Surrogate Mothers Shifting To Social Media To Find Clients


Recently, the National Family Planning Committee and related departments implemented measures to prevent surrogate services from advertising online. Despite efforts to prevent the illegal practice, surrogate agencies as well as “self-employed” surrogate mothers have found ways to get around the roadblocks, using social media platforms to find potential clients, providing contact information and even daily posts about surrogate pregnancy. When reporters asked one potential “mother” for a price, she quoted 300,000RMB. Some agencies are even offering mixed-race children, claiming they can supply eggs from Thai mothers.

Source: Tencent

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  • Amused

    When a woman wants to rent her pussy out to hold a dick for a MAN they call her a whore.
    But when she wants to rent her pussy out to pass a head and shoulders thru for a WOMAN they call her a “surrogate”.

  • Chris D.

    This site is stupid now :( what happened to the translated comments. What is the point of this site now? Is it trying to be as vapid as NMA/TOMONEWS?

    • Alan Dale Brown

      I wonder … if you go to the wikipedia page, it says that ChinaSmack is based in California: . But I’m assuming that’s where the servers are, not so sure about the translators and moderators. I saw that comments were still translated on the KoreaBang and JapanCrush websites. I wonder if it’s a financial issue, or, if translators are present in China, a censorship issue …

  • helsic

    this is insane. poor women v_v

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