Three Suns and Rainbows Prompt Chinese Fears of Apocalypse

The solar halo in the sky.

From NetEase:

“3 Suns” Illusion Appears in Shanghai

December 10 morning, parts of Shanghai and Jiangsu province witnessed a rare “3 suns” visual illusion, drawing the interest of many city residents and netizens. Regarding this, the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau explained that these were solar halo and sun dog meteorological phenomenon. Additionally, experts explained that they were normal atmospheric optical phenomenon, and had nothing to do with the “apocalypse”.

The solar halo in the sky.

A rare atmospheric phenomenon in Shanghai, where it looks like there are 3 suns in the sky and a rainbow at the same time.

The solar halo in the sky.

The solar halo in the sky.

At about 8am, a magical solar halo phenomenon appeared in the sky in Shanghai.

The upside down rainbow.

The upside down rainbow.

The solar halo and the upside down rainbow.

The solar halo and the upside down rainbow.

Two bright spots appearing around the sun look like two smaller suns, while a colorful rainbow appears in the blue sky above.

Picture is of the sky of Suzhou taken by a netizen.

Picture is of the sky over Suzhou taken by a netizen.

The solar halo in the sky.

The solar halo in the sky.

The solar halo in the sky.

The solar halo in the sky.

The solar halo in the sky.

The solar halo in the sky.

The solar halo in the sky.

Comments from NetEase:

单位不为员工缴纳公积金 [网易上海市杨浦区网友]:

2012 is near, could it really be the [end] of the world?

你猜猴子爱吃啥 [网易广东省广州市网友]:

Is it really going to be the end of the world? Let it be the end of the world then, let it be the end of the world. Those who want it to be the end of the world, ding. [3,591 upvotes at time of translation]

XiangYaDao公共账户 [网易上海市长宁区网友]:

Fuck, three suns in a day, fuck! [The original Chinese could be considered a series of puns.]

谎言帝国 [网易广东省深圳市网友]:

Shanghai doesn’t count, three suns appearing in Beijing is the spectacle that the ordinary common people like seeing.

黄易精神病院林院长 [网易广西玉林市手机网友]:

Only SB would see it as three suns.

鸡肉味儿嘎嘣脆 [网易四川省成都市网友]:

An ill omen!!!

Comments from Sina Weibo:


Dear, three suns appeared yesterday… the world is going to end… How about we be together? 嘻嘻嘻嘻哈哈哈哈@苏-苏雨培


Completely not awake yet… After arriving at the office, I saw many rumors about the end of the world. At some places people saw three suns, and an upside-down rainbow. Then some experts showed up and said a lot of crap to refute those rumors… There’s only one thing I’m concerned about. Before the world ends, can I fucking get my salary?


“Three suns” freaked me out, then I saw the pictures, and damn~ isn’t it just a solar halo? I’ve photographed them 3 or 4 times already. Had I known they’d cause such a sensation, I’d have posted them earlier. Good morning, Sun.


The news says three suns have appeared in Shanghai and Jiangsu, is it true or not? So scary, the end of the world. 生病生病生病


People are talking about the three suns appearing in the sky incident that happened yesterday, and suddenly a colleague asks: Since there were three suns in the sky yesterday, why was it still so cold!


The ground temperature rises and water vapor gathers, one sun is reflected into three. If it’s not because the local people are passionate, then it’s because a subterranean flow is swarming underground—the volcano is going to explode!


Three suns appeared in many places throughout Jiangsu, and an upside down rainbow appeared in Nanjing. How come I didn’t see them? So sad. Even though scientists have come out and explained them from a scientific way, netizens are again hyping it as the apocalypse, faint, such a coincidence, appearing in 2012. *Cry*, please don’t be the end of the world. 泪


As soon as my daughter saw me yesterday, she told me about seeing three suns, that her whole class stopped during the middle of their calisthenics with their heads all turned up to look at the sky.


What do we do? On the internet, it says that there are three suns!!! Seems like I really won’t be surviving until next year…


Three suns have appeared side-by-side in Shanghai, is this some kind of a sign? Traditional Chinese culture emphasizes the interaction between heaven and mankind. I hope the highest powers [the government] will take note!


It’s the end of the world, it really is the end of the world! Better make arrangements and get together! Three suns have even appeared!


