Suicide Jumper In Wedding Dress Saved By Local Official

In Changchun, China, a young girl in a wedding dress sits on a window sill 7 floors above the ground.

In Changchun, China, a young girl in a wedding dress sits on a window sill 7 floors above the ground.

From NetEase:

Woman wearing wedding dress jumps off building in Changchun, caught and rescued

May 17th 3:00pm, a 22-year-old girl wearing a wedding gown, sitting on the 7th floor window sill of a residential building in Changchun along Guiyang Street and Wusong Road, her emotions unstable.

A Chinese woman in a wedding dress about to jump off a building to commit suicide.

The girl in a wedding dress sitting on the third window sill from the corner of the building.

A young Chinese girl in a wedding dress hangs out of a window, distraught, thinking of suicide.

The girl looked very depressed, like she had suffered a very big grievance, and after sitting there several minutes, she even began crying.

A man clutching to a young girl in a wedding dress who had just jumped out of a window trying to commit suicide.

At 4:21:28, the cry went out “she jumped!”, as the girl jumped off the window sill. Just as everyone were worrying for her safety, someone’s right arm suddenly reached out from the 7th floor window, catching the girl around her neck, with the left arm reaching out to grab her wedding dress. Apparently, Kuancheng District sub-district office director Guo Zhongfan had read the situation clearly, rushed forward, and grabbed Li X just before her body fell.

A Chinese girl in a wedding dress hangs in mid-air, a man leaning out of a window struggling to hold onto her around her neck.

The girl hanging by her neck in the air.

A local government official with his arms around a girl in a wedding dress who had just jumped from the 7th floor.

As a result of using too much force, Guo Zhongfan’s upper body slammed against the window with a “bang”, then even stuck out the window.

The government official struggles to pull the suicide jumping girl back through the window and safely into the building.

4:21:30, Guo Zhongfan using all his strength to hold onto the girl, and to maintain his balance, to avoid falling down with the girl, he pressed his belly to the window sill, his face white with exertion. He used both hands to drag the girl’s arms up, lifting her up little by little, trying to bring Li X back into the building through the window.

Men on the 6th and 7th floors of this Changchun residential building struggle to safely rescue a bride who had just tried to commit suicide by jumping off the 7th floor.

4:21:35, sub-district office workers also rushed up to the 7th floor, to hold onto Guo Zhongfan’s body as well as to help Guo Zhongfan lift up the girl’s body as much as possible. At the same time, 6th floor workers also saw the girl’s hanging feet. “Push up!” One man stood on the window sill, held by two other men, and pushed the girl up by her feet.

Government workers on the 6th and 7th floor work together to lift a girl who had jumped out a window back to safety.

4:22:10, Guo Zhongfan and everyone worked together to lift the girl’s body up and bring her upper half back through the window. A man on the 6th floor pushed up on her feet, asking her to keep her body as flat/straight as possible. Once she straightened up, they pushed hard directing her into the building.

The Chinese female suicide jumper in the wedding dress finally safely pulled back through the 7th floor window and inside.

4:22:22, the girl’s upper body was finally completely within the window and several people within immediately pulled the rest of her body in. At this time, everyone carried the girl down.

Crowds of bystanders in Changchun gathered to watch a possible suicide unfold.

There were many residents looking on at the scene.

Guo Zhongfan, the local government official whose quick reaction helped save the girl in the wedding dress.

Guo Zhonfan, the sub-district office director who saved the girl.

Videos of the incident:

The above video has been viewed over 800k times on op popular Chinese video sharing website Youku since it was uploaded yesterday.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Below is another video that shows more of what happened inside the building as well as Guo Zhongfan, the man who grabbed her as she jumped:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from NetEase:


Is it necessary to give up the entire forest for one tree!? That girl simply didn’t think things through at the moment! After some time, she’ll get better! There are plenty of good men in the world! Just like me! If it’s possible, I’m willing to marry her to be my wife!! Does everyone support me in this?


I salute the rescuer! A true man!


Before dying, she wore one time the one thing women want most to wear, which tells us what?


Life is fragile. It wasn’t easy for your parents to raise you. Cherish [your life].


May good things come to good people!


The police aren’t there, only the officials are there, a very timely show [for the people], haha.


Looks like she was exposed for a bit…


Dying is very simple, don’t cause trouble for other people! Everyone’s life is difficult, you’re wasting everyone’s time. And you put on such a bullshit stunt! Nowadays some bullshit people suffer some grievance or difficulty and they make a fuss about suicide. Disgusting!! Fuck~~


Oh my, so frightening. This is a 50 plus kg person falling. If not careful, the person grabbing her above would also be taken down with her.
Saving a person’s life is better than building a seven-story pagoda.
Director Guo, well done, you have my admiration!


Recently, I’ve seen several pieces of this kind of news, and all I want to say is: Those girls need to be more considerate of their parents, and how hard it was for them to raise you up, at the same time resting their old age hopes on you. You committing suicide over a man is truly too selfish (also, you girls need to be more careful when finding boyfriends).


This kind of public servant [government official] is what a good public servant is like~

There are plenty of good men in the world! Personals @ chinaSMACK.


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