Suicide Jumper In Wedding Dress Saved By Local Official

In Changchun, China, a young girl in a wedding dress sits on a window sill 7 floors above the ground.

From NetEase:

Woman wearing wedding dress jumps off building in Changchun, caught and rescued

May 17th 3:00pm, a 22-year-old girl wearing a wedding gown, sitting on the 7th floor window sill of a residential building in Changchun along Guiyang Street and Wusong Road, her emotions unstable.

A Chinese woman in a wedding dress about to jump off a building to commit suicide.

The girl in a wedding dress sitting on the third window sill from the corner of the building.

A young Chinese girl in a wedding dress hangs out of a window, distraught, thinking of suicide.

The girl looked very depressed, like she had suffered a very big grievance, and after sitting there several minutes, she even began crying.

A man clutching to a young girl in a wedding dress who had just jumped out of a window trying to commit suicide.

At 4:21:28, the cry went out “she jumped!”, as the girl jumped off the window sill. Just as everyone were worrying for her safety, someone’s right arm suddenly reached out from the 7th floor window, catching the girl around her neck, with the left arm reaching out to grab her wedding dress. Apparently, Kuancheng District sub-district office director Guo Zhongfan had read the situation clearly, rushed forward, and grabbed Li X just before her body fell.

A Chinese girl in a wedding dress hangs in mid-air, a man leaning out of a window struggling to hold onto her around her neck.

The girl hanging by her neck in the air.

A local government official with his arms around a girl in a wedding dress who had just jumped from the 7th floor.

As a result of using too much force, Guo Zhongfan’s upper body slammed against the window with a “bang”, then even stuck out the window.

The government official struggles to pull the suicide jumping girl back through the window and safely into the building.

4:21:30, Guo Zhongfan using all his strength to hold onto the girl, and to maintain his balance, to avoid falling down with the girl, he pressed his belly to the window sill, his face white with exertion. He used both hands to drag the girl’s arms up, lifting her up little by little, trying to bring Li X back into the building through the window.

Men on the 6th and 7th floors of this Changchun residential building struggle to safely rescue a bride who had just tried to commit suicide by jumping off the 7th floor.

4:21:35, sub-district office workers also rushed up to the 7th floor, to hold onto Guo Zhongfan’s body as well as to help Guo Zhongfan lift up the girl’s body as much as possible. At the same time, 6th floor workers also saw the girl’s hanging feet. “Push up!” One man stood on the window sill, held by two other men, and pushed the girl up by her feet.

Government workers on the 6th and 7th floor work together to lift a girl who had jumped out a window back to safety.

4:22:10, Guo Zhongfan and everyone worked together to lift the girl’s body up and bring her upper half back through the window. A man on the 6th floor pushed up on her feet, asking her to keep her body as flat/straight as possible. Once she straightened up, they pushed hard directing her into the building.

The Chinese female suicide jumper in the wedding dress finally safely pulled back through the 7th floor window and inside.

4:22:22, the girl’s upper body was finally completely within the window and several people within immediately pulled the rest of her body in. At this time, everyone carried the girl down.

Crowds of bystanders in Changchun gathered to watch a possible suicide unfold.

There were many residents looking on at the scene.

Guo Zhongfan, the local government official whose quick reaction helped save the girl in the wedding dress.

Guo Zhonfan, the sub-district office director who saved the girl.

Videos of the incident:

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The above video has been viewed over 800k times on op popular Chinese video sharing website Youku since it was uploaded yesterday.

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Below is another video that shows more of what happened inside the building as well as Guo Zhongfan, the man who grabbed her as she jumped:

A copy on YouTube:

Can’t see the above video?

Comments from NetEase:


Is it necessary to give up the entire forest for one tree!? That girl simply didn’t think things through at the moment! After some time, she’ll get better! There are plenty of good men in the world! Just like me! If it’s possible, I’m willing to marry her to be my wife!! Does everyone support me in this?


I salute the rescuer! A true man!


Before dying, she wore one time the one thing women want most to wear, which tells us what?


Life is fragile. It wasn’t easy for your parents to raise you. Cherish [your life].


May good things come to good people!


The police aren’t there, only the officials are there, a very timely show [for the people], haha.


Looks like she was exposed for a bit…


Dying is very simple, don’t cause trouble for other people! Everyone’s life is difficult, you’re wasting everyone’s time. And you put on such a bullshit stunt! Nowadays some bullshit people suffer some grievance or difficulty and they make a fuss about suicide. Disgusting!! Fuck~~


Oh my, so frightening. This is a 50 plus kg person falling. If not careful, the person grabbing her above would also be taken down with her.
Saving a person’s life is better than building a seven-story pagoda.
Director Guo, well done, you have my admiration!


