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  • Chinese girls standing at attention, rehearsing for the Guangzhou Asian Games.

    Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games Goodwill Hostesses In Training

    From Mop: [Preparations for the] Guangzhou Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies; look at this orderly and uniform military training! On October 2, the “goodwill hostesses” for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Guangzhou Asian games have begun their military training under the guidance of an drill sergeant. The selection of the Guangzhou Asian […] More

  • A mistress in Chongqing visits the wife of the man she is involved with, eventually attacking her and calling her ugly.

    Chinese Mistress Attacks Wife At Her Home In Chongqing

    This video has been spreading on the Chinese internet: “Chongqing’s most niu xiao san goes to the wife’s home to violently beat her, cursing her as having no good looks nor breasts”In case you are confused, the attacking girl is the xiao san (mistress) while the girl being attacked is the wife. Some of the […] More

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    Chinese Lingerie Model Inspired By Paraguay “Breast Goddess”

    A cursory glance at news and stories on the Chinese interwebs will inform you that China is obsessed with breasts, particularly breasts of large size.  To cite a few examples, a “Most Beautiful Breasts” contest was held recently in Hunan province that was well attended despite a downpour that did little to deter spectators.  Chinese […] More

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    CCTV Anchorwomen Not Wearing Bras, Chinese Netizen Complains

    From Chinanews: CCTV Achorwomen Going On-Camera Disliking Underwear, “Nipple Gate” Displeases Viewers [Note from Fauna: The original Chinese for the above “nipple” translation is 凸点, which is literally “raised/protruding point”.] While a certain pretty CCTV anchorwoman was embroiled in legal matters, public “concern” for CCTV anchorwomen was aroused, as if X-ray machines were attached to […] More

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    Hong Kong Girl Shows Off C Cup Breasts To Ex-Boyfriend

    This video of a Hong Kong girl showing off her new C cup breasts became popular recently. In the video, she is taunting her ex-boyfriend who had dumped her. On YouTube: I do not understand Cantonese so here is a translation from The Dark Side: Ng ga ching, you cheap bastard! Before you got me, […] More

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    Taiwan Female Soldiers Indecent Photos Reach Mainland

    From Tiexue: December 15, the indecent self-photos of the Taiwan military is once again circulating on the internet, but this time the main characters are the female soldiers.  While receiving training at the logistics school in 2008 March, female Sergent Chen, attached to the Joint Logistics Section 5 Regional Support Command Transport Battalion, under the […] More

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    Dumping Girlfriend Because Her Breasts Are Too Small?

    From KDS: Girlfriend’s breasts too small, thinking of breaking up… My girlfriend’s breasts are sized A-cup, practically not much different from an airport. Every time we XXOO [have sex], I simply feel like I am touching a man, and now when we do it, I generally don’t take off her top. I’m truly thinking of […] More

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    Chinese ‘FHM’ (男人装) Magazine Controversial But Popular

    FHM, originally published as For Him Magazine, is an international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine. The magazine is printed on high quality glossy paper and the photography is of high technical quality. The Chinese edition of FHM has been published since May 2004 by Trends Magazines in Beijing. The magazine is named 男人装 [nan2 ren2 zhuang1] […] More

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    Chinese Opinions Of Western Women With Big Breasts

    From KDS: Russia’s streets are full of stunning women This poster probably make a mistake and think these are Russian women because the photographs have “FEELS.RU” printed on them. Comments from KDS: 匣器衙无歹: After marriage they become shit. 我在虹口: 10 years later they will all be big fat middle-aged women. 乌贼鱼: So they really can […] More

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