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  • Foreigner learning Chinese.


    Foreigner Learning Chinese Sounds & Tones Deemed Cute

    On Youku:On YouTube: Comments from Ku6: 酷6网友 (安徽省): Such a cute/adorable laowai. 酷6网友 (广西防城港市): Haha, a face of helplessness. 酷6网友 (河北省唐山市): Hehe, them learning Chinese is much harder than us learning English, hehe. 酷6网友 (广东省广州市): I didn’t understand [the tongue twister] either. 酷6网友 (黑龙江省大庆市): Haha…so funny…this guy’s face is cramping. Just two words. Put out […]

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    Chinese Hospital Rushed By Patients & Ticket Scalpers

    To see a doctor at most hospitals in China, patients must first register (挂号, gua hao, “get a number”). At the hospitals with the best reputations, there is more demand than supply. As a result, people must line up to register, and there are many unscrupulous people [票贩子, piao fan zi, ticket scalpers or touts] […]

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    Korean Gamer Makes Video Criticizing Chinese & China

    Video on Ku6. [English Translation] Hi. Everyone knows there is a country in the world whose young people really like to play games, especially online games. But some of these people’s behavior is bad! These are Chinese gamers. I once studied abroad in China. Here I will talk about the things I have experienced. Criticism […]