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  • N-kia E68, a shanzhai Nokia mobile phone created in China.


    Shanzhai N-kia E68 Mobile Phone, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    The following has been spreading on Kaixin001:On YouTube: Comments from Tudou: wzy20031102: This is something everyone needs to be clear on: If tax is paid, it is called “development”. If tax is not paid, then it is called “shanzhai“. If the government allows it, it is called archeology. If it is private people, then it […]

  • An impressive Lays potato chip supermarket display in China.


    Silly, Funny & Creative Chinese Supermarket Product Displays

    From Mop: Supermarket employees so lonely [bored] their balls hurt (#‵′)凸 Comments from Mop: 筱夕_h: Absolutely genius… 绿紫苏饭团: Our country has awesome people too!!! bibiibib: The Haibao and Super Mario are pretty good. 尽量精益求精: Worked in supermarkets before, so no really surprised/impressed anymore. 鸣枫舞墨: China doesn’t lack human talent, it just doesn’t know how to […]

  • Chinese Character Art: Bad Child (怀小孩 huai xiao hai)


    Chinese Character Art: Words Become Pictures Of The Words!

    From Tiexue: Being able to write Chinese characters like this, so talented Comments from Tiexue: 衣然美: Talented, so many talented people! 油炸腊肉: If it is changed to complex/traditional characters, it will be even more expressive. flytigertw: Love it, very creative, this artistic calligraphy is very well designed, favorited. terryonline1978: Really like it, extremely like it. […]

  • Alianya.


    “Alianya”: Chinese Shanzhai Version Of “Avatar”

    This is a photostory posted on the Tianya BBS that “borrows inspiration” from the recent 3D CGI blockbuster “Avatar” to tell a similar story of  “man vs nature”. It appears to be an advertisement for tourists to come to Xishuangbanna, China as this certain locale is touted to have served as an actual inspiration for […]

  • Korean website hacked by Chinese hackers.


    Cannons, English Teacher Seduction, & The June 9th “Jihad”

    Some recent interesting translated Chinese internet content you should not miss: Wuhan man resists forced demolition with homemade cannon Forced demolitions are a big social problem in China. We have reported two stories of people who have light themselves on fire to protest property developers and cities forcing them out of their property. We also […]

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    Iron Man’s Arc Reactor Recreated By Chinese Netizen

    From Mop: After two weeks of development, finally completed the second generation arc reactor from Iron Man!!! First, an announcement, the arc reactor was not made by me, but at this time, I have already reached an agreement with the reactor’s creator: I will be the sole distributor of the arc reactor, China’s first offering. […]

  • Lenovo "Spicy Teacher" commercial - teacher dresses like Bruce Lee.


    Lenovo Commercial Plagiarizes Funny Japanese Fanta Ad

    An old advertisement that has recently been spreading again on the popular Kaixin001 social network as “If the teacher were to dress like this, would students still doze off? (students must watch)“. The advertisement is from Lenovo. It has been viewed over 250,000 times on Ku6 with over 2700 comments. On Youku, it has been […]

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    PixieTea ‘ABCD Said’: Music Video Made With Apple iPhone

    This music video by a young Chinese girl has been spreading on Kaixin001 as “A recently very popular girl — A computer + a mobile phone + a camera = legendary MV [music video]”. The music video (3:39) is named “ABCD Said” and is claimed that all the music was made with the Apple iPhone […]