating Dalai Lama monks.

        • Germandude

          Nothing personal. It was your first sentence, why I replied to you. I didn’t reply to ‘joe’ because his comment is not worth being commented.

          That left your comment and the one from “The Enligthened One”. It’s a 50-50 chance and your paper was drawn.
          Seriously: only your first sentence…

          • ASDF

            oh… well i have the bad habit of being more critical towards comments that contradict my personal opinions and interests. It’s pretty normal i think…

        • the ace of books

          Just to jump in, here:

          ” This incident is strictly a personal conflict between a worker and his employer, not an ideological struggle between the people and an oppressive regime.”

          This you say, but the funny thing is: such “strictly personal” incidents have a funny way of snowballing, and ultimately being catalysts for national or international incidents. Just food for thought there.

          • starsky

            nobody rallys around a criminal. if this was a 12 year old chinese girl maybe more sympathetic

    • charles

      ASDF – very disturbing!

      The high living standards of the US and it’s allies were derived from many things – including lower population density – an abundance of natural resources – a CONSTITUTIONAL democracy (which is slowly dieing) – the relative poverty in foreign nations that makes exporting labor and importing everything else extremely cheap… just to name a few.

      I’ll agree that democracy isn’t a must – but a functioning legal system – that doesn’t rely on guanxi and corruption is – and I see no hope of that ever coming to China.

      • ASDF

        The legal system of every nation improves along with a rising GDP/capita. But who knows, China might be the first one to contradict this trend. After all it is a nation inhabited by Chinese, not humans ; )

      • ASDF

        Yeah okay. A powerful military isn’t the only factor, but it is an important one which people like to dismiss.

    • Paulos

      maybe i can help better illustrate public perception in the states:

      activist: one who rages FOR liberalism.
      terrorist: one who rages AGAINST liberalism.
      mime: one who rages INSIDE an imaginary box of liberalism.

      i hate mimes, but as far as democracy, while certainly not an instant cure all, it does seem to be a prerequisite for joining the highly developed club these days. we’ll see if china can make the jump without it, but it looks like the super rich there are having their doubts.

  • ScottLoar


  • linette lee

    Just pay the guy his salary.

    • Brett

      Too late for that, dontcha think?

  • Brett

    I don’t know if there are too many people willing to kill themselves to extort a paycheck’s worth of coin. The point of extortion is to get your money and keep living.

  • Disgusting. Even if you do not get your salary, at least do something that will only hurt the ones who are responsible for that, not innocent “bystanders”.
    I really wonder why some chinese comments even encourage it and call him a “hero”.

  • Markoff

    he would be more useful if he would visit some CCP/police/army bureau, if this would be happening more frequently maybe some think would think twice before joining these organizations

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