Recently, I’ve seen several pieces of this kind of news, and all I want to say is: Those girls need to be more considerate of their parents, and how hard it was for them to raise you up, at the same time resting their old age hopes on you. You committing suicide over a man is truly too selfish (also, you girls need to be more careful when finding boyfriends).


This kind of public servant [government official] is what a good public servant is like~

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  • nice day for a white wedding…..

    Thee song!

    Thy 50c!

    • I bow before your absolute wisdom Comrade!

      Awesome song.

      10 Cents!!!

      • Boris

        I can’t just sit here and tollerate that! The Eighties were paradise but Billy Idol was not one of their finest moments. God -I can’t get his snarling face out of my mind now. Look what you’ve done!

        • Lang-Lang

          Aw c’mon Boris…he looked great in The Wedding Singer.(…Ok, not really. But Prodigal Blues still kicks ass.)

          • Boris

            Well, I’m forced to admit I’ve got one or two Generation X records in my LP collection -but don’t tell anyone!

      • Curren$y

        KPOP song of the article:
        “Wedding Dress” – Taeyang

        • King Tubby

          Boris. Come on. Fess up to the rest. Duran Duran. Spandau Ballet.
          Adam Bloody Ant. As for your Eighties predilection….you should be deported to Turkmenstan

          • Boris

            It gets worse…
            Heaven 17, Curiosity Killed the Cat, Bananarama…
            As for the punishment, nothing could be more brutal than the viscious beating my conscience administers me on a daily basis.

          • King Tubby

            Crikey Boris. With that sort of musical cv, I’d off myself.

            At least you weren’t led into paraphilias by Culture Club and Mr Glitter.

            Just so this is not one way dissing, recall buying I am a Poseur by X Ray Specs.

            All in all, the eighties were bloody dreadful.

          • Boris

            Oh man, Boy George was top banana:
            From Bombay to Bangalore,
            All the Hindus know the score,
            If you wanna live some more:
            Hare, hare, hare.
            If you do not take a vow,
            You can eat the sacred cow,
            You’ll get karma anyhow,
            Hare, hare, hare.
            -can’t argue with that. Pure genius!

  • Alex

    sofa time! wooohoooo

    • Alex

      late 1 min… stupid internet connection…

    • Jon

      You missed the latest issue of Lame Meme Weekly? Sofa’s over, bro.

    • ChinaPrat

      First, you miss the sofa, and THEN reply on missing it. Give it a rest with the fucking sofas already.

  • Cardaver

    It looks a bit like he grabbed her by the neck

    That’s how Spiderman killed Gwen Stacy

    • I totally lost track of the Spiderman continuum when they pulled crap like The Clone Saga and “One More Day”

      All these different reboots and different series to follow totally disenfranchised me from it.

      Peter Parker should be an under-dog student with a crush on Mary Jane and the occasional flirt with the Silver Cat.

      MY WORD IS FINAL!!!!

      • Cardaver

        I think they’re just running our of ideas

    • Irvin

      Liar!! the web caught her leg, spiderman didn’t even jump after her.

  • corporatebastard

    Don’t people normally just rent the dress?

  • Senor Boogie Woogie

    Guo Zhonfan- Man and hero.

    To Chinese people in general, if you want to kill yourselves, please don’t jump out of a building. It’s dangerous to whatever is below, and can be traumatic for people to watch. Not only that, before you die, you will feel excrutiating pain. You will die from a jump of a certain height, but there is no guarantee you will die immediately.

    There is other ways to kill oneself.

    • Rick in China

      I think that’s kind of the point mate. People who want to go out with a bang, show people their pain, be explicit in sticking in *someone’s* memory since they feel perhaps like they’ve failed in life and would easily be otherwise forgotten…many reasons I guess, but there’s a reason they sit there like fucking pitiful lumps of flesh for a LONG time before jumping, and it’s not always “contemplation”…..but waiting and hoping someone will give them a reason not to, or sometimes just to draw a crowd before they make the plunge.

      It’s not about *just* suicide, but getting up into someone else’s brain for whatever ulterior motive they may have.

    • Ethan JRT

      It’s bad form to endanger others. Who here wouldn’t agree? And yet, it is simplistic and even arrogant to expect ordinary logic and norms to be functioning amidst whatever psychological state drives someone to overcome the human instinct for self-preservation and end his or her own life.

  • deputamadre

    If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go real limp, … you’ll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy.
    – Jack Handy

  • nobel peace prize

    Spectators end up with disappointment.

  • You are responsible for the one you saved.
    Now Guo Zhonfan must marry the girl :)

    • Boris

      Whatever, it’s just nice to see she got saved. Respect to all those who helped.

