Swimsuit Auntie: Fat Chinese Woman’s Anti-Tanning Swimwear

Swimsuit Auntie, a fat Chinese woman in Qingdao wearing a full-body swimsuit to avoid tanning.

Swimsuit Auntie, a fat Chinese woman in Qingdao wearing a full-body swimsuit to avoid tanning.

From Baidu Baike:

Swimsuit Auntie

Swimsuit Auntie, an swimming auntie wearing a full-body swimsuit with a head covering and swimming cap exposing only her two eyes and mouth like a “robber’s mask”, her body therefore completely jet-black as if it were “covered with oil”, became famous on the internet, boosted by netizens who called her “Swimsuit Frogman”.

Netizens dub a fat Chinese woman wearing a full-body swimsuit in Qingdao "Swimsuit Auntie".

Swimsuit Auntie, a fat Chinese woman in Qingdao wearing a full-body swimsuit to avoid tanning.

Swimsuit Auntie, a fat Chinese woman in Qingdao wearing a full-body swimsuit to avoid tanning.

A Chinese woman in Qingdao wearing a full-body swimsuit at a beach to avoid tanning from the sun.

Swimsuit Auntie is from Qingdao, China, and became famous on the Chinese internet after these photos began spreading on Chinese microblogs last month around July 20th, a few days before everyone’s attention was captured by the 7.23 Wenzhou Train Crash. The purpose of the this custom-made swimsuit is to prevent skin exposure to the sun (prevent tanning), and perhaps protection against jellyfish.

Comments from Mop:


Sweat. Not your ordinary gei li.


Spiderman’s mom. OK.


All stupid cunts, wearing dark colored clothes absorbs ultraviolet rays the most.


I thought there must’ve been an oil spill somewhere again.


[She] can directly go rob a bank.


Almost scared me to death, I thought she was a terrorist…

Comments from ifeng:


Dressing like this is like wearing a condom, can you still feel anything?


A lot of women in Qingdao wear these, though they’re all older swimming enthusiasts, because they’re afraid of getting tanned.


The old uncle next to her is totally stupefied.


Tan for a day at a Qingdao beach and when night comes, you’ll become a black person.


The old man in the background is the highlight, his entire body red, like Hellboy.

What do you think of Chinese women’s preference to avoid becoming tanned? Do you prefer tanned skin or fair skin?

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Written by Fauna

Fauna is a mysterious young Shanghainese girl who lives in the only place a Shanghainese person would ever want to live: Shanghai. In mid-2008, she started chinaSMACK to combine her hobby of browsing Chinese internet forums with her goal of improving her English. Through her tireless translation of popular Chinese internet news and phenomenon, her English has apparently gotten dramatically better. At least, reading and writing-wise. Unfortunately, she's still not confident enough to have written this bio, about herself, by herself.

  • Leo

    And just when I thought nobody could beat Nigella Lawson’s beach burqa…

    • Jay

      I really don’t want to see what she’s wearing below.

      What if it’s a thong?

  • Yurp

    Jesus fucking christ it’s the creature from the black lagoon. What is it with Chinese and pale skin anyway? It looks shit.

    • Brett Hunan

      I wouldn’t say it looks like “shit”. Some girls are really beautiful with lighter skin.

      However, I think a nice tan looks healthy.

      Chinese people don’t want to be tan because then they look like a farmer.

      • Tengu

        @ Brett , true also common in a lot of European and South American cultures as well.

        No tan, white skin shows you’re a land owner and not working on a farm.

        Whitest people I’ve ever seen in my life…Chinese.

        • Bruce

          Oh come now…

          The Chinese bleach, cream and dream whilst the Irish simply blanch. The former will never master the subtle way of arteriole-patterned translucency.

          You are right about South and Central America, however. Should an Estonian disembark somewhere in Ecuador, 1000 mothers in the vicinity will immediately make their daughters supine.

          • Brett Hunan

            Can you translate to English………………..Please?

          • Tengu

            @ Brett,

            Part One:
            Fill a stainless steel bowl with ice cubes, add water.

            Take one Irishman place in a pot of boiling water.
            Do not cover.
            When it is almost fork tender, immediately remove Irishman from boiling water.
            Instantly plunge you Irishman into the ice-water bath.
            This will retain the color of your Irishman.

