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  • Taiwanese crime lord Lee Chao Hsiung funeral procession.


    A Taiwanese Mafia Boss’s Funeral Procession

    From QQ and Mop: Taiwanese crime lord funeral procession. 20,000 people send him off According to a TVBS report, police obtained information that a crime lord known as “Silly Face” Lee Zhaoxiong [Lee Chao-hsiung] who died last month of liver cancer will have a funeral procession on the 26th, learning that there will be 20,000 […]

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    Chinese Study Abroad Students’ Extravagant Lives Exposed

    From Sina: Our country’s study abroad students’ extravagant lifestyles in Australia exposed Right now I am studying at University of Sydney, but I was previously a student at one of Australia’s well-known preparatory schools. A study abroad student called “Chen Yang”, before returning to spend summer vacation and while talking with schoolmates in China on […]

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    What If The ‘District 9’ Alien Prawns Landed In China?

    From Mop: Come those who have seen “District 9” — If that alien spaceship were to land in China… Let’s discuss if that alien spaceship were to land in China…what would be the situation in various places?! Haha! Comments from Mop: 无良兽父: Grab a RB [ri ben, 日本, Japanese] person and mix them, see what […]

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    Chinese Middle School Students Crazy Fights

    From Sohu: Some Guangdong middle school’s intense gang war between rival black societies/gangs The title of the video is: “This is our school” Comments from Sohu: 搜狐网友: TM little JB kids who don’t know what they do!! If I were there, I would beat down each of you one by one, bastards. 搜狐网友: Sigh, we […]

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    Tattoo Artist Shows Off His Awful Work & Victims

    From Mop: Recently I decided to get a tattoo, so I often go to Baidu to search for designs. I accidentally found the following pictures. I was shocked crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, so enjoyable ~ Dear brothers and sister, getting a tattoo is no small matter, you must not be […]

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    Chinese People’s Secrets: Part 9

    More translated secrets of Chinese people… From Tianya, “Share your heart’s darkest secrets…do you have the courage?”: not4you: When I was small, I never lacked money, but for some reason at the time I liked to steal money from my house. The craziest was when I stole money from my mother’s purse almost daily. Later, […]

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    A Little Beggar Child In China

    From Sina: “The Little Beggar” These days, being a beggar has become a type of job. Large streets and small alleys, you can see them everywhere. Basically, they are all organized and disciplined. and wide in variety. The young ones organize behind the scenes so that the children and old people go beg, not for […]

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    Harbin Student Killed By Six Police Started Fight

    Yesterday, the big topic on the Chinese BBS forums was about six Harbin police officers who beat a 22-year-old university student to death and his body was left overnight on the street for everyone to see. There has been new information: Video on Sina (Update: no longer available). 3:05 – 6:05: Surveillance video of the […]

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    Six Harbin Police Beat To Death University Student

    From NetEase (1 & 2): Law enforcers break the law, hurt and kill people. October 11, around 10pm at night, six Harbin City railway police beat to death Harbin City Sports Academy student, Lin Songling. At the time, the railway police were in plain clothes had a quarrel with the dead victim Lin, who was […]