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  • 2010 Shanghai World Expo Guide Day 2


    2010 World Expo Expo 3-Day Walk-Through: Day Two

    The following is the third part of a 2010 Shanghai World Expo guide originally written in Chinese for Chinese visitors from around the country by a Chinese World Expo worker. The walk-through aims to help visitors enjoy the entire World Fair over three days. Since it has become very popular on the internet for many […]

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    Chinese Angry USA Donated More To Haiti Than Sichuan

    From Tianya: Haiti Earthquake, America donated 100 million USD. Sichuan Earthquake, America donated 500,000 USD While watching the news this morning, America donated 100 million USD for the Haiti Earthquake, but when I just looked it up, do you know how much America donated during the Sichuan Earthquake? 500,000 USD!!! Who is able to tell […]

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    British Akmal Shaikh Executed, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    Please see our earlier post: British Drug Smuggler’s Death Sentence, Netizen Reactions From Mop: 170 years later, Lin Zexu once again forbids England’s opium! The highest court has authorised Akmal Shaik’s execution! The English government’s secret entreaties are useless! Akmal has been executed by lethal injection! 170 years ago Lin Zexu clearly saw the harm […]

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    Emperor Qianlong’s Jade Imperial Seal In London Auction

    Earlier this year at a Christie’s auction regarding the sell of two bronze Zodiac Heads caused uproars of nationalistic sentiments online. Today, another auction at the Sotheby’s Auction House in London once again provoked in the minds of the Chinese netizens the past histories of humiliation and loss. The main item of attraction is Emperor Qianlong’s […]

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    Susan Boyle Sings “I Dreamed A Dream”, Chinese Reactions

    From Youku: “47-year-old English Unemployed Auntie Participates In Competition, Upon Singing Shocks Entire World” Comments from QQ: 广安市: If this was Super Girl [a Chinese talent show], she could not get past the audience voting. 泰安市: This is considered a beautiful sound? A little too exaggerated!!! 东莞市: You completely did not understand what was so […]

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    Shoe Thrown At Wen Jiabao, Chinese Reactions

    Yesterday, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao was giving a speech at Cambridge University in England when a protestor threw a shoe at him. The shoe missed but reminded everyone of when a protestor threw a shoe at George W. Bush, the former American president, last December.