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  • Higher Death Compensation For Foreigners, Netizens React

    From XinhuaNet: Recently, the Shenzhou branch of The People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China entrusted a lawyer to petition Hengyang City Immediate People’s Court in Hunan Province, demanding further hearing regarding a mistaken verdict by the aforementioned company in dealing with compensation issues in a traffic accident. As a result, this quiet incident of the […]

  • Sex Diary Exposes Government Official’s Debauchery

    From NetEase: Internet post exposes bureau chief’s “sex diary” documenting his debauchery with many female subordinates Summary: On February 28, a diary, purported to be that of the head of China Tobacco Corp. in an unnamed city in Guangxi caused a sensation online. The diary records the details of  sexual encounters between the department head […]

  • Han Han: Video Of Chongqing Police Subduing A Kidnapper

    Han Han is one of China’s most popular bloggers. As a member of the post-80s generation (Chinese born in the 1980s), he is also famous for being a professional race-car driver and best-selling author. This video (3:06) is a news story about Chongqing police taking down a man who had kidnapped a local woman and […]

  • Han Han: ‘Confucius’ Failure Good For Chinese Cinema

    Han Han is a famous post-80s generation professional race-car driver and best-selling author. He is also one of China’s most popular Chinese bloggers, and my own favorite.  — Fauna From Han Han’s blog: Thank You, Confucius I went to the movie theater today. Originally I wanted to see 14 Blades, but perhaps I’ve already lost […]

  • Dongguan Double Cleaver Underwear Man

    From Tianya: 2010 January 26, Dongguan, Li Enwang holding two knives standing in the middle of the road, the road closed/sealed, passerbys looking on from afar. That afternoon, Li Enwang took two pig slaughtering cleavers from an open market, drank a can of Red Bull, and made a call to notify reporters. Then, Double Cleaver […]

  • Shanghai Man Lands On Lover, Survives Suicide Jump

    From NetEase: Unable to endure public disgrace, middle-aged man clutches his “nubile lover” and attempts suicide At 4pm in the afternoon of January 3rd, in a residential area near Changning road in Shanghai a 50-year-old man jumped from the sixth floor, landing on a bed of flowers below, and was knocked unconscious. This reporter made […]

  • Baidu Hacked By Iranian Cyber Army, Chinese Reactions

    China’s #1 search engine, Baidu, was hacked yesterday morning. Here are some of images of the Baidu homepage that were posted by Chinese internet users on the popular Mop BBS discussion forum, before Baidu was able to fix the situation. Below are some translated Chinese netizen reactions. Comments from Mop: 穆特: At first I thought […]

  • Doctored News Photo Covers Up Government Involvement

    The first day of the New Year witnessed the shocking tragedy of the death of a 16-year-old kid at the hands of a traffic patrol vehicle in Sichuan. What made everything worse was the media response afterwards by which newspaper photos were deliberately doctored using PhotoShop to remove the label “路政巡查” [Road Administration Patrol] on […]

  • Hong Kong Girl Cyberbullying Victim Contemplates Suicide

    [From: ESWN] Chiu Yin-pin became infamous in Hong Kong after she uploaded a video to YouTube of her argument with a store manager over the price of a wash basin, hoping to embarrass the store manager. However, Hong Kong netizens decided she was overbearing and instead attacked her.

  • Wenzhou Chinese Man Throws Bicycle To Stop Thieves

    This video has been spreading recently. In the video (a news report), a girl surnamed Chen was walking on the street in Wenzhou, China when two thieves on a motor-scooter flew by and snatched her purse. She immediately screamed that she was robbed. What happened next no one expected. Surveillance video shows a man riding […]

  • Copenhagen Climate Conference Failure, Chinese Reaction

    From Mop: The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference has failed, humans have declared war on planet Earth. The Copenhagen Climate Conference has failed, humans have declared war on planet Earth. This proves that the so-called elite of humanity is a group of shit eaters. Human activities have caused carbon dioxide emissions, global warming, the melting of […]