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  • iPhone Girl.


    Foxconn Raises Shenzhen Factory Worker Wages By 200 RMB

    From KDS: Good news has arrived, Shenzhen Foxconn is increasing wages/salaries Number of employees: 450,000 200 [RMB] raise per person per month. 2400 [RMB] raise per person per year. 450,000 * 2400 [RMB] = 1,080,000,000 [1.08 billion RMB = ~158,823,529 USD]. 13 idiots commit suicide exchanged for 1.08 billion real money. This transaction, as a […]

  • A large Foxconn builing.


    More Foxconn Suicides: Reports of 14, 15, & 16th Jumpings

    From Baidu Tieba: (no longer available) Foxconn’s 15th suicide jumper has jumped, 16th is currently on the roof The Foxconn Longhua C4 Building double-suicide [jumping from building] is already spreadingĀ  on the internet: Foxconn #14 and #15 jump, new entry, Sina Weibo [Microblog, like Twitter], latest shocking news, around 12, Foxconn Longhua C4 Building, double-suicide, […]