  • Anonanon

    They saved her

    because SOMEONE needed to foot the bill later for the fire-engines, safety cushion, police cars, etc.

    Nice save though. Very good timing.

  • Jones

    I can’t believe she wore those khaki high heels with that white wedding dress. So tacky.

    • k

      I thought the same thing……she should of matched.

    • fouManChu

      Lets be charitable, those shoes are taupe not khaki.
      Who am I kidding its still a fashion crime-tragedy. She could have worn argyle socks for a “full Winnipeg” effect.

  • dirtywhiteboy

    these will make great wedding pictures someday

  • Alikese

    Sounds like someone’s bachelor party was a little too crazy, and word got out.

    “It’s tradition to have sex with KTV girls the night before a wedding, gosh!”

    • B-real

      Then the girls should automatically accept that its part of the process of getting married. Trading large sums of money for the hand of your other wise free wife to be is not exactly how allot of men would prefer to get married but its tradition.

  • One should be dared to commit suicide; My question is that if one is dat much courageous to commit suicide, then y cant we face the problems in our life with the same bravery and courage??? Life is very short. We have born here to live and not to suicide.. Life is full of ups and downs. Let us try to face and feel all the pleasure and pain in the same way..

  • ChinaPrat

    So instead of letting her killing herself, she’ll now have to spend time in a Chinese prison……. I’d chose concrete splatter.

    • ChinaPrat

      Side note: Chinese emergency rescue is shit! The ambulance was surrounded by people. They need to invest in DO NOT CROSS tape.

      • ander

        They could even make that tape in China and create jobs here!

  • rollin wit 9’s

    I got you all beat on the song of the article:
    Song of the article
    Kris Kross – Jump

    • rollin wit 9’s

      …the mac dad will make you, jump, jump / The daddy mac will make you, jump, jump / Kris Kross will make you jump, jump…

  • I hate these attention seeking suiciders.
    Fuck them.
    Wearing a wedding dress and taking ages to jump off a building to attract attention, thereby inconveniencing everybody.

    Here’s an idea. Go take some lethal drugs or go gas yourself to sleep and stop creating such a ruckus. Clearly anyone who suicides in this manner is a stupid crybaby loser who thinks the world revolves around them so they have to publicly announce their death. I’m sure there are people in worse situations than her, but she probably thinks she has it worst and that her life is the center of the universe.
    I once heard of a suicide from an old student at my school (not from my generation though). He went back to the school at night, left a suicide note somewhere and jumped off the cliff to his death. Now that’s how a serious suicider with real problems does it; not like these attention seeking shithead losers.

    It’s like that person who went and suicided live on his webcam.
    Fuck that attention seeking loser. If you want to kill yourself then just do it in your own privacy, fucktard. And if you want someone to talk you out of suicide, then go get counselling you ass.

    Fuck these people. No sympathy from me. Losers.

    And isn’t there a fucking shortage of women in China anyway?
    Surely she could find someone else. Bitch be PMSing.

    • Glowndark

      different people, different mind. Please stop perceiving the world using your own perspective. Many uneducated people do stupid things you would never imagine, but they are victims twice 1. being poor and no education 2. do stupid things. If you are so full of life, brother, you should be thankful for being lucky.

      • And what gobblegunk are you sprouting? Most people who have a higher education do not know how to deal with day to day living so they take the easy and selfish way out. So please, do not tell people that it is because of poor education. Women like this are attention seekers and trying to make a statement. Unfortunately, in the world, these statements are now falling on deaf ears.

        PS- I am pms’ing now. Are you going to blame my rational thoughts on pms??? (insert snarky laughter here)

        • Glowndark

          Oh yeah? have you lived her life? what do you know about her? you are who you are because of your experience through life, question here, does everyone walk the same path? you are so arrogant into thinking everyone is as thoughtful as you are.

          • Marsvin

            Come on dude, you’re missing the point. These stories are here so we can feel superior and laugh at the stupid peasants remember? Humanity is for suckers right?

    • I disagree with your thoughts on “PMSing”, using that as an excuse. Shame on you!!! Otherwise; I agree with your thoughts regarding many of these people who do this sort of thing are just attention seekers.

      Personally; and I know it sounds harsh, but rather than telling them to go take lethal drugs or such to end it all? I say, do it medically assisted and donate your organs to those who want to live. And this goes for not only Chinese people, but any one in the world.

      If you don’t want to live, that is all fine and dandy. There are thousands who do but were born with parts that do not work who do. Stop being selfish prats and putting on a show.

  • Rick in China

    I saw this story on my daily dose of The Young Turks, oddly enough, but they gave a different perspective.

