Sun Moon Education Group Founder Song Shanmu Accused Of Rape

The woman accusing Sun Moon Education Group Director Song Shanmu of rape.

The woman accusing Sun Moon Education Group Director Song Shanmu of rape.

From NetEase and QQ:

“Shanmu Training” Director exposed of raping multiple subordinates, hiding thousands of nude photographs

China Jiangxi Web (, May 13 report, Shanmu Lifelong Education Group (Shanmu Training [English name is “Sun Moon Education Group’]) 22-year-old female employee Luo Yun (pseudonym) reported to Shenzhen police on May 4th claiming that on May 3rd, the the Group’s Director Song Shanmu took her to Luo Hu District Songquan Apartments and under threats, had nude photos of her taken under threat and was raped while she was on her period. Yesterday, a former Shannu employee disclosed that there is no shortage of females who have had sexual relations with Song Shanmu in the company.

Sun Moon Education founder and former director Song Shanmu, now being investigated for rape.

Song Shanmu Bio

Shanmu Training Founder, Shanmu Education Group Director.

In 1964, Song Shanmu was born in Linyi County of Shandong province. In 1981, he entered Shandong Liaocheng Teachers College for his undergraduate studies. In 1990, he graduated from East China Normal University majoring in Computer Science. In November 1991, he went south to Shenzhen to establish his first “Shanmu Training” center, which was one of China’s earliest private education and training institutions and after nearly 20 years has become a multinational group of chain education centers with nearly 300 branches/campuses in over 20 cities including London in England, Tokyo in Japan, Vancouver in Canada, New York in America, and Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. in China.

A Chinese advertisement for Sun Moon Education Group.

A news report:

The girl interviewed in this video says that when Song Shanmu discovered that she was going to switch to another company, they had a long talk where he said that although she is planning to quit, she is still at the moment working at Shanmu so he asked her to do some work and go clean a that needed to be prepared before someone moves in.

She then rode his Mercedes Benz to the apartment complex pictured in the Luohu District and followed his instructions for cleaning. When he threatened her, and as a result of being scared in a strange remote place, she falsely promised that she would remain working at Shanmu. He then demanded to take nude photos as a sign of her sincerity. She says that he had her say that she would stay while taking the photographs.

Thereafter, with him possessing nude photographs of her, she didn’t dare resist. She continues that he took out a massager/vibrator, used it on her 3-4 times, and then took off his pants. Despite warning, she still called the police the next day.

The news video above also shows security cameras footage of him entering the apartment complex with a girl on that day. An interviewed guard also says he often brings different women there, women he does not recognize.

A fake Wanted poster featuring Song Shanmu.
A fake Wanted poster featuring Song Shanmu.

Comments from NetEase:


Seeing that beard on his face, looks like a bastard.


Thousands of nude photos! Those who support their public release, ding me!


Bringing someone back to one’s own house to rape, this isn’t logical, unless the accuser is just after more money.


This kind of person must be punished severely! His younger sister even testifies to his innocent! If the person he raped was his younger sister, what would she say then? Us women must protect our own rights and interests!


Never go to Shanmu Training [for education/training]!!! Beware of being raped by perverts!!!


Song Shanmu: Ancestral home is Japan, his father was one of the defeated Japanese soldiers following the invasion and occupation of China. Later, unable to escape back to Japan, he changed his identity and lived in China, later marrying a Chinese girl and had a son. This Japanese person’s name was Shanmu Yi Ji. He, in order to commemorate/remember that he is Japanese yet afraid of Chinese people discovering that he is Japanese, named his son Shanmu, with the surname being his wife’s surname. Song Shanmu going to Japan multiple times was to visit his other Japanese relatives.


Shanmu is a “famous person”, has some influence, and not all the female victims dare to stand out. Without a death, the law cannot give him the death penalty, so I bet that in the end he will use guanxi [connections], stuff some cash, and the matter will “remain unresolved”. Comrades, with this society… pretend to be a little numb, a little befuddled, so you won’t die from anger!


Price wasn’t settled…being sued now.


Such a terrifying appearance, like a strange beast, no, like a beast!


I always thought Shanmu was Japanese?! It seems kind of beastly copulation is not something only Japanese people are capable of!


If the law is fair, please have him go die!


Just looking at his bear-like appearance, one can tell his sexual appetite/desire is very strong .


I always thought [he] was Japanese…turns out he’s Chinese…faint


You can get on CCTV as long as you spend money, CCTV is advertising for him.

Song Shanmu, the Chinese Spring Festival Gala's most "niu" fan.
Song Shanmu, the Chinese Spring Festival Gala's most "niu" fan.

Song Shanmu and the Shanmu Education Group (Sun Moon Education Group) have already issued public statements.


Song Shanmu resigns as Director of Shanmu Education Group due to “Rape Gate”

Song Shanmu's statement


Song Shanmu Statement

With regards to a recent case involving my person, I am currently actively cooperating with the police investigation, and trust that the police can the most impartial judgment/results.

Regarding the negative effects caused by this matter, I apologize to all of society.

The success that Shanmu Training has experienced to this point, is owed to its students’ trust, its employee’s contributions, and society’s various support, thank you!

I do not wish for “Shanmu Training” to suffer as a result of my personal matters, and therefore have decided to resign from “Shanmu Training” management. I trust that Shanmu Training’s sound management system is capable of safely continuing its operations.

;Again, I thank the many students, various members of society, and all of Shanmu Training’s staff for the utmost support they have given Shanmu Training over the years!

Song Shanmu

Sun Moon Education Group's Chinese Public Statement.

Translation of Vice Director Li Muzi’s statement:

Representing Shanmu Education Group, we hereby express the following statement regarding the rumors surrounding Mr. Song Shanmu:

1. Mr. Song Shanmu currently has already stopped his studies in Beijing and has voluntarily rushed back to Shenzhen to assist law enforcement with their investigation, as opposed to the rumors that he has been listed as a wanted fugitive;

2. The rumors surrounding Mr. Song Shanmu are his personal matters, and has nothing to do with Shanmu Education Group. Shanmu Education Group’s normal operations and educational activities will definitely not be affected by this matter;

3. Shanmu Education Group is a sound, legal, well-knowing educational institution, with a mature teaching and management system. As always, the Group is seriously committed to protecting the legal rights and interests of all of its employees and many students, and continues to operate according to its established goals and policies;

4. Regarding Mr. Song Shanmu’s rumors, law enforcement are currently investigating, and we trust that law enforcement will investigate the truth regarding these rumors in accordance with the law;

5. Regarding the relevant false and malicious reports that have been propagated, the Group reserves the right to pursue legal recourse.

Hereby declared

(the company)

I think their English website copied Mitsubishi Corporation’s website.

A large advertisement featuring Song Shanmu for Sun Moon Education Group near Times Square in New York:

Sun Moon Education Group's New York advertisement.

An advertisement for Sun Moon Education Group near Times Square, New York.

Some of the Sun Moon Education Group’s female employees featured in advertising:

Sun Moon Education girls.

December 24th UPDATE: Song Shanmu has been convicted and sentenced to 4 years imprisonment with a small fine of 4205.87 RMB. (Xinmin & NetEase)

Song Shanmu convicted, sentenced to 4 years and fined 4205.87 yuan.

Unless you own a multinational training and continuing education company…chinaSMACK personals.


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