            Part Two:
            The cuties of Quito clamor and crave concupiscence when confronting burly, blue-eyed blonds born in the Baltics.
            Madres will let you hump their hijas if you’re pale!

          • Ty Foon

            @ Brett:

            How about learning English before you criticize others’ English?

            I completely understand the post.

          • Mirmidon13

            And screw you! We are past that “White-is-better”, crap!

        • Mirmidon13

          In WHAT South American Cultures…? You igrorant fool.

      • Leo

        I think pale skin suits Chinese girls much better. Their skin tends to be more ‘opaque’ so it looks more pearl white. Few white people can pull off really pale skin e.g. Dita von Teese, but often it looks purplish/veiny/blotchy so most caucasians look better with a tan. Maybe that’s why they tend to look ‘older’ is because of all that sun damage that Chinese try to avoid at all costs.

        This fat woman must be REALLY vain if she thinks other people care how pale her skin is…

    • Derp

      Right, because orange / tanned skin looks BEAUTIFUL <3

      PS: Skin damaged leathery skin looks shit.

  • Jones

    She’s going to rob the bank…

    Get it? Bank, as in the “shore” or the edge of the water…no? No one? Man, fuck all y’all.

    • Yurp

      I don’t sea the joke

      • Jones

        First, notice how much the mask resembles a ski mask, popular with criminals. Burglars, for example. Next, check out http://www.thefreedictionary.com/bank and read the first two sets of definitions. Herein lies the play on words.

        • Dude, I think you’ve missed on the undercurrent of humor here.

          I know you’re going to react angrily: “Son of a beach!”

        • Tengu

          Jonesy, Jonesy, Jonesy…

          I hate to be the one to tell you, but when you have to explain it so much and post URLs to definitions and hand out “..twenty seven eight-by-ten colour glossy photographs with circles
          and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one explaining what each one was to be used as evidence…” you need to do some soul searching about the quality of your joke.

          No disrespect..we still love you!

          • Just John

            Eh, it’s lost in translation.

            Sadly, jokes are very cultural. I have tried explaining my jokes to people here, and they still don’t get it. Basically, if you have to explain it, just give up, because it’s already doomed.

            Maybe we could try slapstick. At least that is universally understood. Now if I could find a way to portray someone slipping on a banana peel using nothing but words, it might work…

          • Kong

            Thank you for that reference. That plus a box of fresh figs has for me made my night.

          • Tengu

            I’ll start peeling some “Ginger Plugs” for all of us…my treat no need to thank me.

            We’ll turn on you if you start to mime.

          • Jones

            Tengu: That was a damned good joke and you know it. Didn’t your mom raise you right?

            I went to Whole Foods and got some proper ginger root. I’ve got enough for a crowd of 10 if we share in pairs. RSVP, guys.

          • hoots

            Tengu, I hate to be the one to tell you but the exlpaination IS part of the joke! And, it was quite a hilarious joke! Well done Jonesy!

    • Tengu

      @Hoots, the explanation was in fact funnier than the joke and a great recovery, but the original joke…not so much.

      I’m in on the “Ginger Root Rave”, try not to make them as pointy as last time.

      • Brett Hunan

        Hoots, cut Tengu some slack. He’s had a rough past couple of days. I don’t know if you heard, but Terrior spoiled his morning smoothies.

        • Tengu

          I appreciate your compassion..it has been a rough couple of days.

          I arise, cheery, shower then wind up standing there, looking at my blender, my fruit…chills start running up my spine and I flee my home screaming every morning.

          You’re a kind man! I won’t forget this

      • Jones

        Hoots appreciates good comedy when he sees it.

  • Llanero

    That poor creature! Somebody call Green Peace to push her back into the water.

  • eattot

    disgusting, i hate ugly things and people.

    • Ty Foon

      Disgusting, I hate judgemental people who are ugly on the inside.

    • J. Li

      Is that why you’re wearing that mask? Cause you hate seeing yourself in the mirror?

      • eattot

        a couple of ugly toads!

        • Tengu

          Honest question to you. How come you put the mask photo back out?

          • eattot

            to get rid of mf!

    • Sunshine

      Hey guys, she has the right to be a judgemental, grumpy, full-of-herself internet prick.
      Let her be.

  • Matt smith

    Someone needs to teach her about the dangers of vitamin D deficiency and how if your skin is pale enough, it’s actually considered a medical issue.

