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  • Chinese worker making Vuvuzela horns in Zhejiang province, China.


    2010 South Africa World Cup, “Made In China”

    From NetEase: South Africa World Cup, “Made In China” The World Cup uses balls made in a Jiujiang City [in Jiangxi province] “sweatshop”? The World Cup mascot is from Yiwu City [in Zhejiang province]? 60 million World Cup condoms were Chinese produced? Yes, China uses this way to “participate” in the South Africa World Cup… […]

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    Global Warming Climate Change Photos, Chinese Reactions

    From QQ and Mop: What’s wrong with the planet? Can we still allow it to continue on like this? Copenhagen has attracted people’s attention like never before, as it relates to everyone of us who lives on this earth. The tip of the Antarctic ice sheet is melting faster than before, the snow on the […]