Regarding the three suns incident, experts have already come out and refuted the rumors saying “it’s a normal optical phenomenon, has nothing to do with the apocalypse”. Everybody can pack your book bags and start running.


Do three suns have anything to do with the end of the world? Is the world really going to end like this? Actually, I’m really not afraid of dying. Let the end of the word come more fiercely.


Dear, three suns have already appeared in the sky, and rainbows are even hanging upside down. Those who still have money in the bank better hurry and spend it all. 挖鼻屎


“Three suns, light up the East. The corrupted, there is nowhere to hide. Confess your sins, hand over your spoils, Have a good sleep, and your wives and kids won’t panic.” This was a netizen’s reply when the news reported the appearance of three suns today. Talented people are everywhere! [The original Chinese is a rhyming poem of 4 lines with each line being composed of two sets of 4 characters.]


Three suns and rainbows hanging upside down… Experts said there weren’t going to be earthquakes but then earthquakes happened…


There are still 10 days to go before the end of the world. Are the three suns in Shanghai an omen? All my dear friends please return by the 21st. We will be together!


Since when did sun dogs become something that needed discussion… much less talking about the end of the world, your science teachers must’ve died too soon.


The earthquake happened in Japan, today the military conflict happened, just as the prophecy had predicted. In places like Shanghai and Jiangsu proving, fuck, even three suns have been spotted, and with pictures there is truth… Still I want to faintly say that they are all just coincidence. But I’m afraid not many people believe me. 555555, I don’t want to die.

[Note: in Chinese, 5 sounded like the sound of crying, so Chinese netizens often use many 5s to express crying.]


The sun dog phenomenon reminds me of the end of the world [talk] in 1999. Back then, I was in middle school. During a break between lessons, innumerable bats suddenly appeared and began to fly around a big tree on the playground. The scene was so frightening that I really thought that the end of the world was coming and my life hadn’t even began yet. [Should I] skip class? But even if I skip class, what could I really do? Look for a girlfriend? Then the school bell rang, and I obediently went back to the classroom to study. Now after going to high school, going to college, and getting a job, the end of the world is coming again.


I feel really tired. Only after seeing the news about the three suns and whatnot just now did I realize that it’s been a long time since I’ve looked up at the sky. Always busy working making a living. When it’s the time to rest, I only want to sleep, sleep till I get numb.


How should we regard three suns appearing in many places? I think they’re just an atmospheric phenomenon, caused by human environmental pollution!


In Sichuan Leshan, Jiangsu, and other places, three suns have appeared. Does this mean the end of the world is near? Why is it that I hope it’s going to be the end of the world?? Maybe I’m so depressed that I have become stupid…


Looking at the dark sky outside, and [the appearance of] three suns everywhere recently, is it really going to be a darkness for three days? If it really goes dark, then I’ll just stay in bed, sleep and play. (In fact, I want to go home.) Oh, yeah.


Experts have again come out to refute the rumors, hehe. Clearly it’s Nibiru getting closer, yet they make up stories that the appearances of three suns in many places is just a sun dog.

What do you think? What’s the “strangest” natural phenomenon you’ve personally witnessed? How did you react at the time?

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  • MrT

    Its true then Satan is hanging over Shangay feeding of the Aurora of the bad women.

  • potato famine

    I swear these people still live in the dark ages.

  • vincent

    :O It’s the eye of Sauron

  • terroir

    Believing that strongly in fate means that everything is out of your hands (ie. not your responsibility). So, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s true love or not: it’s 缘分. You don’t have to worry about your meaningless life not having any meaning: your own death won’t even be your own fault. Also: gambling is morally right because winners are ordained by the heavens.

    So, to properly understand the Chinese attitude towards destiny and fate, just think of a familiar cartoon frosted flakes breakfast cereal tiger whose catchphrase for everything is “That’s ffaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!”

    In considering these pictures, I think it’s important to note that a) they were all taken with a camera, and b) they are upcoming promotional shots from JJ Abrams next Star Trek movie.

    EDIT: yep, small f-stop, silhouetted background, high contrast — just like the human eye intended.

    • Germandude

      terroir is back? Great! Seriously, I have been reading cS long time before joining the posting and I am a big fan of your posts! Keep them coming!

      • terroir

        I’ve been busy with my own internets. I am sorry I was not here to fill the hole in your heart that only myself and pornography can fill; I can only hope that my penis-shaped comments can tide you over in your ravenous vagina-inbox.

