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  • German advertising campaign: AIDS is a mass murderer.


    AIDS Is A Mass Murderer Ads, Some Chinese Netizen Reactions

    From Tiexue: Scary advertisement where AIDS is like a tyrant/despot (appropriately speechless, this is Western logic) Comments from Tiexue: woqdmz04052: Actually, Western countries should take a photograph of American soldiers raping Iraqi women to promote AIDS prevention. hylkp018: This is even more in line with current trends. aa498102179: When I saw this, I was actually […]

  • Kim Jong Il wearing black in front of snowy mountains.


    Fatty Kim & North Korea vs. South Korea, Who Would Win?

    There has been a lot of news about North Korea (The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) recently. Kim Jong Il, the North Korean leader, personally visited China earlier this month, and now South Korea is certain that their navy ship, Cheonan, was sunk by a North Korean submarine earlier this year. Below is a collection […]

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    Chinese Upset ‘Avatar’ Lost Oscars To ‘The Hurt Locker’

    Many Chinese people really liked James Cameron’s “Avatar“. In January, we translated many Chinese netizen reactions to “Avatar” and shared many photographs of Chinese people lining up overnight every day to buy tickets to see the movie. So when “Avatar” lost big awards such as Best Picture and Best Director to “The Hurt Locker” last […]

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    Chinese Inspired by Iraq Olympic Team: ‘Jia You!’

    Recently, many Chinese are disappointed and embarrassed with the China men’s football team because of the team’s poor performance and bad behavior. There is a “National Football Team Welcomes You” music video and many people on forums talking about the Chinese football player that kicked another player’s crotch. Some people even call the national football […]