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  • Chengdu's real life version of Xiao Yue Yue.


    Chengdu Girl With Daring Fashion Sense, A Real Xiao Yue Yue?

    Recently… On Mop, Tianya (1 & 2), Tiexue: A real life version of Xiao Yue Yue appears on Chengdu’s Chunxi Road, incites brutal gawking! Who is Xiao Yue Yue? Xiao Yue Yue is a fat girl who became extremely popular after stories of her shocking and embarrassing behavior was being posted on the Chinese internet. […]

  • Alternative fashions of the post-90s generation.


    Non-Mainstream Post-90s Generation “Fei Zhu Liu” Fashion

    From NetEase: Chinese and foreign post-90s generation fei zhu liu photographed on the streets. An unusual of aesthetic. [What is “fei zhu liu“?] Some may have been posted before. Comments from NetEase: pqxtzb608276: TMD scared the shit out of me, are they people? 王少博: They really have socialist characteristics! 布娃娃.: Don’t they know that others […]

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    Male Cross-Dresser At A McDonald’s In Shanghai

    From Mop: Nanjing East Road McDonald’s…I really didn’t have the courage to take a photo from the front!! Comments from Mop: 171002868: My finger was naughty – – ! [clicked in out of curiosity] Scared me to death… rredboy: The last picture is the truth, this brother is frightened silly, the foreign guy. [This netizen […]

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    Super Boy Singing Competition: 2010 Season’s Hall Of Shame

    From Tianya: Super Boy = Vogue Boy = Ugly Boy = Sissy, 2010 Super Boy Contestants (Bring Your Own Lightening Rod) After the formal kickoff of the registration process for Hunan Satellite TV’s new talent show “2010年快乐男声” [kuai le nan sheng, “Super Boy”], the Changsha [capitol of Hunan Province] audition zone is the first to […]

  • Brother Sharp.


    Brother Sharp Appears On Stage At Fashion Show In Guangdong

    In February, we first reported that Chinese netizens had nicknamed a beggar in Ningbo “Brother Sharp” after photographs of him appeared on the internet. The reason was because of his stylish and trendy clothes and the penetrating “sharp” expression on his face.  In early March, we reported that Brother Sharp was reunited with his family. […]

  • Taiwanese crime lord Lee Chao Hsiung funeral procession.


    A Taiwanese Mafia Boss’s Funeral Procession

    From QQ and Mop: Taiwanese crime lord funeral procession. 20,000 people send him off According to a TVBS report, police obtained information that a crime lord known as “Silly Face” Lee Zhaoxiong [Lee Chao-hsiung] who died last month of liver cancer will have a funeral procession on the 26th, learning that there will be 20,000 […]

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    Brother Sharp: Beggar Hailed Most Handsome, Fashionable

    From QQ: Fashionable beggar becomes famous online, encounters human flesh search “Those sad eyes/that sad expression, the sad mustache, the miraculous godly hair, and that messy hair, all of it has deeply captivated me.” …Recently, a very hot/popular beggar post has become famous on the internet, the post narrating what netizens have hailed as “The […]

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    Japanese Speedskater Miho Takagi’s Revealing Uniform

    From Mop: Japanese Post-90s generation speed-skater’s “see-through outfit” shocks everyone Beijing Time February 11 news, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, the 15-year-old athlete and new member of the Japanese team has once again made waves, this time not because of her representing her country at such a young age, but because the appearance of her “see-through” […]

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    Chinese Schoolgirls: All Crazy Or Just Too Fashionable?

    From Mop: Have post-90s generation MM all gone crazy? Or are they just too fashionable/avant-garde? Comments from Tiexue: tcys: I’ve seen several girls (in the 8th grade) who have these kind of marks. At the time, I was pretty perplexed. haozi28: The effect of this is about the same as young people in the 1970s […]

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    Beautiful Girls…Or Amazing Asian Pretty Boys?

    From Mop: All of the beautiful girls in the above photographs are actually men. Comments from Mop: 贫僧当时就硬了: I admit I am hard~~ い水珠儿い: I have to say I am a little envious of them. Tell me, how are they so pretty? Sigh, yet still men! s2215959: I can’t go on anymore…if I keep looking […]

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    ‘Leopard Print Man’ Latest Shanghai Metro Celebrity

    From Sohu: Deer Doctor, Gundam Man, “No Pants People“…no one knows when it began but the metro/subway has apparently become a platform for self-expression and personality. Recently, various major internet discussion forums yet again exploded with images and video of Shanghai Metro’s “Leopard Print Man”, whose behavior was weird and improper, attracting many netizen onlookers […]

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    Chinese Obama Girl, In Red Coat, In Black Dress: Wang Zifei

    As you may have already heard, a girl wearing a red coat and dressed in black sitting behind American President Obama, during his recent Shanghai speech and “town hall meeting” with Chinese youth, has become popular on the Chinese internet and now even more popular on the international news (thank you, Jean). As some of […]