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    Thief Stripped, Beaten, & Then Paraded On The Streets

    From NetEase: Thief stripped and beaten then paraded on the streets Yesterday at the Wujin Street overpass there was a thief who was caught while stealing things. His clothing was stripped off by the shop owner, and the word “thief” was written all over his body and face. On such a cold day, seeing that […]

  • Nude underground rafting in Guangdong, China.


    Nude Undeground Rafting By Chinese Girl & Black Man

    Here is a set of pictures taken by one perspicacious tourist showing a Chinese woman and black man rafting in an underground cavern. This couple subsequently took the liberty of stripping down for all to see; at least until park attendants stepped in to prevent any further salacious acts. Predictably, the reaction from netizens were […]

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    Child Begger Girl Clings To Passing Pedestrians In Shenzhen

    From NetEase: A shameless and helpless scene that happened in Shenzhen, a beauty trapped What does the small child know, the despicable are the black hands behind the scenes! This is all manipulated by adults, all with acts of coercion, violence, imprisonment. Many medium to large cities have this [phenomenon], a trampling of the “Women […]

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    Handicapped Chinese Man Fixes Bicycle Tire With His Feet

    from Tiexue & NetEase: Witness the miracle, a person who refuses to be trapped by his body Comments from Tiexue: 男人中的极品: Exchanging labor for living expenses, this kind of person deserves to be lauded. If he was here, I would even go to his stall. 韦不良: Too impressive, [he] has ambition! That tire alone, I […]

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    Discarded Condoms Pollute Chinese University Campuses

    From Sina: Who will clean the condoms in the corners of the campus? It can be said, with improvements in the health education for youth, that a majority of university students’ awareness of sexual protection has increased. They all know to use condoms, but from the photographs taken from three universities, some problems have also […]

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    Villagers Loot Diesel From Leaking Oil Pipeline In Shandong

    A scene most commonly seen in Africa, and often with disastrous results, hundreds of opportunistic villagers in Shandong Province took to the chance of grabbing free oil resulted from a oil leak. The story drew both sympathies toward the poverty stricken villagers in contrast to rich oil companies, but also disapproval of the low human […]

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    Driver Violently Arrested & Fined For Helping Stranger

    s 黑车 (hei che, black taxi) or 开黑车 (kai hei che, operating a black taxi) is a private citizen that using their private car to make money by giving rides to strangers. Some Chinese will do this to make some extra cash. This is illegal because only licensed taxi drivers and taxis can do this. […]

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    Unfaithful Fiancée Gets Pregnant, Publicly Beaten By Man

    From Mop: Evil man beats up pregnant fiancée, shocking According to witnesses, this couple is getting married soon, currently preparing their wedding, have always treated each other with respect, and have never had sex. However, upon “accidentally” finding a pregnancy test result in the fiancée’s purse,  “this evil man”, originally gentle and well-mannered, was consumed […]

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    Bus 44: Based Upon A True Story

    This film has begun spreading on Kaixin001: This movie is called Bus 44 (车四十四), made by Chinese-American director Dayyan Eng. It won awards at the Venice Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival and was invited to Cannes Film Festival. Based on a true story, Bus 44 takes place on the outskirts of a small town, […]

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    Zhejiang Young Man’s Suicide Jump Broadcast By News

    From Mop: What was troubling him?~ Why did he have to commit suicide? Life is precious. Please value your life. Another thing, isn’t the television channel [Qilu Television Channel] too inhuman for doing this? Can we avoid broadcasting the scene of him jumping off the building just for ratings? Did we consider how the victim’s […]