Suicide Jumper Pushed Off Bridge By Old Man Passing By

more-cdt-125x125From China Digital Times:

“Angry Passerby Pushes a “Suicide Jumper” Off a Bridge in S China”


In Guangdong, a suicidal man was pushed off a bridge by a man who made his way past authorities to climb onto the beams. Xinhua has more details:

Chen [Chen Fuchao 陈富超] wanted to kill himself because he was in 2 million yuan of debt following a failed construction project.

After knowing the situation, Lai [Lai Jiansheng 赖健生] volunteered to talk with the Chen to persuade him. After denied by the police, he broken through a police cordon and climbed up to where Chen sat.

Lai first greeted Chen with a handshake, and then he pushed him off the bridge. Chen fell 8 meters onto a partially-inflated emergency air cushion, damaging his spine and elbow in the fall.

“I pushed him off because jumpers like Chen are very selfish. Their action violates a lot of public interest,” Lai said.


From Guangzhou Daily, via sohu, selectively translated by CDT:

Lai Jiansheng explained to his wife that after he approached Chen Fuchao, he asked “Brother, what are you doing?” “I’ve investment debts, people owe me money.” Lai said: “You know making investments is risky; don’t disturb public order just because of your own selfish interests.” He recalled that after negotiations, Chen Fuchao clearly did not have any interest. After this, Li Jiansheng silently decided to move his hand and “use hard methods to provoke a response.”

Lai later told his wife that he didn’t think there would be any serious harm, as there was an air-filled cushion below.

According to the report, there are three possible reasons for Lai’s actions:


Reason 1: Mental illness

61-year-old Liang Yi [Lai’s wife] said that after the time of his enlistment in Hainan, Lai Jiansheng has had mental problems. He has had to take medication for the past 40 years.

Reason 2: Honor

According to reports, in early 2006, Lai Jiansheng saved a youth blocking the road on Luoqi Bridge. After the incident, local authorities awarded him with “having boldly done a righteous act,” 10,000 yuan, and a certificate of merit. “Let him receive society’s affirming sentiments.”

Family members reckon that that day, “his mind must have definitely relived that moment,” and wanted to have Chen Fuchao safely come down and let traffic return to normal.

Reason 3: Righteousness

The journalist interviewed the Lai’s neighborhood, the Guangzhou Motorworks dormitory area. Community members all said the same thing: “He was a very candid person, really carried a sense of justice.”

Chen is currently recovering in a hospital; the fees are estimated to be very costly.


Some [Sohu] reactions to the story:

This man dropped stones down a well [precipitated Chen’s already low estate], truly a muddled old man.

[Fauna: I do not think this translation is correct. It should be: “Still kicking people while they are down/adding insult to injury at such an old age? Truly old and muddled.”]

A good heart doesn’t make a good action [Lai had said he had a good heart, but had done a bad thing]. It’s not like he brought intentional harm. In today’s society, it’s hard to be good. It’s typically good enough to just buy soy sauce [slang for onlookers] and mind your own business.

[Fauna: “It looks like he had good intentions but failed to do a good thing, it does not look like he had the intention to do harm. Today’s society, it is hard to be a good person. Usually, it is better to go buy soy sauce [pass by, minding your own business] and not get involved in other people’s business.”]

You pushed someone else, now it’s your turn to jump. This old man is truly crazy!

I agree that his criminal and civil record should be investigated; he has given the government a lot of additional trouble. His behavior is a bigger menace to society.

[Fauna: “I agree with investigating his criminal and civil responsibility. He is someone who brings trouble to the government. His behavior is a bigger social harm.”]

from: China Digital Times


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