        Anyways: sirrah, can you explain yourselves: what’s been happening here? Was there a story about a man taking a dump on the subway? And the biggest cS story lately was a misunderstanding about a weibo joke? What’s the scoop, party-poop?

        • vincent

          Welcome back good Sir you have been missed :’)

          • terroir

            That must means the situation here is more dire than I first thought.

          • vincent

            You would be correct in making that assumption haha

          • tengu

            Amen to that….

        • tengu

          You have your own “series of tubes?” Such a show off!

          • terroir

            See how you guys are complaining below?

            I don’t have that problem.

      • Brett

        Who’s terroir? I thought his name was “terrier”…

        • Bread? Bread Human, is that you? Or am I daydreaming animated sassy gingerbread people again?

        • tengu

          Pitbull is more like it!

    • mr.wiener

      The master is back! We are not worthy! We are not worthy!

      • terroir

        Just when you thought you have me figured out, they figging fig me back in

      • tengu

        I’m all verklempt and a little misty that he finally made an appearance. Ginger root is on me…I’ll start shaving some our favorite shapes!.

        I believe these are called “Sun Dogs” and relatively common during cold spells in the northern hemisphere. Seen them before.

        • terroir

          Sorry for neglecting you all and not nourishing the withering comments section with the sunny soul of my wit. I’ve been busy with my own corner of teh internets.

          Confirm for me, in that case: these “sun dogs” don’t actually look like these pictures which have been altered, making the background contrast even darker.

          But it doesn’t matter: the Chinese nature of being “fatalists” will continue afterwards, looking for inspiration elsewhere..

          I think it’s telling that Chinese culture is very inclusive and makes a clear delineation between “what is traditionally Chinese” and “what is foreign and unacceptable” … except when a dead culture with no relevance to modern China has this “doomsday prediction” in which Chinese then perk up and go, “Oh yeah! More divine intervention to displace individual responsibility – this is soooo Chinese!”

          • tengu

            Well, we have all been busy and neglectful. Weiner has been holding his own, literally AND figuratively as he is want to do. I think Brett was due for a blessed event. So we all spread out joy and good tidings among the masses. I’m in Italy for two months bothering the Italians…my people.

            Sun Dogs I have seen are all “Low sun” with a slight curvature to the “phantom reflections” and a halo/rainbow effect which curves. I’ve seen them with a full circle around the sun as well as singular. Always on a freezing day. Could very well be “Sun dog”, but also per your assertion, definitely something easy to replicate photographically and I’m AM a fan of J.J Abrams.

            Have you seen his bit on TEDTalks? He’s brilliant..possibly his brilliance was “ordained by heaven”!.

            Either way they’re as relevant to bad omens as the color red, the number “8” are to luck, good fortune and my name is to Sky Dogs devouring the moon and sun during an eclipse..

          • terroir

            To use an Americanism, that’s just it: omens are wherever you want to find them. While urban legends live on in the internets in the West, superstition and fatalism is a day to day fact of life for Chinese. What I’m suggesting with “Maya Sayonara” is that as far removed from Chinese culture as it is, anything fatalistic is of interest to Chinese culture.

            Someone could have put a spin on it and say its a divine sign about the island dispute, the N Korean rocket launch, whatever… if it wasn’t illegal on the mainland, there’d be old ladies with slippers smashing away at your enemy’s destiny. There are always portends of doom in China because everyone is always looking for them.

            Sorry, but I don’t know anything about JJ. Saw a bit of MI:3 and the new Star Trek. I’d ask you for a JJ primer suggestion, but if you told me to “get Lost” I’d just tell you to take a hike.

        • the ace of books

          Ah, why not make it a special occasion, order some ginger beer onlie? If you read Night Watch carefully enough you’ll learn how to do the Ginger Beer Trick.

          And yes, they’re sun dogs, with a 22-degree halo extending from them. Though the Shanghai one looks like a circumzenith arc.

    • starsky

      u know someday human beings will be living under 3 suns just not in our solar system:

      • terroir

        That is the world’s worst “I told you so” counter argument: by quoting science fiction. From the far off future. As quoted by the television network that just lost “30 Rock”.

