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  • New Year Goals: Find Job, Find Husband, Oh Yeah!

    From Mop: Spring Festival is approaching, and to affix fiery-red scrolls [around the front door] is every household’s tradition. Recently, a pair of super intrepid Spring Festival scrolls appeared on Mop. Outside the door of a soon-to-graduate female student of some university was a pair of scrolls:  the first line–“find a job, find a good […]

  • Human Flesh Search For Hebei University Cat Killer

    From NetEase: Summary: On the 11th, a post titled “Deviant Boy Brutally Kills Garfield” said that a stray cat [“Garfield”, see right picture] that lived in Hebei University Industrial and Commercial campus and had been deeply loved by university students was actually blown up by a man. Immediately, the man who abused and killed the […]

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  • Chinese People’s Secrets: Part 9

    More translated secrets of Chinese people… From Tianya, “Share your heart’s darkest secrets…do you have the courage?”: not4you: When I was small, I never lacked money, but for some reason at the time I liked to steal money from my house. The craziest was when I stole money from my mother’s purse almost daily. Later, […]

  • 4 Girls Fall To Death To Escape Dorm Fire

    Four Shanghai Business School girls fell to their deaths after trying to escape from a fire in their sixth-floor dorm room. They were 19 to 21-years-old and were all studying economics. When the news first happened, many BBS forums began talking about this incident. Many Chinese netizens expressed their condolences and many others argued about […]

  • Japanese & Chinese Students Fight In Shanghai

    From Tianya, “Shanghai International Studies University: Japanese students and Chinese students fought violently” (no longer accessible): At present, the police, including the special police present, have already dispatched 10 police vehicles to maintain order, and the gathered crowd has just dispersed. On October 20, 2008, about 10 P.M., over ten Japanese students were getting drunk […]

  • Peasant Girl: My Life Is Miserable Because I Am Poor

    On September 6, a poster named 我是农家女(“I Am A Peasant Girl”) posted on Sina: “Late 70s Peasant Girl’s hopeless survival, would rather be a mistress than marry a poor person.” I know that after seeing this topic, you will all scold me, but may those who have the energy to scold me please carefully finish […]