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  • Fragrant and hot marxism.


    Chinglish Signs Photographed By NYT & Der Spiegel Journalists

    On, Mop, and ChinaRen: Stupefying English signs in China photographed by the Western media Along with China’s continuous economic development, our country’s internationalization is quickly increasing. To meet and adapt to these new changes, many places have begun to use signs in both Chinese and English. However, given that our country’s ordinary people’s English […]

  • Dance taunting?


    “Brother Is Not Fighting, Brother Is Dance-Taunting”

    From Youku: Brother is not fighting, brother is dance-taunting. This video has been viewed over 2.6 million times over the past four days.A copy on YouTube: If you cannot see the YouTube video in China, you may need a VPN service. Comments from Youku: LostUS: This is the legendary cock fight. 墨小xiao: Watch once every […]

  • Wenzhou residents fight back against motorcycle purse snatchers.


    Wenzhou Residents Fight Back Against Purse Snatchers

    From Wenzhou city residents bravely fighting “motorcycle thieves” praised by the country’s netizens The entire country’s netizens in unanimous approval: Wenzhou previously had a good man who threw his bicycle, and now they have brave and bold masses that the public security department yesterday expressed appreciation for and have recommended for Good Samaritans awards. […]

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    Super Boy Singing Competition: 2010 Season’s Hall Of Shame

    From Tianya: Super Boy = Vogue Boy = Ugly Boy = Sissy, 2010 Super Boy Contestants (Bring Your Own Lightening Rod) After the formal kickoff of the registration process for Hunan Satellite TV’s new talent show “2010年快乐男声” [kuai le nan sheng, “Super Boy”], the Changsha [capitol of Hunan Province] audition zone is the first to […]

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    Public Restroom, No Toilet Paper, What Do You Do?

    From Tiexue and XiCi: What do you do if you use the restroom but don’t have toilet paper? (Picture Explanation) Translation of captions: Really, I saw this with my own eyes… One day I went to the restroom to take a piss. I saw this guy. He was wondering what to do because he didn’t […]

  • Ren Zhiqiang, CEO of Beijing Huayuan Group, giving a speech in Dalian.


    Shoe Thrown At Ren Zhiqiang, Outspoken Property Developer

    Ren Zhiqiang is the CEO of real-estate property development company Beijing Huayuan Group and is popularly hated for his many comments that are unsympathetic to the many people who are unhappy and unable to afford the soaring real estate prices in China. From NetEase and Mop: Ren Zhiqiang encounters thrown shoe while giving speech, claims […]

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    Jay Chou’s Latest Singles Remixed With Japanese AV

    A couple of years ago, a short video entitled “Jay Chou shaves his head and shoots AV” surfaced on YouTube. Netizens instantly spotted the uncanny resemblance between the male Japanese AV actor and Jay Chou. If you are in China and cannot see the above video, you may need a VPN to access blocked websites […]

  • CCTV anchorman or "expert" fails to memorize his lines and embarrasses himself on national television.


    CCTV “Expert” Forgets His Lines On National Television

    From Mop: Anchorman did not memorize his lines. This time CCTV is really in for it… Comments from Mop: 灬瞬间温柔灬: Hehe…I don’t even have the heart to criticize/make fun of this brother… hejianlkhan: If an “accident” doesn’t happen to this guy, he will become very famous. 我是逗你玩的: Fuck…must be his first time. Look at how […]

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    Propaganda Official Showered With 50 Cent RMB Notes

    From NetEase: Yunnan propaganda official meets protest when giving speech, has 50 cent notes thrown at him Summary: April 22 afternoon, Deputy Director Wu Hao of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department appeared at the Renmin University Cisco Live Broadcast Studio, to participate in the special Wu Hao speech organized by the Remin University […]

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    Funny Rural Chinese Advertising & Depressing Propaganda

    Here is a compilation of rural Chinese advertising and government campaign slogans that were collected by netizens for both their frankness and humor. From illegal petitions to promoting the One Child Policy, these slogans are often crass and unapologetically direct. Perhaps in a way these advertisements reveal an aspect of rustic life that are both […]

  • Chinese-American comedian Joe Wong performing at RTCA Dinner.


    Joe Wong RTCA Dinner Speech, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    Comedian Joe Wong became an instant success after appearing on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ and was even featured on CCTV in China last year. His recent speech at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner… …was met with either praise from Chinese netizens or utter befuddlement regarding his jokes. Comments on Youku: phck: […]

  • Shanghai 2010 World Expo Theme Song plagiarized a 1997 Japanese song by Mayo Okamoto.


    2010 World Expo Theme Song Plagiarized By Japanese

    From KDS: A 1997 Japanese song has plagiarized our 2010 World Expo theme song! Japan is so shameless, actually plagiarizing our 2010 World Expo theme song! Don’t believe it? Compare the two songs below: This is also spreading on the popular Chinese social network Kaixin001. Comments from KDS: 老帮瓜: Japanese people are very shameless~ Taishukan: […]