        I suppose, in that case, my opinions on “face” in China are negated by Skynet becoming sentient and the subsequent robot uprising? (because robots aren’t Chinese – they’re Japanese and have no souls)

    • the ace of books

      See, you all get excited by terroir’s return, but I’ve got the ultimate honor: a terroir comment yesterday. I got really excited about that., as would any sane, red-blooded etc.

      Anyway, it’s good to see you back here, T! Because you’ve evidenced an ability to handle pedanticism and geekiness, and also re: your mention of Star Trek, here’s an awesome link: . That there’s what a real promo shot should look like.

      • justice

        Have You Seen the end times’ video yet? See it here

      • Seriously. I don’t understand this reaction. I’d thank you but my overburdened ego does not allow it; such is the code of the Thunderdome we call cS comments.

        I know “sundogs” are a celestial phenomenon that can be carefully measured and quantified; it still doesn’t negate what I have said about the attitude towards fate that Chinese have, something no one else has talked about. Man, if someone said, “Chinese are hard-core gamblers”, this would be more on topic.

        I clicked on your link and was bitterly disappointed it did not take me to a Halo 4 trailer or video of a hologram teabagging a fallen enemy. So allow me to up the awesome with all this trailer talk with this:

        Seriously. If the Chinese and Japanese mecha don’t duke it out over the Diao/kaku Islands, I will be yet again letdown by hype.

        (my tagline)
        Diplomacy. Using rocket-propelled punches.

        • the ace of books

          Well, alright, I’ll let you in on the secret. You know how the witch fattened up Hansel so she could eat him? Well, your ego is getting bigger and bigger, and ain’t no chicken bones going to help you this time.

          As for fate, well, I’m afraid I’ve never discussed such with friends, so I can’t say much on it except that I’m of the unhumble opinion that “fate” in general is a a wheelbarrow full of horse hockey.

          Sorry that science can’t compete with the modern attention span – I promise physics will win in the end! I shall take a look at that link in one week, when I return to the Land of The Free Internet and Home of the Braves, or whatever you call it. Although, should mecha be involved, then all we need to do is involve Dokdo and it’ll be fair game for a musical remix: OPPA GUNDAM-STYLE

          • Sorry. I didn’t read anything except “OPPAI”.

            It’s not even what you wrote, but I’m still trapped in the resultant cleavage.

  • Germandude

    And this is why I hate the movie 2012. Where on earth is the rationalism?

    • bprichard

      I hated it because of the terrible writing and acting.

      • Germandude

        Wait, there was acting?

        • bprichard

          On further reflection, there may have been neither script nor acting.

          • Germandude

            Ya ya. Next you wanna tell me is that 2012 actually won’t happen. Troll somebody else pls ;-)

    • My company is doing a movie on this very topic and was hoping to finish it by now to take advantage of the free publicity. Obviously, the script needs to be drastically altered since it is nowhere near finished. I’m almost hoping the world explodes on the 21st just to spite my boss.

      • Little Wolf (opens window on a Friday morning, sees the oncoming apocalypse): Hell yeah! Three day weekend!

        • Yep. It’ll be totally fucking worth it :)

          • My comment was a joke. It employed a humorous device to suppose an outlandish situation just for laughts.

            Dude, smiley aside, you’re creeping into the “psycho zone”

          • Aw….you know…..everybody likes to give the boss some shit once in awhile. Actually, he’s not that bad as bosses go, especially Chinese. A bit quirky sometimes.

      • Germandude

        I read the script of what’s going to happen on the 21st of December 2012. You don’t actually want to know.

        To give you a headstart: on the 22nd of December 2012, nobody will ask anymore if Lady Gaga actually is a woman or a man…

        • the ace of books

          I thought she cleared that up for us in the music video of “Telephone”.

          • Germandude

            No idea. Didn’t see the music video. And you know about online communities: Spread a rumor and even after sth has been proven, there will still be people denying.

        • justice

          I hope you will want to see this video,

          • Germandude

            Well, I want to see it. What’s it about? Is it risky to open in office?

          • justice

            Maybe you should be a user of the site. Signed in users

          • Germandude

            clicked your link and this pops up:

            “Wang Cherry chooses not to share this content.”

          • That makes sense. While it’s not the case with Wangs, Cherry’s aren’t passed out and shared with just anyone, you know.

          • Germandude

            That’s why they call it Cherry-picking, right?

          • I call it the “most horrific fifteen minutes of pleasure you’ll have at someone else’s expense”.

