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  • Chinese men diving in Wuhan Hankou.


    Chinese People Coping With Hot Summer Temperatures

    From NetEase: Many places in the country experience high summer heat, with temperatures both north and south nearing 40 degrees July 5, recently many areas in China have had 35~37℃ high daytime temperatures, with some areas even having 38~40℃ hot weather. The weather bureau estimates that most of Southern China will continue to experience high […]

  • China's Fattest Man Liang Yong, laughing.


    China’s Fattest Man Liang Yong Hospitalized

    From Sina and QQ: China’s Fattest Man suffers severe heart failure, enters hospital transported on cargo trailer Well-known China’s fattest man Liang Yong recently was recently hospitalized. At 1.58m tall, his 225kg [almost 500 lbs]  weight has presented the hospital with an unprecedented challenge, whether for examination or treatment. This journalist yesterday learned from the […]

  • Brother Sharp.


    Brother Sharp Appears On Stage At Fashion Show In Guangdong

    In February, we first reported that Chinese netizens had nicknamed a beggar in Ningbo “Brother Sharp” after photographs of him appeared on the internet. The reason was because of his stylish and trendy clothes and the penetrating “sharp” expression on his face.  In early March, we reported that Brother Sharp was reunited with his family. […]

  • Old Chinese Woman from Henan province is growing horns!


    101-Year-Old Chinese Granny Growing Horns!

    From NetEase: Strange! “100-year-old granny grows horn” on head March 7, in Lin Lou Village of Lushan County of Henan Province, is an elderly person named Zhang Ruifang, 101-years-old this year, mother of 6 sons and 1 daughter, her eldest son Zhang Guozhong 82-years-old this year, and she currently lives with her 5th son Zhang […]

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    ‘Brother Sharp’ Reunited With Family & More Photoshops

    Ten days ago, we reported about a beggar that netizens have begun calling “Brother Sharp” (or “Sharp Brother”) for his “sharp/penetrating” eyes and fashionable appearance. He became the hottest news on the Chinese internet. A few days ago, Brother Sharp was reunited with his family. Here is the update: From Xinmin: “Brother Sharp’s” real name […]

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    Parents: Pay For Your Brother’s Wedding Or Be Disowned

    From littleredbook: “Blackmailing your family… Confucian style.” From Tianya: Younger brother is getting married, parents want me to provide 200,000 RMB, or they will disown me! I wanted to post this a few days ago, but I was too busy to do that. I am on a business trip today, having some extra time, so […]

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    Shenzhen Man Continues To Hold & Chat With Dead Father

    From Netease and KDS: Son not willing to believe father’s sudden death, holds and chats with body on the side of the road Summary: A sixty year old man collapsed in an underground tunnel, and died by the time emergency workers arrived on the scene. His son, upon arriving, refused to believe his father has […]

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    Nepotism? 23-Year-Old Government Deputy Bureau Chief

    Who is this girl and why is her photograph being talked about by angry Chinese netizens recently? The story begins with a government appointment public announcements from the city of Xintai in China. Here is a copy that was posted by a netizen on the popular Tianya China BBS discussion forum, who titled the post […]

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    Chinese Share How Their Parents Beat Them: Part 2

    More translated Chinese netizen comments about how they were disciplined by their parents when they were children, such as what “weapons” their moms and dads used. See Part 1 here. These comments were selected from the popular Chinese news portal and BBS discussion forum, NetEase. The original Chinese post topic was titled: “What weapons did your parents use to […]

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    Husband To Die From Cancer, Wife Aborts His Baby

    From Liba: A poll I saw on Kaixin001: Husband has stomach cancer, only has two months to live!! Wife determined to abort their child… Husband has stomach cancer, only has two months to live!! And the wife does this!!!!! (Maximum 3 choices) A husband has been diagnosed with stomach cancer, only has two months to […]

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    Chinese Share How Their Parents Beat Them: Part 1

    While the degrees of corporal punishment on children vary from culture to culture, as a society centered on the household, China is no stranger to the use of parental discipline. As this recent report indicated, smacking children may even be beneficial! Let’s just hope that is not the case. Netizens on the board NetEase posted […]