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    ChinaJoy 2009 Pregnant Gate

    Last year, there was the 2008 ChinaJoy Knee Gate. This year… From Mop: CJ [ChinaJoy] Dirty Man Discovered: What’s wrong with filming for a moment? Just filming for a moment won’t make you pregnant! Here are some more pictures of these girls on KDS: Photos of Pregnant Gate’s Main Characters Truly quite pretty! This is […]

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    Shanghai Metro Line 2 Lesbians Spotted at ChinaJoy

    Yesterday afternoon, KDS Forum user “chmobile” posted “Sudden appearance of video lesbians at ChinaJoy (Threesome? Please evaluate)” yesterday afternoon. Only one week ago, was the famous (or infamous) Shanghai Metro Line 2 Lesbians video was posted on the internet and became a hot topic on the Chinese internet. While at ChinaJoy, I took this picture. […]

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    The 2008 ChinaJoy Kneegate

    ChinaJoy is an expo and conference held every year in Shanghai, China that is usually about video and computer games. It is also famous for the many hot girls working for different companies at the show as models. Many guys like to go each year just to look at the pretty girls and take pictures […]