            I’d still do it again, though. *clicks spam link furiously*

        • Well, if you read the original script, you’d be amazed at how mind-boggingly bad it is. How bad, you ask? Well there was a scene where two evil henchmen hijack 2 KFC deliverymen’s e-bikes and uniforms in order to gain entry into the top secret lab where the solutions to the upcoming Apocalypse are being developed.(I am not making this up) It’s really awful, I tell you.

          But the music will kick ass :)

          • Germandude

            Any place where I can listen to a sample of your outstanding melodies that will stimulate my ears?

          • Well….you can click on my avatar and there is a link to my Soundcloud page. Actually, the song called Xiaochou was made a few years back with the singer I used to work with in the KTV. The recording quality is not very good, though.

    • linette lee

      I like that movie 2012. :)

      • Well, that does it *blows out candles, turns off Kenny G*

    • the ace of books

      oh, 2012. It was at the line “The neutrinos have mutated!” that I just said “oh come on“, and that became my mantra for the rest of the movie. Actually, sort of my default opinion about the rest of the movie, as well.

      • Germandude

        Well, I don’t remember any of the dialogues of the movie. The pictures are cool, but the story…

        • the ace of books

          I don’t remember any of the dialogue except that, because it’s just so patently an ass-pull that my eyes rolled out of my head and I had to grab them before they hit the theater floor (because ew, theater floors).

  • ywaik

    It’s rare but perfectly natural phenomenon. Do research China before you jump to your movie conclusions

    • Jessika

      I saw something like this years ago, I thought something bad was about to happen. Nothing did, it was just rare nature.

  • Super Bunny

    one night in my home, i saw black light in the sky,i do not know why till now.

    big and wide black light, it’s steady in the sky, very long…its lucid,and very very long up to the sky. after some time, it spread into two, moving like that light in prison…but it’s so wide and huge and long,feels like no end…

    i do not know why the light is black first, also i do not know what is used for?

    which super high IQ can tell me, i would thank him so much.

    i searched online for long long time, still no answer.

    • Super Bunny

      it might be purple or blue just dark, because it’s night. but it’s light.

      who can tell me? they use purple light kill pests,but it’s very wide and huge and endless, pests can not fly that high,also it’s from the earth,it’s too far, i could not see the real spot. who can tell me!!!

      • Germandude

        Hold on. You say: 2 lights in the sky? Did they move like flying?

        • Terrik


          • Germandude

            “big and wide black light, it’s steady in the sky, very long…its lucid,and very very long up to the sky. after some time, it spread into two, ”

            She said 2 lights. If there were 2 lights that were flying in the sky, I would have an explanation for Super Bunny. If there are 4 lights, then I don’t know. That’s why I am asknig HER

          • Terrik

            You…I….well! That’s the last time I make a reference here :(

          • Germandude

            ???? Dafuq? I don’t get it…

          • Terrik

            Star Trek =/

          • Germandude

            No wonder. I have never watched Star Trek. And I am also no fan of Star Wars (watched each movie maybe once because of the special effects).

          • the ace of books

            Don’t worry, man. I got it. Patrick Stewart is the shitz.

          • Actually, I saw somewhere about some UFO sightings over Shanghai recently. That could be what she’s talking about.

          • the ace of books

            I don’t think I’m reassured by the fact that other people might be able to see the things Eattot sees. ;(

          • Super Bunny

            first what a big one, then latter changed into 2, then began to move…can you tell me now. not 4 lights.

          • a guy

            Here are two possibilities.

            1: Someone was doing florescence spectroscopy experiments to determine the composition of and direction of the air. (I.E. to measure the amount, type, and direction of gases coming out of a smokestack.)

            2: Some guy bought two new black-light flood-lights. (used instead of regular ones to comply with zoning laws and also to keep ones property lit but not to bright.) Maybe the guy was pointing them at the sky and got caught up in how “endless the beam looked”.

            You’ll probably never know for sure, but those are two possibilities that I would discount first before jumping to aliens or apocalyptic signs. (I know you never said that, but in the context of this silly article it seems fitting to say.)

          • Super Bunny

            1 is more possible.
            2 totally impossible…the light was very strong, i do not think it’s for normal people to use.

          • Germandude

            The big one was Jennster’s head. And the 2 lights that moved were her last 2 braincells that were on the run to find a more suitable living environment.