    • Derp

      A medical issue. A lot of undesirable – but harmless traits are considered ‘medical issues’, e.g. premature ejaculation.

      It’s either Vitamin D deficiency or skin cancer.
      If you want to be tanned, you’re better off getting fake tans. Notice how Caucasians in their 30s often look 45. The sun is bad for the skin.

  • Chris N.

    man the harpoons!

    • Xiongmao

      Lol, forgot that joke HAD to be here somewhere.

  • JMB

    It looks like a gimp suit.

    • blackflagnation

      lol…best comment on the board!

    • Now, if she decided to wear a suit with the eyes and mouth not cut out a la Spider-Man/comic book Snake-Eyes, she’d be as cool as Boba Fett. That’s when we’d see swimsuit auntie’s fashion being shanzhaied on Etsy.

    • b. prichard

      I was thinking nightmare Al Jolson as the Jazz Singer.

  • ##BlothaLonely##

    holy crap!! That looks just like my mother in law~~

  • sykid


  • Yes. Because a fair complexion is the only thing holding this woman’s beauty back.

    Speaking of holding back, my imagination has overflowed at the sight of this picture and frightened the mares drawing my consciousness over the brink of tastefulness.

    • Tengu

      Speaking of “backs” , what’s that flesh colored lump poking out of the water in the bottom picture..please tell me it isn’t…

      I never saw a “full-body swimsuit” with a camisole over it.

  • Tengu

    Song of the article:

    “Songs of the Humpback Whale”

    – no attribution

    • Tengu

      Revised Song of the article”

      “The Last Leviathan”
      – Patty Larkin

      “Songs of the Humpback Whale ” was a novel by Jodi Picoult

      Book of the article.
      “Songs of the Humpback Whale ”
      – Jodi Picoult

      • Jones

        All I can think of is AC/DC – Back in Black

  • bunny99

    She’s going to get molested by a sea lion if she’s not careful

    • Tengu
      • anon

        Is it mean that I find it funny that the elephant seal’s only form of attack is to repeatedly throw itself chest first at its target?

      • Sunshine

        Maybe it’s just lonely for a friend.

        • Tengu

          You’re not volunteering are you?

  • rollin wit 9’s

    Chinese women are allergic to sunlight. And it’s an ignorance they and everyone else can’t shed when they refer to their lighter skin somehow placing them higher up on the status chain. However, it’s also lack of education that keeps them all in the same boat. Lighter skin girls carrying umbrellas outside when it’s not even that sunny. Darker skinned girls doing the same. There’s something wrong with that! Time to re-educate society. Again!!

    • Tengu

      “Time to re-educate society.” I agree we need to educate society…about Melanoma!

      • cb4242

        Yeah, educate people about Melanoma, but guess what, there is a fine line between caring for your skin and over doing it. Covering TOO MUCH can lead to Vitamin deficiency, add to that, most Asians don’t take in enough calcium anyway compared to western people. This is why you see so many elderly women with back problems. I live in Japan and the women overkill this, even the Chinese don’t go that far. These women don’t go to the beach, wear jackets in 35 degree weather, but wear mini-skirts, shorts often wtf??? Now you see sometimes junior high school girls wearing this crap and using parasols. Yes, they care too much about their skin, but smoke themselves into oblivion, don’t work out, can’t enjoy the outdoors, don’t want to do anything relating to outdoors, just shop, look good, drink diet drinks, that’s life for most Asian women, pathetic!

        • shanghainese austrailan

          you know what i jealous about? western peeople who are above average looking really ruin their looks when they are young yet chinese average or ugly people and ESPECIALLY those already good looking protect their looks and skin so overtly and obsessively. i am above average in looks but my laziness and other habits really fuck up my looks on some days because i don’t care about it.

    • BaoBei

      If I had a penny for every time a Chinese girl has told me “oh, I’m allergic to the sun” after I asked why they are taking some crazy extra protective measure to avoid the sunlight, I’d be rich.
      I know sun allergies, although rare, do exist, but the girls here seem to use it as their go-to excuse for their ignorance and somewhat unhealthy behavior (bring on the Vitamin D!). The funniest part is that the worst offenders are girls who really shouldn’t even be trying..
      ATTENTION! slightly paler skin WILL NOT suddenly make you beautiful.. tired of these monster look-alikes insinuating that anything darker is ugly.