    They focused on the reason the girl was jumping, which is also interesting…or angering? or whatever.

    Since I don’t see it posted here:

    The girl was expecting to get married, her fiance instead – like a day or two before their expected wedding – MARRIED SOMEONE ELSE! Then didn’t tell her shit until she was all ready to get married herself.

    That’s the Ultimate douchebaggery. That guy is a fucking horrible person, and whomever he ended up marrying will likely end up realizing it sooner than later, it takes a special kind of asshole to do something so mean and distasteful to someone who he deceived into thinking he loves her.

    • Foreign Devil

      Yeah I also read that story. . explains why she had the dress. . . awful awful thing to do to a girl. The guy saving her is a real superman hero! I mean that is superhuman strength to catch a plump girl by the neck like that with one arm as she is falling. . . amazing!

      In general it sucks to be a woman in China. That’s always been my impression.

      • Parabellum

        This man is a true hero. But it looks like from chinese people, based on the above comments, saving a life is a waste of time and efforts. When someone comes up to the point to jump off a building means that he/she desesperatly needs help and compassion, not criticisim.

    • Cool story bro!

  • Leo

    They should make this the MV for the Chinese version of Katy Perry’s ‘Hot ‘n’ Cold’.

    It will make a beautiful trainwreck of a video.

  • *facepalm*… silly. Silly. Silly.

    And how sad.

    But tot he man who helped to pull her in? You are indeed a kind soul. To the girl who wanted to jump? You are an idiot!!!

  • The rescuer, Guo Zhongfan is the man. Look at him refusing to accept that he is a hero. That is a real man in any culture.

  • david

    why do many people here in China use jumping as a technique for ending their lives? If i were to kill myself I would do something less painful and messy.

    :( shame. but im glad to see an official make a difference.

    niu bi

  • Ladies of all races/shapes/size/colors…don’t do damage to yourself…do damage to the man.


  • Western press picked up on this story – with a ‘backstory’ that the jumper caught the husband to be in mid missionary with a bridemaid. Any truth to this? Or was this a punch up for the story?

    • mille

      In Swedish news they said that the “local official” was a cleaner/janitor so I dont know what to believe..
      Though that sounds too much like a drama

  • Nikolodian

    Aw I liked the first comment about the guy offering to marry the girl. Hehe maybe that was a bit of a joke but everything else he said is spot on.

    Btw I’m here for the Chinese comments so please put more of them with the articles Fauna! Keep up the good work, what you are doing is original and awesome :)

  • mistyken

    Curiously, girls are supposed to care more about their appearance than guys, yet a study in Japan shown that more than 70% of the girls who committed suicide there chose the method of jumping off high building. Death from height is probably one of the most nasty way to die other than lying on a track or something…
    As for the girl in the vid, i would say it’s such a pity for her to choose death. Given the huge gender imbalance in China, who cares if her loser boyfriend dumped her. Her chances of finding a better mate is much much greater than her boyfriend i suppose…unless her boyfriend is a laowai…

  • Rod

    I read that it was the cleaner in missionary with the official and the bride was pissed because someone turned on the aircon in May.

    Who knows what the truth is?

    • Nah man, it was the missionary pissing in the bridesmaid when the bride walked in to clean the aircon for the official.

  • Too many Chinese women these days been fed with romance fantasy thinking marriage with Chinese men means trapped in traditional roles or loveless marriage. I have seen worse fate for chinese women married to African and White men. The marriage between chinese women with white men usually ends in divorce because the chinese woman fails to fufill the white man stereotype of asian woman. As for African men, Chinese woman been used as drug mule to support his philandering unproductive man.

    • angry laowai

      no….because chinese women change as soon as they get married…..demand a house and car, and to move her whole family abroad to open a chinese restaurant…. this is why white guys divorce the shit out of chinese women!
      Chinese women….no good for marrying, just good for fun.

  • Willy Wonka

    Lau poo chee, is it? I think the marriage fails in white/chinese marriage is because of not enough money for and being used by the chinese woman. Other than bookish types, most Chinese women I’ve encountered can be a very vicious. Only idiots believe that crap about the demure asian ladies. I never thought it till I heard it and compared their behavior to black girls. Everyone is demure compared to them.
    Truth: asian women can be scary so don’t fall for their charms(looks, sex appeal) till you know them better. I don’t know how that myth started but it can’t be based in reality.

  • Willy Wonka

    For the real reason I wanted to post on this article before I got distracted was to say what a waste of such a cute woman.

  • angry laowai

    only 22, and probably pressured to breaking point by family to get married…..fuck chinese parents!! mind your own goddamn lives and stop controlling your children’s lives so much.

  • ddpp

    useless, she will jump again. what a use of effort.

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