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    Taiwan Holds Gay Pride Parade, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    From NetEase: Taiwan Holds Largest Homosexual Parade Comments from NetEase: 网易广西南宁网友: This bunch of deviant/abnormal things! 网易辽宁大连网友: No big deal. As long as one is happy, then it is fine. At least, they can be themselves. Nor are they obstructing/disturbing other people. 网易广东广州网友: Those people criticizing homosexuality, are you guys noble? Don’t tell me that […]

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    Shanghai Metro Line 2 Lesbians Spotted at ChinaJoy

    Yesterday afternoon, KDS Forum user “chmobile” posted “Sudden appearance of video lesbians at ChinaJoy (Threesome? Please evaluate)” yesterday afternoon. Only one week ago, was the famous (or infamous) Shanghai Metro Line 2 Lesbians video was posted on the internet and became a hot topic on the Chinese internet. While at ChinaJoy, I took this picture. […]