  • Mechanized

    definitely looks like some of japanese fetish porn.

    • Tengu

      Definitely vintage….only available on Betamax.

      • Chef Rocco

        Oh, shit, you two are really into this kind of stuff?

        Split toasting her on beach must be like Qingdao beer – fuckin’ near water!

        • Tengu

          And I said such nice things about you earlier…now you get to hold her down and watch Mech and me ravage this beauty……that’s it, begging won’t get you anywhere.

  • nn

    the best entertainment tonite

  • hoots

    I live in Qingdao and you can see women (usually older women) wearing this kind of thing allllll the time. The first time I saw it I totally wanted to take pictures but didn’t want to be that guy. Quite hilarious. My student just walked in, saw the pictures and said, “Teacher, what’s this? This is a monster?” But, better this than seeing fat grannies in the states wearing tiny bikinis that get lost in the folds. I commend her!

  • What ever people call her,

    she will always be “Gloria” to me

    ……Real Song of the Article



    • MonkeyMouth

      song of the article:

      Space Lord (mother mother!)

      Monster Magnet

  • Oh Yeah!

    totally forgot, and its been a long time coming

    I think its Hongjian Baby behind the mask!

    consider this a shot across your bow

    Say NO to D&B (drinking and blogging)

    -50c Bitch

    • eattot

      who the …. you are?
      dare to say it out?

      • My name is 柯达福 my english name is Chris,

        I am not Hongjian

        I am only calling him out,

        so much vile he writes

        I say love, peace, 50c

        • Tengu

          Our demonic Hongjian has been absent the past few days…

          • yeah baby comment # 69!

            opps….. wrong article…..

    • deputamadre

      She looks like Notorious BIG at the beach.

      • eattot

        yes, and kneel down call big mom now!

  • gabriel

    china’s new superhero emerging from the depths of the sea…

    • Just John

      The blob?

      But I thought it was Red, not Black?

  • Did she make this swimsuit by herself?
    Can’t imagine something like that being on sales

    • Matt smith

      Check out the army surplus stores, they have this kind of navy seal suit.

      • Just John

        If that is a navy seal, they really need to work on their exercise regiment, because it is seriously failing.

        • Rick in China

          Definitely not a Navy Seal, but perhaps a newly trained PLA Navy Walrus.

  • k

    there u.go white guys a hot asian chick cuz u know asians r so hot.

    • Just John

      Is your pussy Asian?
      It looks pretty. Can I pet it?

    • Brett Hunan

      I can’t understand internet sarcasm.

  • mr. weiner

    People seem to forget that western folk used to dress in neck to knee bathing costumes and the first chick to hit the beach in a bikini was arrested back in the 50’s. China has changed a lot in the last 20 years as far as people’s attitudes to outdoor activities….Still,I don’t think this look will catch on very fast on Chinese beaches, unless it’s with the S&M set!

    • Full-body bathing suits (I guess they were correctly termed back then) were de rigeur about one hundred years ago, no wonder everyone has forgotten about them – no Youtube videos.

      Meanwhile, women wearing bikinis in China are de rigeur — at least in the public’s mind’s eye that women should be wearing them. And they do: beauty pageants, fitness videos, dancers, cosplay, cheerleaders, commercial endorsements where women in bikini’s get “half-off” (tit for t(h)at, I suppose).

      You can’t have it both ways, but it is China, where there is no flow of traffic, no predestined and orderly flow of custom/propriety, there is but one direction – forward.

      Towards the brink.

      • Brett Hunan

        Living in Korea now I see similar things. Nothing to that extent but most people don’t show skin except for the legs.

        Actually the proper bathing attire here is 1 part shorts (cutoff jeans), 1 part white button-down dress shirt (substitute underarmour rare but OK), and 1 part ridiculous hat.

        Actually I find the lack of swimmies or life preserver a positive. Give it to this auntie, at least she can float on her own.

  • Anon

    OMFG if everyone is aware at least via hacking, then let the next article be clear on what is going on and what is best to do ! Stay? Leave? And the England riots just surreal ! What would you personally do ?!? Lemme see what others would do !

  • Mr. Mortal

    Quick someone free Willie!

  • Tengu

    You know in one sense you have to admire her for not giving one “fig” what anyone thinks about her outfit.

