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  • Korean website hacked by Chinese hackers.

    Cannons, English Teacher Seduction, & The June 9th “Jihad”

    Some recent interesting translated Chinese internet content you should not miss: Wuhan man resists forced demolition with homemade cannon Forced demolitions are a big social problem in China. We have reported two stories of people who have light themselves on fire to protest property developers and cities forcing them out of their property. We also […] More

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    Say Goodbye to Google China? Chinese Reactions

    The official Google blog released a post on January 12 saying: Like many other well-known organizations, we face cyber attacks of varying degrees on a regular basis. In mid-December, we detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google. However, […] More

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    Baidu Hacked By Iranian Cyber Army, Chinese Reactions

    China’s #1 search engine, Baidu, was hacked yesterday morning. Here are some of images of the Baidu homepage that were posted by Chinese internet users on the popular Mop BBS discussion forum, before Baidu was able to fix the situation. Below are some translated Chinese netizen reactions. Comments from Mop: 穆特: At first I thought […] More

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    Yasukuni Shrine Website Hacked By Chinese?

    From Sohu: According to foreign news reports, the website of Japan’s Yasukuni Shrine (located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda area) was attacked by unknown hackers today, the homepage content replaced, and during this time, the China national flag appeared once. According to Kyodo News Service reports, the following was written on the replaced homepage: “Hacked By 小饭 […] More

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    Government Website Hacked, Official Now Sexy Girl

    From Sohu: The morning of December 5th at around 9:23, Jingchu News received reports from netizens, the website of the Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce was hacked, the profile page of government leaders was replaced by a sexy lady wearing revealing clothes. This reporter immediately contacted the Jingzhou City Bureau of Commerce, where a staff […] More

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    China Universities: Pouring Shit Into Students’ Minds

    Earlier this week, some Chinese noticed a strange piece of news on Tsinghua University’s website:   Clicking that circled link led to the following news article and interview: [English Translation] Yesterday afternoon, Tsinghua University principal Mr. Gu Binglin expressed his worries about current university education conditions during an interview with a student reporter. He indicated […] More