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  • Man and woman argue on Beijing subway.


    Dirty Old Beijing Man Curses The Girl Who Confronts Him

    This video has been viewed ~2 million times already. From Tudou: “Dozing Dirty Brother” on Beijing Subway Line 10! Repeatedly mooches the beautiful girl beside him, and after she confronts him, he actually gets angry and curses!! In the video, after the girl pushes him back, he becomes angry and says it is the train […]

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    Milk Tea Girl & Pen Bag Boy

    From Daqi [“Big Flag”]: Recently a new internet celebrity has been made, Milk Tea Girl Zhang Zetian. Pretty girl, post-90s generation, cute-style young girl, these three factors together determined that this 1993-born young female student would become famous. And just what kind of person is Milk Tea Girl Zhang Zetian? How did she become famous? […]

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    Chinese Obama Girl, In Red Coat, In Black Dress: Wang Zifei

    As you may have already heard, a girl wearing a red coat and dressed in black sitting behind American President Obama, during his recent Shanghai speech and “town hall meeting” with Chinese youth, has become popular on the Chinese internet and now even more popular on the international news (thank you, Jean). As some of […]

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    “Jia Junpeng, Your Mom Wants You To Go Home To Eat!”

    From Sina: According to a report by “Information Times”, on Baidu Tieba during the morning of July 16th, an anonymous user made a post titled “Jia Junpeng, your mom wants you to go home to eat” [original post, Chinese]. Within the post there was no content, only the two letters “rt” which mean “ru ti” […]

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    Shanghai Car Show Rich Shanxi Girl Gives Money For Photo

    From KDS: Recently on the internet spread the news of that post-90s generation bag girl who went for a stroll at the car show. It is just a post-90s generation girl carrying a bag full of cash going to the Shanghai International Auto Show, going around asking people to help take her photo, and after […]

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    “Zhejiang University Girl” Exposed By Human Flesh Search

    Last week, there was a controversy about some comments a Zhejiang University professor made about Chinese girls who are willing to date foreign men: The education system should help China have self-respect. However, these days when we see foreigners, we lower our heads. When girls see foreign trash or average foreign men, they all want […]

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    Xidan Girl Sings “Angel’s Wings”, Becomes Famous

    From Youku: Recently, a video titled “Xidan underground tunnel girl sings ‘Angel’s Wings’” was warmly received by the internet. Various famous BBS discussion forums and websites immediately reposted this video, while this video’s star was named “Xidan Girl” by the vast majority of netizens. On the 3rd, journalists discovered from Qinghua [Tsinghua] University, Beijing University, […]