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  • Chinese Angry USA Donated More To Haiti Than Sichuan

    From Tianya: Haiti Earthquake, America donated 100 million USD. Sichuan Earthquake, America donated 500,000 USD While watching the news this morning, America donated 100 million USD for the Haiti Earthquake, but when I just looked it up, do you know how much America donated during the Sichuan Earthquake? 500,000 USD!!! Who is able to tell […]

  • 2012 Movie Insults China, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    If you have not seen this movie, perhaps you should not continue reading. From Sina: 2012 insults China, did Chinese people understand? The first one was when the main characters were on the snowy mountain and encountered the People’s Liberation Army. I didn’t expect that the PLA’s first words would be that only the people […]

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  • Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize, Chinese Reactions

    Yesterday, United States President Barack Obama won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. This news surprised many people around the world. Here is President Obama’s speech responding to the news, on YouTube: Below are some Chinese netizen reactions to the news from NetEase: 网易广东广州天河网友: Sigh Obama has only been in office for several months and he […]

  • US Rescues Captain From Somali Pirates, Chinese Reactions

    From NetEase: Summary: American Captain Phillips, held hostage by Somali pirates hostage, was freed on the 12th. American FBI succeeded in persuading the pirates to come closer to the American warship. On Saturday night when negotiations broke down, SEAL assault team snipers that were placed in advance swiftly killed 3 pirates, captured 1 person, and […]

  • South China Sea Confrontation, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    From Tom.com: America’s Military  Again Claims the Right to Enter China’s Special Economic Zone Waters The foreign ministers of both China and the United States have met at a conference and agreed to do their best to avoid incidents similar to the “Wuxia” event [the Chinese name for “Impeccable”, the American vessel in the South […]