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    Underground BDSM Dungeon In Nanjing Exposed Online

    From MSN China, Sohu, & QQ: Internet exposes debaucherous underground studio: Pay several hundred yuan to abuse a female model as you please Netizen reveals debauchery hidden in a Nanjing underground studio, manager claims “as long as no one dies, usually anything is allowed.” Pay up several hundred yuan, abuse female model as you please […]

  • Beautiful girl argues with female journalist in Hainan, China.


    Hainan Beauty Attacks Police & Reporters After Drinking

    From NetEase: Caught: Beautiful woman gets in fight with traffic police after drinking, even violently beats female reporter! Haikou police were checking for drink drivers. One beautiful woman was unhappy with journalist filming her, stated that she wants to protect her right on her own image, and had a fight with the police and a […]

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    Mark Zuckerberg’s Chinese Girlfriend, Netizen Reactions

    Paparazzi photos of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg were published by tabloid gossip website Gawker this past month to protest rollbacks to privacy on Facebook as well as to maliciously prove Zuckerberg own point that the “age of privacy is over“.  However, the debate over privacy rights as seen in comments on Gawker have been completely […]

  • Guo Degang, famous Chinese xiangsheng (crosstalk) performer.


    Guo Degang Must Be Blacklisted By Media For Good Of Society

    Guo Degang is a famous Chinese xiangsheng actor. Recently, a controversy has surrounded him when a Beijing Television reporter claimed that Guo Degang’s student [in the arts] had attacked him [the reporter] and produced an edited video to prove it. Later, it was shown that the reporter had repeatedly entered Guo Degang’s home without permission […]

  • Zhang Lu, interpreter for Premier Wen Jiabao at the 2010 press conference following the end of the National People's Congress.


    Wen Jiabao’s Interpreter Zhang Lu Impresses Netizens

    From NetEase: Female interpreter fluently translates classical prose Wen Jiabao’s Summary: After the closing of the National People’s Congress, Wen Jiabao’s press conference has become a focal point for both Chinese and foreign media’s attention. Sitting beside Wen Jiabao, Zhang Lu was also well-received by the audience and netizens for her fluent translation of the […]

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    Aggressive Female Reporter At Annual Two Meetings

    From Mop: Female reporter arm in arm with many government ministers causes controversy During the Two Meetings (National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference), in order to get material, media journalists can be said to do many strange things — — blocking the restroom doors, intercepting subjects on the steps of the […]