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  • Girl holds sign seeking marriage with the dead.


    Chongqing Girl’s Boyfriend Missing, Seeks Ghost Marriage

    From Mop: Ghost marriage girl in Chongqing, her true love touching people and seeking help from society — quickly come and help her The weather today in Chongqing was gloomy, and there was a light drizzle. Went to the Guanyin Bridge pedestrian street to check out some homes for rent. Just as my foot landed, […]

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    Donation Gate: Zhang Ziyi’s Missing Earthquake Donations

    Have you heard of Zhang Ziyi’s “Donation Gate” [诈捐门, zha juan men]? From Tianya: Zhang Ziyi, the earthquake donations, where did they go? The “Ink Splash Gate” posts are always at the top, so I believe a lot of people, like me, are curious about Zhang Ziyi’s fund-raising efforts after the May 12th Sichuan earthquake. […]

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    Chinese Angry USA Donated More To Haiti Than Sichuan

    From Tianya: Haiti Earthquake, America donated 100 million USD. Sichuan Earthquake, America donated 500,000 USD While watching the news this morning, America donated 100 million USD for the Haiti Earthquake, but when I just looked it up, do you know how much America donated during the Sichuan Earthquake? 500,000 USD!!! Who is able to tell […]

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    Unseen 2009 China News In Photographs

    Below are 62 “unseen” news photographs from 2009 and their original captions, translated into English, that were originally featured on NetEase, one of China’s most popular portal websites. We’ve also included links to related chinaSMACK posts from published during the past year. Thank you for your support. We wish everyone a happy new year and […]

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    Earthquake Coke Boy Gets Free Admission To University

    From NetEase: Rescued after being trapped under rubble for 80 hours, Xue Xiao’s first sentence were: “Uncle, I want to drink Coke, a cold one.” With this one sentence, netizens made him “Coke boy” and he became famous on the internet. Elected as young Olympic torchbearers representing the entire country’s earthquake heroes, Deyang Dongqi Middle […]

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    Sichuan Earthquake Memorial Museum To Cost 2.3 Billion

    From NetEase: Summary: The complete plans for the Beichuan National Earthquake Ruins Museum that has been the subject of much attention by citizens from all walks of life have been released, with a preliminary budget requiring a ~2.3 billion yuan total investment/cost. The moment the design plan was introduced, it immediately caused huge amounts of […]

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    Sichuan Earthquake: The Man Who Carried His Dead Wife

    This is one of the most famous pictures from China’s 2008 May 12 Sichuan Earthquake. Many Chinese saw a man who tied his dead wife’s body to his back and carried her home. Wu Jiafang was widely praised for being the ideal man and husband. However, people who say they know him are telling Chinese […]