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    Married For 1 Year, Beaten By Wife 9 Times

    From Sina: Ning Yuan stands across from me, height approximately 1.75m, appearance can be considered handsome, his face full of whiskers exudes a complete manliness, and he does not look like what I thought a man who has been beaten 9 times after one year of marriage would look like. Not long after sitting down, […]

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    Wuhan Female Bus Driver Violently Beaten By Passengers

    This happened a week ago, 2008 September 12, on the #519 bus in Wuhan. However, this news report video (6:01) was only uploaded onto the internet yesterday: Video on Youku. 1:04 – The on-bus recording begins in the video. Two Northeastern girls and two northeastern guys get on the Wuhan bus. Supposedly, an argument begins […]