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    Guangdong Kindergarten Teachers Encourage Girl To Hit Boy

    From NetEase: Kindergarten teachers instruct female child to slap male child and even video record it Summary: At a kindergarten in Shantou of Guangdong province, two teachers have been exposed in a video inciting a female child to beat another child, with the victim not daring to resist, while children lay beside them witnessing this […]

  • A Chinese netizen's McDonald's Happy Meal experiment.


    Chinese Netizen’s McDonald’s Happy Meal Rotting Experiment

    From Mop: Does McDoanld’s rot or not? Photos refute American dietitian’s fallacy According to reports, American dietitian Brousseau performed an experiment with McDonald’s “Happy Meal”, and discovered that a hamburger and french fries purchased in 2009 were completely unchanged one year later. However, there were also netizens who pointed out some questionable points. For example, […]

  • Chinese crowds for the 2010 April 20 test run of the Shanghai World Expo.


    Trials, Hans, Gold, Earthquakes, Democracy, & Corruption

    Some recent interesting translated Chinese internet content you should not miss: 2010 Shanghai World Expo trial run photos email The 2010 Shanghai World Expo will open in a couple of days but on April 20, there was a test or preview and many people visited the World Expo. Security checks were long, many pavilions were […]

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    Funny Rural Chinese Advertising & Depressing Propaganda

    Here is a compilation of rural Chinese advertising and government campaign slogans that were collected by netizens for both their frankness and humor. From illegal petitions to promoting the One Child Policy, these slogans are often crass and unapologetically direct. Perhaps in a way these advertisements reveal an aspect of rustic life that are both […]

  • Lenovo "Spicy Teacher" commercial - teacher dresses like Bruce Lee.


    Lenovo Commercial Plagiarizes Funny Japanese Fanta Ad

    An old advertisement that has recently been spreading again on the popular Kaixin001 social network as “If the teacher were to dress like this, would students still doze off? (students must watch)“. The advertisement is from Lenovo. It has been viewed over 250,000 times on Ku6 with over 2700 comments. On Youku, it has been […]

  • Korean woman at a rally in support of Chinese character education.


    Koreans Seek More Chinese Character Education, Reactions

    On Tiexue, the post title is: “Korean assembly shouts ‘long live Chinese characters‘, demanding attention for Chinese character education”. On Mop, the title is: “This is not a dream! Korean students scream ‘Long live Chinese characters!’” Comments from Tiexue: 箭毒木: They’re not thinking of telling the world that Chinese characters were created by them again, […]

  • Chinese schoolboys.


    Kunming Police Recruiting Schoolchildren To Be Informants

    From KDNet: Don’t let these children become wretched informants Recently, a notice was issued to all head teachers in Kunming by a certain government department, requiring them to assign 2~3 “Young Public Security Info Collectors” in each class. These Info Collectors shall gather and report information on school violence, property infringement, mobile pornography propagation, traffic […]

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    Japanese Preschool: 12 Things That Stunned Chinese Mom

    From Mop: 12 things about Japanese kindergarten [preschool?] that have stunned me as a Chinese mother Before coming to Japan, Tiantian had already gone through a year of kindergarten [preschool? nursery school?] in Beijing, so you could say that we are no strangers to kindergarten. But there are some things in Japanese kindergartens that have […]

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    Chinese Study Abroad Students’ Extravagant Lives Exposed

    From Sina: Our country’s study abroad students’ extravagant lifestyles in Australia exposed Right now I am studying at University of Sydney, but I was previously a student at one of Australia’s well-known preparatory schools. A study abroad student called “Chen Yang”, before returning to spend summer vacation and while talking with schoolmates in China on […]

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    Sexist Chinese Characters Discriminate Against Women

    A recent internet post purportedly written by a lawyer named Ye Mantian rallied against the structure of many vulgar Chinese Hanzi characters as containing elements in reference to women. For example, the traditional character for rape is written as “姦”, or simply the three characters “女” [women] stacked together. Ye Mantian called for the elimination […]

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    8-Year-Old Schoolgirl’s Money Making Schemes, Reactions

    From NetEase: Gosh! My 8-year-old daughter is making money at school??? Noon today, when my daughter came home from school her mouth was red and swollen. When I asked, she said it was from eating ma la tang[a Chinese type of spicy soup]. This led me to discovering 8 yuan in her pocket, and I asked her […]

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    Niubi: American Book Teaches Chinese Crude Language

    From Mop (1 and 2): See how Americans learn Chinese!! Shocking Niubi!: The Real Chinese You Were Never Taught in School. Sure enough, even the front cover is amazing…shocking…. These images of the book have appeared on many Chinese BBS forum as well as the popular Kaixin001 social network. Comments from Mop: wangyupengzl: This post […]