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  • Chinese worker making Vuvuzela horns in Zhejiang province, China.


    2010 South Africa World Cup, “Made In China”

    From NetEase: South Africa World Cup, “Made In China” The World Cup uses balls made in a Jiujiang City [in Jiangxi province] “sweatshop”? The World Cup mascot is from Yiwu City [in Zhejiang province]? 60 million World Cup condoms were Chinese produced? Yes, China uses this way to “participate” in the South Africa World Cup… […]

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    Police Raid “Prostitution Street”, Netizens Not Impressed

    From NetEase: A prostitution street in Zhejiang Haining has been shut down. Happy. June 8th, Zhejiang [province] Haining City Public Safety Bureau in collaboration with the City Council coordinated more than 20 officers from the Shu Cun and Guang Chao police departments. With the cooperation of the Nan Fan police department, they used five different […]

  • Korean website hacked by Chinese hackers.


    Cannons, English Teacher Seduction, & The June 9th “Jihad”

    Some recent interesting translated Chinese internet content you should not miss: Wuhan man resists forced demolition with homemade cannon Forced demolitions are a big social problem in China. We have reported two stories of people who have light themselves on fire to protest property developers and cities forcing them out of their property. We also […]

  • Evelyn Lin.


    Ethnic Chinese In America Increasingly Entering Porn Industry

    From NetEase: Increase of ethnic Chinese in America entering the pornography film industry Summary: American media recently reported that in the past, it was rare for Chinese-Americans to enter the adult film industry, but now there are more and more. The past few years, there have even been cases of male and female actors [of […]

  • Chinese McRefugees.


    McRefugees, Rapists, Kissing, & Korean Expo Concert Chaos

    Some recent interesting translated Chinese internet content you should not miss: Homeless Chinese in Shanghai sleeping in fast food restaurants at night In many big cities of China, there are many people who may have jobs but are still homeless. Each night, they will try to sleep in 24-hour fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or […]

  • Fragrant and hot marxism.


    Chinglish Signs Photographed By NYT & Der Spiegel Journalists

    On, Mop, and ChinaRen: Stupefying English signs in China photographed by the Western media Along with China’s continuous economic development, our country’s internationalization is quickly increasing. To meet and adapt to these new changes, many places have begun to use signs in both Chinese and English. However, given that our country’s ordinary people’s English […]

  • Cross-dresser Sister Zhu.


    Volvo, Restaurants, Mistresses, Math, CCTV, & Sister Zhu

    Some recent interesting translated Chinese internet content you should not miss: Chinese Geely purchases Swedish Volvo from American Ford A little old but maybe still interesting. At the end of March, China’s Geely acquired the luxury car brand Volvo from Ford. Many Chinese netizens were pessimistic. One netizen posted that if it had been purchased […]

  • iPhone Girl.


    Foxconn Raises Shenzhen Factory Worker Wages By 200 RMB

    From KDS: Good news has arrived, Shenzhen Foxconn is increasing wages/salaries Number of employees: 450,000 200 [RMB] raise per person per month. 2400 [RMB] raise per person per year. 450,000 * 2400 [RMB] = 1,080,000,000 [1.08 billion RMB = ~158,823,529 USD]. 13 idiots commit suicide exchanged for 1.08 billion real money. This transaction, as a […]

  • A large Foxconn builing.


    More Foxconn Suicides: Reports of 14, 15, & 16th Jumpings

    From Baidu Tieba: (no longer available) Foxconn’s 15th suicide jumper has jumped, 16th is currently on the roof The Foxconn Longhua C4 Building double-suicide [jumping from building] is already spreadingĀ  on the internet: Foxconn #14 and #15 jump, new entry, Sina Weibo [Microblog, like Twitter], latest shocking news, around 12, Foxconn Longhua C4 Building, double-suicide, […]

  • A Chinese netizen's McDonald's Happy Meal experiment.


    Chinese Netizen’s McDonald’s Happy Meal Rotting Experiment

    From Mop: Does McDoanld’s rot or not? Photos refute American dietitian’s fallacy According to reports, American dietitian Brousseau performed an experiment with McDonald’s “Happy Meal”, and discovered that a hamburger and french fries purchased in 2009 were completely unchanged one year later. However, there were also netizens who pointed out some questionable points. For example, […]