Sweethearts Strolling on Railway Line Force Train to Stop

Sweethearts Strolling on Railway Line Force Train to Stop

A freight train heading north on the Beijing-Shanghai railway line was forced to come to a halt after its driver spotted a couple strolling hand-in-hand on the tracks as it passed by Dezhou signaling control station. The emergency action was taken after the sweethearts failed to respond to the train’s horn, however they soon became aware of the situation and promptly ran-off. Dezhou Railway Police Station head Wang Jun said the two would be fined and prosecuted, with one netizen saying they could have been together forever if the train had continued as normal.

Source: Netease

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  • what a couple of idiots!
    lock them one year in jail also fine them some money!

  • WghUk

    Idiots! Train drivers should be instructed to continue driving unless it’s something that if collided into would obviously cause damage to the train or derailment.

  • David

    Only here would people actually ignore a train speeding by and a train whistle while walking on tracks.

    • Teacher in China

      I think Chinese people have become so accustomed to noise pollution that they just automatically tune everything out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen pedestrians or cyclists be completely oblivious to some dude in a car blasting his/her horn at them.

  • Vance

    They are lucky that the train was physically able to stop in time. Often the train has such high momentum that it would not be able to stop in time.

    • and train center no need to pay you a coin.
      a super pretty boy i liked killed by train when he drove three wheels. he was really really very pretty. not look like asian boy at all. big eyes, high nose, white skin, curly hair, more like white.
      an old train track was built by french long long time ago is about 100m away from our village home. quite several guys were killed.

      • Vance

        There are many trains here in the town where I currently am. They like to stop and block the main street in town during rush hour sometimes. Very annoying! They get a ticket for it, but the company just pays it and considers it a cost of business.
        The companies are not often held liable for those kind of accidents because they can show that it is impossible for the train to stop in time, and no one is supposed to be on the tracks.
        There was one rail crossing in the town where I grew up that has gates and signal lights now, but I like to say it cost 5 lives to get those gates and lights, because 5 people were killed at that crossing before the local township government realized that maybe some safety was needed at that crossing.
        Sorry to hear about your friend. The good people die young. The bad people seem to live forever and get whatever they want.

    • I think the development of high speed train travel is one of China’s best achievements in the last 10 years. The high speed trains in China are run on separate lines, the older lines relegated for freight, so I don’t know how fast it might have been going.
      Even at 20MPH, it must take a while to stop.
      This is a major obstacle to high speed train service in the USA – getting land for new tracks; they had this problem in Connecticut; so they could not maximize high speed train service (from Boston to NY)
      one “advantage” for the Chinese perhaps; they do what needs to be done;

      • yes, we are very proud at this!
        even my father always says that we have the best high speed trains in the world.now from shanghai to kunming it only takes 8 hrs, even take plane it needs 3 hrs.

        • Vance

          In a couple decades, we will have the Hyperloop, which will actually beat the plane’s time.

      • Vance

        They do seem to have a good high speed rail system. In my state on Ohio, the last governor made a deal for some Federal funds for high speed rail from Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati. These are three large (by our standards, in China, they’d probably be villages) that are neatly lined up from the northeast corner to the southwest corner of Ohio and a major traffic route. So what did those idiots plan? A passenger train going 64 kph! OH they said they might put in something faster in the future. So instead of taking 4 hours to travel the route, you could travel by train in 6 hours! That governor’s party was voted out in the next election. When our current governor won the election, the first thing he did was cancel that project to much popular support for that decision. High speed rail seems to be having big problems in other states as well. It is just not highly thought of. Personally, I’m now waiting for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop concept to become reality. It may take awhile, but I think that might be the next mass transit concept to make it here.

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