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  • Chongqing Medical Students Disrespect Human Remains

    From NetEase: Shocking Pictures of Girls Playing with Bones in a Chongqing Medical School Today, [I] inadvertently clicked open a Chongqing netizen’s QQ Space, and saw these pictures. They triggered many thoughts. Nowadays, medical students treat human remains like this? What if you were the remains lying there, or if the bones they’re playing with were your bones, […]

  • Donated Human Blood Plasma Used As Plant Fertilizer

    From Mop: Shocking! So this is how the blood plasma from Chengdu City Blood Bank is used! So angry!! Shocking! The blood plasma donated to the “Chengdu City Blood Bank” by the ordinary common people is used as fertilizer to water flowers by the powerful/privileged! (The user’s internet name: 来来回回, even shamelessly posts to show […]

  • Waiting All Night Outside A Hospital Hoping To See A Doctor

    On a very normal night, a reporter saw a lot of people waiting outside the Xiangya Hospital. They had been waiting all night long, just for a “passport” to the doctors. The following contains her observations and opinions, plus some of her photos. From NetEase: At 5:30, the gate finally gave way and the crowd […]

  • Beijing Prostitute Posts Customers’ Mobile Numbers & AIDS

    From Mop: I have contracted AIDS, publicizing my customers’ mobile phone numbers This is my medical file/record [pregnancy]: My name is 闫德利 [Yan Deli], and I live at #6 Yonghong Rd., Jiaguang Village, Jiaguang Town, Rongcheng County, Hebei Province. My national ID number is 132435197906111925. When I was very young, my mother, along with me […]

  • Old Chinese Man Selflessly Cares For His Mentally Ill Family

    From Tianya: An old man takes care of three mentally ill family members, a 70-year-old nuclear researcher’s sad late years Gazing down from my balcony, I can always see this seventy-plus year-old man [pictured above], carrying pots and bowls in a plastic bag, walking alone in the afternoon sun. I heard that this old man […]

  • Discarded Condoms Pollute Chinese University Campuses

    From Sina: Who will clean the condoms in the corners of the campus? It can be said, with improvements in the health education for youth, that a majority of university students’ awareness of sexual protection has increased. They all know to use condoms, but from the photographs taken from three universities, some problems have also […]

  • Chinese Hospital Rushed By Patients & Ticket Scalpers

    To see a doctor at most hospitals in China, patients must first register (挂号, gua hao, “get a number”). At the hospitals with the best reputations, there is more demand than supply. As a result, people must line up to register, and there are many unscrupulous people [票贩子, piao fan zi, ticket scalpers or touts] […]

  • Organ Donation In Shanghai Due To Unemployment

    From KDS: Currently unemployed, today I went to register to donate my remains [organs] In the next few days, I’m going to go ask about insurance. Exchanged [my body] for two certificates and a nail clippers set. Comments from KDS: 山上的白云: Donating your remains [organ donation] was originally a good thing, but in this harmonious […]

  • Drinking Deer Blood From Freshly Cut Antlers In Langshan

    WARNING: Some of the images below may be graphic. From NetEase: Yesterday evening, my friend Ouyang called me and said: tomorrow morning, our deer barn is sawing deer antlers. Bring your wife to Lian Village to drink deer blood. Enthused, I asked if a few of my friends could come. He laughed and said, you think […]

  • Medical Care: Netizen Compares Hong Kong To Mainland

    From Tianya: A Hong Kong compatriot’s feelings about medical accidents in mainland Summary: A Hong Konger describes her positive experience with the health care system in Hong Kong. [The actual description was pretty lengthy so I have summarized the main points.] While out with her father, she had a bad fall in a shopping mall at […]

  • Yangxian County In Shaanxi China Kills Every Single Dog

    From Mop: 2009 May 31, an indiscriminate massacre was carried out throughout the entire 3206 square kilometer county of Yangxian in Shaanxi province — the target of the massacre were dogs! No matter whether it has a license, whether it was vaccinated, whether it was leashed, whether it was owned, they were all given the […]

  • China Netizens Discuss Scary Thai Cigarette Warning Labels

    From Mop: Cigarette pack looks horrifying in Thailand, in order to persuade people not to smoke, Thai government and other associated government bodies have ordered to include the partial pictures of smokers who were suffering from smoking-related disease onto cigarette packs. Most countries in Europe and Hong Kong special administration region require cigarette packs to […]