          • DavidisDawei

            Patrick Stewart did an Awesome job as Captain Picard; that was a great episode

    • linette lee

      They called that telescope.

      • Super Bunny

        might be.
        but i do not know how telescope works, if it gives out light when work at night,and why the light is dark?the sky was dark but the light was even darker? to see sth at night i guess would not use dark light.

    • linette lee

      Also they shoot lights into the sky to look for batman.

      • the ace of books

        “He’s up there somewhere, I’m sure of it!”

    • Gay Azn Boi

      I know the answer but I’m afraid I’m not a “super high IQ.”

    • the ace of books

      i saw black light in the sky
      black light

      …oh dear.

    • Germandude

      1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.

      2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer heart attacks
      than Brits.

      3. The Chinese drink very little red wine and suffer fewer
      heart attacks than Brits.

      4. The Italians drink a lot of red wine and
      suffer fewer heart attacks than Brits.

      5. The Germans drink a lot of beer and eat lots of
      sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than

      CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking
      English is apparently what kills you.

    • MrT

      Its a black hole, Satan lives inside there, he’s let you see it for a reason

  • Brett

    Does anyone know a website where one can gamble money on which country goes the most beserko before December 21? Already invested heavily in canned goods and bottled water companies stocks last month ;)

    • Germandude

      Donno, but have you seen the show “Doomsday preppars” on National Geographic recently? Hilarious!

      • Brett

        All I get in Korea is the History Channel, but, yes, they are doing the same stuff and it makes me feel safer in my investments every day.

        • Germandude

          There must be a way to watch it online. You MUST see this show. Actually I assume it’s 90% scripted reality. You cannot tell me that there are “common” US families preparing food supplies for a year, having 40+ guns and 10s of thousands of bullets at home, because they truely believe in a Russian invasion…

          mr.wiener the longbow was good.
          But the best I’ve seen so far was this guy who was living with his wife and her sister, constantly approaching them in a ghillie suit to remind them to be on high alert all the time because of potential threats. If those women are not nerve wrecks when they are 50, I call them tough.

      • mr.wiener

        I love that show! can’t wait to make a pvc pipe longbow.

    • terroir

      What’s the point trying to outlive the Apocalypse? The server for WoW will be down, and you won’t be able to buy a house because of the flood (can’t raise a kid in a boat) so no sex/marriage for you.

      Upshot: spitting into the sea is not a social taboo.

      • Gay Azn Boi

        Do we get our own rooms on the boat? I don’t wanna share with heterosexuals.

        • the ace of books

          Remember how the guy in the movie said “this room could fit ten people?” Well…

          • Was the room one of those rubber-lined ones from Studio 54? Does this mean there’s a line-up outside waiting to get in even during the apocalypse?

        • I believe for one of the arks there is a “Gay Cruise” theme involved. So pack your feathered boa and “raincoat”, there will be a pianist on board playing showtunes so you can take turns belting out your best Liza as the waves storm about you outside.

  • Jay K.

    its called, pollution in the air

  • [email protected]

    Probably just caused by the pollution. Like filtering through layers and layers of gasses and fumes, the end result looking like (well not like 3 suns in my opinion) looking like the sun is distorted and warped and hard to make out. Pollution will do that. People should be more concerned about that, and how it is making everyone’s hair fall out. Sigh.

    • the ace of books

      Nope. High-altitude ice crystals of hte right shape, falling at a correct angle. Muffin to do with pollution.

  • mr.wiener

    {Suggested] Song of the article: “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash.
    Also worthy of consideration: “End of the world [as we know it]” by R.E.M.

  • Observer

    Being from Scotland myself, my friends and family would panic seeing just one sun!

    • tengu

      Grab the haggis and run!

  • xiaopengyou

    Atmospheric Pollution Prompt Chinese Fears of Apocalypse

    They call it “3 suns” so they can post it on weibo without a govt takedown.
    Hopefully this incident will bring attention to the problem.

  • A J

    It’s just a rainbow, you dumb shits

  • Raminess

    WTF. It’s just a sun dog. I saw one yesterday on the way to work. It was pretty awesome. I find it crazy people will jump to insane conclusions instead of ask questions first. If I saw three lights in the sky, I’d try to figure out what that is before assuming it’s the end of the world. I mean, heck, we even have the internet for quick and easy search results. :/

  • ShawnaKM

    I just thought it looked really pretty.