    Obviously she’s not even thinking about her outfit, it’s horrific and I can’t even decipher what it is.

    But she’s huge, she’s badly dressed, she’s having a good time in the water.

    (Check out the guy in the blue cap praying while standing still, he thinks she can only see him if he moves!)

    Here’s to the big unabashed girl…thumbs up!

  • Wow – I have never seen a fat Chinese person person before. The Asian population here are all in great shape.

    • vic2u

      No proof she is Chinese, there are a lot of fat whites in China.

      • Jones

        Since when does a white person not want to get a tan?

      • cb4242

        Also, most White women enjoy the beach, this woman is dog ugly and she probably thinks she’ll be beautiful dressing up like that? She’ll always be ugly, all that protective gear, won’t do anything.

      • cb4242

        Also, most White women enjoy the beach, this woman is dog ugly and she probably thinks she’ll be beautiful dressing up like that? She’ll always be ugly, all that protective gear, won’t do anything for her looks.

  • Rick in China

    Well, we all know that in China, “White is beautiful”. Apparently it’s *extremely* important to this one – much more so than being a disgustingly fat blob of a woman.

    It could also be due to some kind of sun allergy, like polymorphic light eruption, actinic prurigo, chronic actinic dermatitis or solar urticaria – but my money is on her just being a freakily stupid and obsessive cow.

    • Brett Hunan

      I think clothes for a disorder like that should have to be specially ordered and expensive.

      Of course, after drinking all night I have no proof for that statement. But I’m pretty sure I saw 100% UV protective clothing for sale here in Korea before.

      Google search some more sun-related skin diseases for us doctor!

  • S.

    So you guys think it’s bad to be in your natural skin? So tanned skin = more beautiful? In my view it’s more for protection. I have to admit a lot of Asian ppl are obessed with pale skin. However i do no think “tanned skin” is hot or pretty, because it damages your skin. This can lead to a faster rate of aging of the skin than without getting tanned. Basically, i think your natural skin is the best.

    • Tengu

      You do make solid points, although I cant speak to the generalization of the “obsession”.

      I played tennis for years, went to a dermatologist for the first time he examined my face and said, “Do you work outside?”

      Lot of damage to my face, had it all taken care of and I don’t go out in the sun much because I prefer not to look like Dr. Phibes in my declining years.


      I must say, I do like tans on some women. Talk about selfish, I don’t care if they get melanoma.

      And I still stand by my statement that the whitest people I’ve ever seen were Shanghainese.

      My GF is from Shanghai and her skin looks like she lives in a cave…ordinarily that would bother me, but on her it looks amazing…she looks sort of undressed no matter what she’s wearing.

      I did see an old man in Shanghai holding a “Hello Kitty” umbrella with sequins all over it, very proud, very high. Must have been his granddaughters…he pulled it off with style.

      Vive la difference!

      • S.

        Well it’s obvious where people see things as they believe and by society’s eyes <– stereotypes.

        as everyone knows, americans loves to tan. have you heard of jersey shores? LOL i definitly do not want to look like them bcuz they look alot older than they really are.
        some ppl think getting tanned = going on vacation/ have the money to go on vacation/ pressure from society.

        on the other hand, like eastern asians think that: not getting tanned = not working outside like farmers. working indoors/studying.

        its just all buncha beliefs what makes a person look better. if people start to stop tanning and believe being in their natural skin is beautiful, it will give more impression on natural skin, and i think theres people out there that would agree. it's a matter of time when people notice what they've done to their skin lol.

        • Tengu

          You can do a lot of damage without even knowing it’s being done.

          At least I found out early before anything bad happened…like losing my nose.

          I had laser work done and it took care of my “Irish Tan”.

          Maybe a tummy tuck next…nah, I’m saving for Hongian’s implants

        • Just John

          Did you just make some reference to stereotypes and then stereotype Americans?

          Just trying to find out if you are actively agreeing or disagreeing with stereotyping before I brand you an idiot, given that you did in fact stereotype.

          Because, if you disagree with stereotyping, then you are an idiot because you just did it yourself. If you agree with stereotyping, then your an idiot because you fail to realize that not everyone fits in you nice box.

          • Tengu

            And we all did so well during the “Ginger Fiasco”…was it me or are you yelling at “S”

          • Just John

            True, I might have misread what he was saying. He might have been speaking out against stereotypes, in which case, I will withdraw my “you are an idiot” statement.

