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  • Guns on display in a glass case at a Wal-Mart in America.


    How Guns Are Sold In American Wal-Marts, Chinese Reactions

    From Tiexue, Sina, & Mop: This is how America’s Wal-Mart sell guns Today, while visiting Wal-Mart, I took a photo while at the gun sales counter. The guns were sold in a rotating glass display case just like this with price tags attached. If interested, you just ask the salesperson to take it out for […]

  • Members of Paris' Chinese community take part in the demonstration organized by franco-chinese associations to call for "the right to live together in security" on June 20, 2010 in the northeastern Paris' Belleville district. A man is pictured with a t-shirt that reads in French : "I love Belleville". AFP PHOTO BERTRAND LANGLOIS


    Overseas Chinese In Paris Protest Violence, Demand Security

    From NetEase (photos): 20,000 overseas ethnic Chinese demonstrate in Paris protesting violent robberies On the 20th, over 20,000 overseas ethnic Chinese organized a massive “anti-violence, demand public security” demonstration, protesting Paris’s poor public security situation as well as the long-term violence and robbery targeting overseas ethnic Chinese. Cases of Chinese tourists being robbed in Paris […]

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    Xian Woman Stops Cars & Collects “Toll” Wearing Only A Bra

    From KDS, NetEase, & Sina: Yesterday the ancient city of Xian was scorched by hot temperatures. On North Street in Xian City, a female “toll collector” shuttled amongst the car traffic, stopping the cars here to collect tolls. Maybe because it was too hot, this female “toll collector” only wore her bra, and was called […]

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    Police Raid “Prostitution Street”, Netizens Not Impressed

    From NetEase: A prostitution street in Zhejiang Haining has been shut down. Happy. June 8th, Zhejiang [province] Haining City Public Safety Bureau in collaboration with the City Council coordinated more than 20 officers from the Shu Cun and Guang Chao police departments. With the cooperation of the Nan Fan police department, they used five different […]

  • Chinese McRefugees.


    McRefugees, Rapists, Kissing, & Korean Expo Concert Chaos

    Some recent interesting translated Chinese internet content you should not miss: Homeless Chinese in Shanghai sleeping in fast food restaurants at night In many big cities of China, there are many people who may have jobs but are still homeless. Each night, they will try to sleep in 24-hour fast food restaurants like McDonald’s or […]

  • Wenzhou residents fight back against motorcycle purse snatchers.


    Wenzhou Residents Fight Back Against Purse Snatchers

    From Wenzhou city residents bravely fighting “motorcycle thieves” praised by the country’s netizens The entire country’s netizens in unanimous approval: Wenzhou previously had a good man who threw his bicycle, and now they have brave and bold masses that the public security department yesterday expressed appreciation for and have recommended for Good Samaritans awards. […]

  • The woman accusing Sun Moon Education Group Director Song Shanmu of rape.


    Sun Moon Education Group Founder Song Shanmu Accused Of Rape

    From NetEase and QQ: “Shanmu Training” Director exposed of raping multiple subordinates, hiding thousands of nude photographs China Jiangxi Web (, May 13 report, Shanmu Lifelong Education Group (Shanmu Training [English name is “Sun Moon Education Group’]) 22-year-old female employee Luo Yun (pseudonym) reported to Shenzhen police on May 4th claiming that on May 3rd, […]

  • Chinese kindergarteners napping.


    Han Han: A Government That Cannot Protect Its Children…

    Han Han is a famous post-80s generation race-car driver, best-selling author, and Chinese blogger who was also recently named in Time magazine’s Top 100 list.  — Fauna From Han Han’s blog: Kids, you’re spoiling the old men’s fun Another stabbing incident in a Taixing kindergarten left thirty-two people injured and the number of dead still […]

  • 被封锁的幼儿园门外聚集了大量的群众。


    Recent Attacks Against Schoolchildren, Netizen Reactions

    From Mop: Crazy society! Yet another kindergarten meets tragedy in Jiangsu Taixing! 3 children murdered See title…Today, yet another kindergarten in Jiangsu Taizhou city Taixing country has met an attack by frenzied gangsters…at present, it is known that three innocent children have been attacked…casualties are unknown, police have already taken control of the scene…I won’t […]

  • Taiwanese crime lord Lee Chao Hsiung funeral procession.


    A Taiwanese Mafia Boss’s Funeral Procession

    From QQ and Mop: Taiwanese crime lord funeral procession. 20,000 people send him off According to a TVBS report, police obtained information that a crime lord known as “Silly Face” Lee Zhaoxiong [Lee Chao-hsiung] who died last month of liver cancer will have a funeral procession on the 26th, learning that there will be 20,000 […]

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    Funny Rural Chinese Advertising & Depressing Propaganda

    Here is a compilation of rural Chinese advertising and government campaign slogans that were collected by netizens for both their frankness and humor. From illegal petitions to promoting the One Child Policy, these slogans are often crass and unapologetically direct. Perhaps in a way these advertisements reveal an aspect of rustic life that are both […]

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    Thief Stripped, Beaten, & Then Paraded On The Streets

    From NetEase: Thief stripped and beaten then paraded on the streets Yesterday at the Wujin Street overpass there was a thief who was caught while stealing things. His clothing was stripped off by the shop owner, and the word “thief” was written all over his body and face. On such a cold day, seeing that […]