  • Gay Azn Boi

    God I hope Dec 21 is real. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis,meteor strikes, alien landings….bring it on. It would be fucking epic.

    If I die, so be it. I’m actually dead serious.

  • Emily

    You people are crazy 3 suns in the ski does not mean anything

    • the ace of books

      That’s right! I, for one, will be far more worried the moment I see three skies in the sun.

      • Germandude

        Worried? In that case you should directly call your dealer and tell him you want more of his shit…

        • the ace of books

          “Well, sir, it wasn’t exactly Lucy I saw …. come to think of it, I don’t believe there were diamonds involved, either…”

  • mr.wiener

    Never mind , we’ll just drag that Chinese archer that shot down the rogue suns to fix the problem…just give him 2 arrows this time.

  • lostalien

    all this nonsense about end of the world. give me a break. nobody believes it.
    because if you really did. you wouldn’t be sitting online discussing it.

    this is an optical illusion.

    It doesn’t take an astronomer to know that our solar system has but one sun.
    If 2 more suddenly appeared, we’d probably all fry in about 8 minutes(if same distance) from the appearance of more solar radiation.

    sb, don’t believe the hype.

  • the ace of books

    Dudes, dudes! Halos aren’t rare! You’ve just got to look up more often! I’m all about halos and other sky stuff (stars, weather, clouds, etc), and I see ’em all the time. This one’s a 22-degree halo, one of the most common ones. Sun-dogs – also quite common.


    HOW TO SEE HALOS MORE OFTEN: Look up when there are ice crystals at high altitudes. Halos appear anytime, anywhen, just as long as there’s enough ice crystals.

    How can you know there’ll be ice crystals at high altitudes?

    1) winter (duh)
    2) anytime you see cirrus clouds (you know those wispy ones that look like hair, mare’s tails, etc)

    That’s not to say you’ll see halos every time there’s cirrus clouds, or every time it’s winter, just that those two circumstances increase the possibility of there being visible halos.

    WHERE DO I LOOK: Around the sun is the easiest place to see them. Look at 22 degrees (about a handswidth held out) left and right of the sun first – that’s where sun-dogs appear, and sun-dogs are teh most common and easily-seeable sky-phenom. Hell, you can see sun-dogs in cirrus clouds. Then look all around the sun – that’s where the 22-degree halo will be.

    Other halos to look for include circumzenith arc (an arc partly round the zenith (just above your head)) – rare but awesome – and perihelic arc – a white/blue lines all the way around the sky.

    MORE INFO: go here – – for some awesome explanations and pics.

    IN SUMMARY: There’s awesome amazing stuff in the sky. Just look for it.

    This overlong atmospheric geekgasm brough to you by the Ace of Books. Remember, kids: rainbows aren’t just for gay folks!

  • curl of the burl

    Maybe somebody put on some ….Old spice

  • Daniel Tynan

    Personally I am more shocked by the blueness of the sky in some of those photos. Such a rarity in Chinese cities!

  • Jessika

    Um…I saw something like this a few years ago, it has NOTHING to do with the apocalypse.

  • Scientist

    That is caused by ice particles in the sky. Sigh!

  • ramirez

    funny. if that is a illusion. then is it safe to say the only reason what we see right now is not a illusion is because as soon as we….. opened our eyes as a baby what we saw became familiar ….so if something is familiar does it make it ok to not question its authenticity? you were raised to believe 2 plus 2 equals 4. but 2 is actually 9 . 18 is the correct answer. well no 99.9 percent ofmy culture say its 4 . well mine say its 19 whos wrong if both are truly correct in their own eyes? what is a illusion if we cant verify whats real?

  • Rafael

    Es frecuente. Se llama parelio

  • Ana del Agua

    Hola !!!
    En Españase ven con bastante frecuencia

  • Dienata T. Estinvil

    What is Bible says about rainbow? Lord Jesus Christ is in control of the world!!!!!!!

  • Madness! This is amazing. Here in Chicago it has been very cloudy and rainy for the last few days. So we are rarely seeing the sun. If it is a sunny day you can see planes flying over the sun spraying chem trails. It is going down. SOON!

  • Khurram Reaz

    Ya, it was a “Sun dogs” phenomena in China with 3 suns but in a ring.
    From Karachi city, Pakistan.

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