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  • ‘Mother, China’ Music Video Captures Overseas Chinese

    As China’s booming economy becomes the locomotive to bring the polluted world out of regression, more and more folks are coming to China chasing their Chinese Dreams. Among them there’s a group of people who were born in China or their ancestors emigrated from China generations ago. These ethnic Chinese returnees are called 海归 (haigui), […]

  • China 11th National Games: Controversies, Scandals, Costs

    From NetEase: The 11th National Games were held in Jinan, Shandong province, and the Games have been hit by scandals, such as pre-decided gold medals, doping, match-fixing, unfair officiating, and so on. The intention of the National Games is picking talented athletes for the Olympic Games, but the scale and cost of the National Games […]

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  • China Football Players’ 30 Minute Sex in Hotel Controversy

    China’s national men’s football team consistently disappoints Chinese football fans. Throughout the 2008 Olympics, many fans suffered through the team’s terrible performance and embarrassing behavior. During one match, a Chinese football player kicked a Belgium player in the crotch. At this point, almost all Chinese people hate them. Last month, rumors appeared that several members […]

  • An Olympic Affair? Yao Ming and Lauren Jackson Hug

    Last night, the 2008 Beijing Olympics officially ended with the Closing Ceremony, another big show by Zhang Yimou. During the show, all of the athletes entered the Birds Nest stadium and gathered on the field. For many Chinese watching, they saw an interesting thing happen between Yao Ming, China’s basketball star, and Lauren Jackson, a […]

  • Chinese Reaction to Liu Xiang Withdrawing From Olympics

    Two weeks ago, people asked: What Will Happen If Liu Xiang Does Not Win The Gold Medal? Yesterday at around 11:50am, Liu Xiang withdrew from the Olympics. Most Chinese were very disappointed. Some were very sad. Some were very angry. Many Chinese people at the Bird’s Nest immediately stood up and left the stadium. Many […]

  • China Olympic Team Movie Poster Photoshops

    From: China Olympic Team posters, extreme lightning, extremely charred, If it does not knock you down, it is not lightning~~~!!!! Yaoming (Hancock): Yao Ming (China Men’s Basketball Team) Spider-xiang 2 (Spiderman 2): Liu Xiang (China 110m Hurdler) Saving Private Ryan: Yi Jian Lian, Yao Ming, Wang Zhi Zhi, and Sun Yue (China Men’s Basketball Team) […]

  • Chinese Inspired by Iraq Olympic Team: ‘Jia You!’

    Recently, many Chinese are disappointed and embarrassed with the China men’s football team because of the team’s poor performance and bad behavior. There is a “National Football Team Welcomes You” music video and many people on forums talking about the Chinese football player that kicked another player’s crotch. Some people even call the national football […]

  • 100,000 Condoms For The 2008 Beijing Olympics

    From Tianya: Olympic Village 100,000 Condoms is For Who to Use? If it were not for the “announcement notice,” I would not have thought this “Beijing Olympics AIDS Publicity Campaign” was a big deal. But through the notice, I understood, the real purpose of the Beijing Olympics AIDS Publicity Campaign is to “place 100,000 high-quality […]

  • U.S. Olympic Cyclists Arrive in Beijing Wearing Face Masks

    Many world athletes are arriving in China for the 2008 Olympic Games. However, when the American cyclist team arrived wearing face masks yesterday, this caused a strong reaction with many Chinese. On many BBS forums all over the Chinese language internet, many people quickly posted photographs of the cyclists and expressed their feelings. On KDS: […]

  • What Will Happen If Liu Xiang Does Not Win The Gold Medal?

    There are only three days before the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games begin and many Chinese have been talking about how China will perform. There is a lot of hope and expectation from many Chinese that China’s athletes will win many medals this year and hopefully more than the United States. Especially now, China has several […]