Surveillance Video Saves Good Samaritan From False Accusation

A young man in a small hatchback making a U-turn happens to see the old man on the ground, while the black Audi drives away.

A Chinese good samaritan is wrongfully accused by an old man he helped.

Over 1.2 million views and 6400 comments since it was uploaded to popular Chinese video sharing service Youku yesterday…

From Youku:

Young man who helps fallen old man wrongly accused, traffic police view surveillance video proving his innocence

In Linyi city of Shandong province, a post-80s generation young man who helped an injured elderly person who was trapped under an electric tricycle due to a traffic accident was instead wrongly accused as the perpetrator. Fortunately, after the Hedong district police of Linyi city checked the surveillance footage of the intersection, the entire course of the young man’s good deed in aiding the old man was restored.

At 0:09 in the above video, an old man riding a motorized cart can be seen braking hard and falling forward off his seat due to a black Audi that pulled in front of him. The cart tips over and his leg is trapped underneath. As the black Audi continues driving down the street, a dark colored hatchback that witnessed the accident makes a U-turn and stops by the side of the road. A young man exits the vehicle, runs over, and helps lift the cart off the old man’s leg.

In Linyi, China, an old man falls off his electric three-wheeled motorcycle to avoid hitting a black Audi.

A young man in a small hatchback making a U-turn happens to see the old man on the ground, while the black Audi drives away.

The young man in the hatchback gets out to help the injured old man trapped under his overturned electric tricycle, while the black Audi is already far down the street.

Comments from Youku:


I’m so upset, the citizens of our country…


If there weren’t a surveillance camera…it’d be yet another… [case of a Good Samaritan being wrongly sued.]


Sigh, not going to say much, old man, may you die early.


This old but won’t die person truly is an embarrassment, losing face for Linyi people, motherfucker.


I say if this elderly person isn’t sentenced to prison, all people who have fallen can die and I still won’t help them.


This lousy old man probably wanted to run the red light!!!


Blatantly lying, for money, for a more comfortable life, right….?


Good people are still the majority, bravo for this young guy… If it were someone else, they wouldn’t even step on the brakes~~


It is situations like this where you shouldn’t go help! What a headache!!!


1. If that Audi had stopped to help, would it have had to pay compensation? It seems like it was the old person who violated traffic regulations. 2. Why not make a law so that these bastards who wrongfully accuse good people must pay a price? TMD the cost [of wrongful accusation] is too low.


There should be a law to deal with this kind of person, wantonly framing good people, should immediately be punished severely…


The more old people like this, the less good people there will be.


Must not help this kind of person in the future. If this also reflects a phenomenon of current society, will people still go do good deeds? There are people who want to help but don’t dare to. It’s hard to conduct oneself properly, and even harder to be a good person.


[Call] 110, 120 [emergency services number] but don’t go touch them.


“Fortunately…”, these days one has to be lucky to take pleasure in helping others?


Old man, someone kindly helps you and you wrongfully accuse them, I don’t know who brought you up and taught you your morality but don’t teach your son to do this kind of thing. No wonder China can’t develop…


If it were me, I wouldn’t have helped him.


This kind of person should die.


With so many elderly trying to cheat people recently… It truly isn’t worth it to help them… Might as well feed one’s conscience to the dogs… lest your conscience brings you huge harm…


All of the talk about how there are still a lot of good people, how one shouldn’t be a bystander but a chivalrous knight [Good Samaritan], and whatever in the media right now I completely ignore because it’ll be too late to regret it when you are cheated! Can’t help it, I was forced to be like this! Everyone let this serve as a warning, be on your guard.


It’s just surveillance video…Can you show me what that old man actually said?

wb2841547: (responding to above)

Stop doubting, 90% of the time it is the old person making a false accusation. If it weren’t a false accusation, who would be so bored as to go have the police check the surveillance tape? You really think public servants would would watch the surveillance footage and then upload it to start a rumor?


The good people can’t afford to drive good cars, and those who drive good cars are all not good people.


Yet another young stupid cunt, now duped, let’s see if you’ll do a good deed ever again, you stupid cunt.


If you have money and want to go help, go ahead, either way I won’t go help, because I don’t have any money.

[email protected]:

The elderly these days don’t know that there are surveillance cameras everywhere these days, and think people will believe what they say just because they’re old.


When rescuing someone in the future, first feel your pockets to see how much money you have, otherwise don’t go looking for trouble!!! If you’re defrauded, you were asking for it!!!

大肥鸡炖汤: (responding to above)

First check if there are surveillance cameras around…


No matter how much society promotes morality, I don’t dare to go help them up. I really don’t have the money to be cheated by unscrupulous elderly.


Don’t say the reason society’s mores are bad is because of post-80s or post-90s generation people, look at you elderly generation. Requiring a house and car for marriage is whose idea? Slandering/falsely accusing good people is being done by what kind of people?

What do you think? Do you usually trust an elderly person more than a young person? In your opinion, who do you think are generally more moral? The younger generation or the older generations? Do you think society is less moral today than in the past?

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