Super Boy Singing Competition: 2010 Season’s Hall Of Shame


From Tianya:

Super Boy = Vogue Boy = Ugly Boy = Sissy, 2010 Super Boy Contestants (Bring Your Own Lightening Rod)

After the formal kickoff of the registration process for Hunan Satellite TV’s new talent show “2010年快乐男声” [kuai le nan sheng, “Super Boy”], the Changsha [capitol of Hunan Province] audition zone is the first to accept signups. According to reports, yesterday’s registration count has reached into the thousands, which is in distinct contrast to last year’s “Super Girl” launch during the May 1st holiday where only 200 people registered. A person in charge has told reporters that the contestants who registered yesterday were largely post 1990s generation with the earliest contestants lining up at 3 o’clock in the morning, and the contestants are very diverse. Perhaps this is to make up for Super Girl giving the entire country two “brothers” [referring to past competition winners Li Yuchun and Zeng Yike], disgusting guys are on the move, sissies [boys who look like girls, effeminate boys] are on the move!! Is it Super Boy or Ugly Boy? Is it a beautiful girl or a sissy? For your entertainment.

You shouldn’t laugh


Liaoning second sister, what about big sister?

You’ve succeeded in shocking me.

Male version of Zhou Bi Chang [past Super Girl contestant]

Really want to give you a slap

Can you not jump anymore?

No need to say more, know everything, right?

Sight for sore eyes.

Are you very cute?

Why aren’t you saying “yea”?


Are you for real?

Is it a miniskirt?

Prison convict?

Pay attention to the eyes

“Exploding head” grabs your attention?

Ancient times?

Don’t know whether to call you brother or sister, seeing your hand made it clear

How old are you? Do you fix your eyebrows often? One more thing (Hello)

Why are you pretending to be innocent?


Stab both my eyes

Live broadcast? Let me show my face.

For now call him cute little fatty [referring to Taiwan’s Lin Yuchun]

Is this performing the streamer dance?

Masked deity?

It appears your age isn’t young either? Are you able to prop up this hair style?

Three-person group?

Post another one! Is that underwear, is that fat?


International style?

May I say that you’re not young either? Your family doesn’t support you?

Unreal…, just unreal….

Wash your eyes!

Also deserves a beating!

Are you getting soy sauce?

As long as you’re happy.

Jump slower!

Clown? Magic?

Facial makeup man?

Man, woman? Look at the chest!

Is this that mystical person?


This expression, what’s the meaning?

Excellent spirit!

Eagerly awaiting

Blow chunks!

You’re very sharp, I understand…..

Male version of Feng Jie?

I want to kill myself!

You’re really putting your energy into this, I see it.

Comments from Tianya:


oh my lady gaga, what has this world become.


Super Girls contestants at the end were a bunch of guys, Super Boys contestants at the end will be a bunch of gals!… Such a gorgeous society~


Pretty good, saved another meal [refers to the reader becoming nauseous and no longer hungry].


Earth is too dangerous, I’m going back to Mars. Hello lou zhu, goodbye lou zhu.


Shocking, that foreigner is the international teacher at my school.


Super Boys has no men, Super Girls has no women.


It appears now the proportion of men wearing Mei Tong [brand of colored contact lenses] is far greater than women~~
Also, all these guys are very short~~~


I finally understand why 2012 [referring to the apocalyptic movie] will come, it’s to purify the species


Every time I want to watch these kind of talent shows,
My dad always shouts at me saying [they’re] a bunch of demons and goblins…
Actually, I think there were two [contestants] that were pretty good


Men’s disgrace


Men’s cupware, if you’re going to be a sissy, then be a prettier sissy, really! = =|||


I want to vomit….


Is this a Thailand transgender beauty pageant?


Hahaha, I can’t take it anymore


Are guys all following this trend now?

Hold an audition for you own Super Boy. chinaSMACK personals.


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