            What can I say, stereotypes are my pet peeves. I have worked very hard at eliminating my own stereotyping nature (I may make stereotype jokes at times, but for me it is more like the exaggeration of something that points out how idiotic it is if you honestly think about it, which explains my love for The Simpsons). I dislike seeing stereotyping from others because it just shows that they do not wish to move past the baser instinct and admit that although stereotypes may be based on some generalities that are seen and possibly an instinctual survival mechanism (Big beasts with claws are powerful, therefore I will not try to play with big beasts with claws), all members of any groups do not fit neatly into little boxes, and I think that trying to fit people like that is just an excuse for letting your brain laze around.

            Plus I like randomly calling people idiots, just (t)rolling along.

          • Tengu

            Sadly “idiots” fit into a nice box!

            You’re an idiot for randomly calling people idiots, we need more discipline here.

            Go ahead now, be brave, take your punishment like a man, you know what to do with this carefully crafted lump of ginger.

            Regular name calling is in order.

            Speaking of which where has Miss/Mr./The “…all Amerikunts should be lined up and shot..” lately.

            Am I nuts for missing her/him/it?

          • Just John

            Eh, fortunately I never claimed that I am not an idiot.

            I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.
            – Socrates

            PS. I heard of figging a long time ago, no worries, eventually the posterior spasms will quiet down and quit. Just wait until you find out what a Goatse is…

          • Tengu

            Now you’re just being mean.

            Let’s get some ginger, make some popcorn and watch “Two Girls, One Cup.”

          • Jones

            Ginger Fiasco of ’06. Never forgive, never forget.

          • Just John

            Sadly, two girls one cup is something that I have never watched.

            Just reading what it was was enough to give me nightmares.
            I didn’t want to add additional images to the text that might scar me for life.

            Remember, what is seen cannot be unseen.

            (PS. That is a hint for all of you who are wondering what “Figging” and “Goatse” is to NOT, I repeat, NOT, let your curiosity get the better of you and start Googling it. If you do in fact decide you are curious enough, please do not tell me I did not warn you…)

          • S.

            America is a perfect example actually lol. Why? bcuz american are made of so many different races, different culture. Therefore, it is a good example. More culture/different race = more different ways of thinking. Beside it doesnt matter what society think whats beautiful for you, its you. If you think you’re beautiful, and stay strong with your opinion, then more power to you. I just like my natural skin, no tan, no bleach.

          • Tengu

            Come on now, you can’t play the “scarred for life” card now…way too late.

            You have no problem imagining a bunch of us running around with chunks of ginger jammed into our anuses!

      • shanghainese austrailan

        hah im shanghainese and the whitest people i’ve ever seen are shanghainese too. but i have to say whites are white as well (duh)but more pink and not opaqueish. the chinese people a lot of you guys see overseas are all canto or from those malaysian singapore countries and they vary slightly in looks. don’t know why you relate viets with chinese anyway. i’m not that canto stock so can’t relate to those lower regions (more close to wu people).

  • sorry! but once again it shows the low low low education and knowledge of people in china. ‘in genereal’ not all of course..

    clearly she is a terrorist..

  • Seri

    The children she traumatised.

  • Bob

    She should just wear a bathing burkah. Maybe the Uighurs can make her one.

    • vic2u

      It is the new must muslim swim wear in Indonesia, and taking Arab women’s fashion world by storm.

      So Chinese dummies just accept it like most westerners in many western countries.

      • Tengu

        If Armani made it…everyone would be wearing the same thing in two weeks.

  • JSakamoto

    Imagine if she surprised you while you were out swimming. You’d be scared shitless.

  • roger dodger

    she should go lose some weight first before worrying about getting a tan

    • vic2u

      That’s not right, skin cancer kills and ugly fat may make you sick but it won’t be as bad for her.

      • Rick in China

        Are you implying obesity doesn’t kill people? It kills them in many different ways; socially being the most painful, I’d imagine.

        Obesity causes a plethora of diseases – some big ones being diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver disease… if you think any of those are ‘better’ than skin cancer, I’d say that’s like saying dog shit tastes better than cat shit.

        • Just John

          Rick, you must have been absent for the past week.

          vic2u is our most recent troll, who likes to make stupid statements as if they are fact. I think either he really is clueless, or more likely he just likes to stir up shit and watch people argue.

