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    Photos Of 1932 Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, & Asia

    From Sina: A Female Photographer’s 1932 Around The World Tour Mrs. Mary, an old friend in New York, personally handed to me an album of photographs before her passing, a “1932 Around the World Tour” album, containing photographs recording the experiences of Mrs. Mary’s world travels during her youth, vividly showing life at the beginning […]

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    Old Beggar & War Veteran Takes Leftovers, Not Money

    From Mop: A Single Sentence of an Old Beggar Moves The Chinese Nation With A Single Word After seeing this I didn’t know what to say… all I can do is make a post for everyone… A friend of mine loves eating tripe. He often drags me from place to place all over Harbin looking […]

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    Girl Climbs On Mao Zedong Statue, Angers Many Chinese

    From Tianya: Today! Just today! Make us forever remember this humiliating day! An incredible scene at the “Window of the World” in Changsha, Hunan, where a young girl climbed atop Chairman Mao’s shoulders to take a photograph. The broad masses were angrily indignant and condemned this. Amongst them was an ordinary commoner who said:  “Too […]