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    China – Brazil Basketball Game Mass Brawl Between Players

    From NetEase: Chinese men’s national basketball “friendly” match erupts in mass brawl, Brazilian team withdraws in protest October 12th Beijing time, the Chinese men’s national basketball team met the Brazilian men’s national basketball team in Xuchang, Henan province for their third “friendly” match. Within the first minute of the game, Zhang Qingpeng was knocked to […]

  • A scared little Chinese girl cries on a Jiangsu Television show.


    Little Chinese Police Girl Scared To Death On TV Show

    This video has been very popular recently, spreading on popular discussion forums, social networking websites like Kaixin001, and microblogging service Sina Weibo. It is from a show on Jiangsu Television and this one copy on Youku has already been viewed over 3.8 million times:Here is our copy (with our translated subtitles) on YouTube: Below is […]

  • Funny Taiwanese commercial of a boyfriend working overtime having a video chat with his girlfriend.


    Funny Taiwanese Commercial: Boyfriend Working Overtime

    This funny video of a boyfriend working overtime at the office taking a break by having a video chat with his girlfriend has been spreading on popular Chinese social network website Kaixin001:The above copy from Youku has been viewed over 4 million times on Youku. This copy on YouTube has been viewed over 500k times: […]

  • Laboratory dog for a medical school in China.


    Laboratory Dogs Used For Experiments At Medical Schools

    From Kaixin001: They are experimental/test dogs for the medical school. They need to go under the knife 4 times, suffering 4 surgeries, with the last surgery excising their pancreas, ending their lives. 1. It just stood there by its kennel door looking at me. The surrounding dogs were all noisily barking, but it remained very […]

  • A sinkhole in the middle of a road in China.


    Sinkholes Appearing Around China, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    From Kaixin001: 1. 2010 June 4, the road surface suddenly collapsed at the 1478km+520m marker on the Zhejiang Huang Qu Nan highway heading towards Nanping, with a doline/sinkhole measuring 8 meters in diameter and 10 meters in depth, which just happened to include the highway’s main driving lane and passing lane. 2. 2010 May 31, […]

  • Shanghai 2010 World Expo Theme Song plagiarized a 1997 Japanese song by Mayo Okamoto.


    2010 World Expo Theme Song Plagiarized By Japanese

    From KDS: A 1997 Japanese song has plagiarized our 2010 World Expo theme song! Japan is so shameless, actually plagiarizing our 2010 World Expo theme song! Don’t believe it? Compare the two songs below: This is also spreading on the popular Chinese social network Kaixin001. Comments from KDS: 老帮瓜: Japanese people are very shameless~ Taishukan: […]

  • Chinese girls suddenly dancing at a Shanghai McDonald's to promote a "mobile phone wallet"?


    Pretty Chinese Girls Run Into McDonald’s & Begin Dancing

    The following post is spreading on Kaixin001 (most of it is reposted from KDS)… From Kaixin001: The Cloud Nine [shopping mall] at Zhongshan Park this past Saturday was truly packed with people. At noon, my GF and I were eating at the McDonald’s next to the metro, [in Shanghai], and all of sudden there were […]

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    PixieTea ‘ABCD Said’: Music Video Made With Apple iPhone

    This music video by a young Chinese girl has been spreading on Kaixin001 as “A recently very popular girl — A computer + a mobile phone + a camera = legendary MV [music video]”. The music video (3:39) is named “ABCD Said” and is claimed that all the music was made with the Apple iPhone […]

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    White Bugatti Veyron Spotted In Downtown Shanghai

    From Kaixin001 & KDS: Comments from KDS: 卖相一泡污: If those driving ordinary VW Santanas were to hit it, they would definitely be financially ruined. 小册老蛮灵: The taxi driver is smart, staying far far away. 嘿 姑娘: Too IB. miYaGi: Such a crowded street and yet such a distance between the cars [surrounding the Bugatti), the […]

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    ‘Leopard Print Man’ Latest Shanghai Metro Celebrity

    From Sohu: Deer Doctor, Gundam Man, “No Pants People“…no one knows when it began but the metro/subway has apparently become a platform for self-expression and personality. Recently, various major internet discussion forums yet again exploded with images and video of Shanghai Metro’s “Leopard Print Man”, whose behavior was weird and improper, attracting many netizen onlookers […]