          • Tengu

            You know I’m not sure about the old viceroo.

            I had a run in with him, he’s good at baiting you when you’re green, Christ he had me going, but sometimes (rarely ) he comes up with some decent points.

            I don’t think the crafty little bastard is clueless, I think he’s an instigator poking the monkeys with a stick through the bars of the cage.

            He gets us mad, we throw our shit at him, he pisses through the bars, we grab his tiny dick to tear it off….we’re all happy.

  • Chef Rocco

    In terms of exposure to ultraviolet light, populaces in the West and in the East appear to be on two extreme sides due to different cosmetic preferences . Over-exposure leads to skin cancer and skin damages while under-exposure causes Vitamin-D deficiency and increases the risk of colon cancer.

    Dalai Lama’s “middle way” should be the right way in the regard.

    • Tengu

      Check out the big brain on Chef Rocco.

      Nicely said, nicely worded, makes sense, well thought out, well written, concise AND he speaks of the man himself….the Dalai Lama.

      You on the right blog?

      We’re just a bunch of dudes who shove fresh ginger up our asses once in a while.

      My uncle, nutty old Italian lived in Florida for years, golfed every day. Moves back to New England, gets sick, has a Vitamin D deficiency.

      Didn’t know about the colon cancer risk.

    • Jones

      Chef Rocco, are you into figging? Tengu and I are. Terroir is but he won’t say he is.

      • Tengu

        Terroir is the rarest of the rare, like an albino Panda…a closet figger.

  • mp

    Almost a Chinese Negro. At least she (?) had the decency to cover up.

  • FYIADragoon

    Fair skin. Tanned skin always looks weird. That skin color only looks attractive when its the natural skin color.

  • Mulla

    In developed countries you are considered sick or poor if you stay pale in summer. It means you can’t afford to have a beach holiday. In developing countries people stay pale to make a difference to the farmers and workers.

    • Derp

      Speak for yourself only. Where I live, tanned skin is now considered cheap and tacky. Jersey Shore, The Only Way is Essex, Jodie Marsh and Jordan (Katie Price) have all helped to make tanned skin associated with being sleazy and trashy.

    • WYL

      Actually pale is so what’s on right now because of Twilight.

  • gyrsriddle

    Cat woman..you really let yourself go!!!

  • Jones

    Any news on what became of the photographer? Was the video card recovered from a mount of barnacle-littered fecal matter?

  • Dan Danger

    The phobia here about even mild tanning, ergo appearing more like a nongovernmental Ming, is hysterical all. I have seen women pop open umbrellas when the tip of the sun appears on the horizon in the morning or run from building to building with a book shielding their faces as if they are actually vampires and even a mild ray of sunlight will make them dry up and blow away.

    • Just John

      Good thing I love vampire movies, isn’t it?

    • Of Canada

      Yes and if you marry a Chinese girl this gets really annoying fast. She misses out on a lot of fun in her life because she fears the sun. But it’s her choice.

      • Vipul

        No, it’s a fucking social and psychological block that prevents her from enjoying life, that seems like a problem. Just cause a ton of chinese girls do it doesn’t mean it’s right. Why the hell should it be right for them to live in fear of the sun, something we get life from, just because they’re afraid of being distinguished as non-governmental? China is socially and governmentally a fucked up country. It’s such a sad thing to see such a great country become what it has become. Honestly, fuck the PRC.

  • shanghainese austrailan

    ahahahahah LOL

    this is just…hilarious and ghey. get some sunscreen at least. it prevents tanning.

    p.s. nothing wrong with lots of melanin….

  • bojangles

    Shiiiiiit batman really let himself go…

  • andywattbulb

    Bring out the gimp! The gimps swimming.

  • vic2u

    Women who want to wear this thing should be sent to the UK or to somewhere in the EU like France to live.

    They would feel at home there.

  • 纳乔奶酪

    Yeah, cuz she’s be SOOO much more beautiful with pale skin. Chinese people are retarded.

    • cb4242

      If you think like that, then don’t even come to Japan!!! They are 1000X worse!

  • steve

    Dont’t you chinese people know about sun block cream and you can get water poof stuff as well all you have to do is find it in china thats the hard bit ???

  • wae lee

    You rather she wears a bikini?! Fuckin’ Retards.