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    Pengpeng & Sexy Chinese Pole Dancing?

    Video on Tudou. The dancer is Pengpeng from Shenyang City in Liaoning province, who is the champion in the first national pole dancing competition. Comments from Tudou: Today I went to another club and tried out his set of movements. The impression/effect was extremely good. However, I my legs are all purple [bruised], and my […]

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    Young Shanghainese Shocked by Low Wages and Probation Period

    A KDS member named “willwang22” posted the topic “The company I interviewed today unexpectedly discussed probation period wages…” with the above picture and bottom story: 960 RMB My God! After probation only 1200 RMB base salary. Motherfucker thinks I am a migrant worker! I graduated last year, my previous salary was ABOVE 3000 RMB! Wasted […]