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  • Young Chinese girl crying on the street, begging her boyfriend not to leave her on Chinese Valentine's Day.


    The Saddest Young Girl of Qi Xi Jie, Chinese Valentine’s Day

    This past Monday, August 16th, was Qi Xi Festival (Chinese Valentine’s Day). What did you do? From Youku: The saddest young girl on the streets during Qi XiA copy on YouTube: If you cannot see YouTube videos because you are in China, you may need a VPN service. Comments from Youku: Yngwie123: Valentine’s Day I […]

  • Brother Confession


    Brother Confession: Schoolboy Reveals Crush On Video

    A video that has gone viral in the Chinese internet shows a shy, introverted schoolboy bravely revealing his crush to the object of his desire in an on-camera confession.  In this short video Chinese netizens find the schoolboy’s way of talking to be very funny just as some of his inspired dialogue such as “I […]

  • Chinese girl holding a lobster at a restaurant.


    Girl Posts “Cute” Photos Seeking Boyfriend To Love Her

    From Mop: “Am I cute? Posting daily life photos looking for a boyfriend to love me” Here to post daily life photos, hope to find a boyfriend to love [dote on] me. Comments from Mop: 俯冲天使: Old ladies simply should not pout their lips to be cute like children, gross. hallucination74: I personally believe louzhu […]

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    Perspectives On University Schoolgirl Prostitution, Part 2

    From Tianya: I Only Have a Body: A Farm Girl College Student’s True Story [Note: The pictures are not from the original post.] “I have nothing right now, just a body”, said Juanjuan. I consoled her by saying: “Aren’t you going to graduate soon? Find a good job, your future will be very bright.” Juanjuan […]

  • A cute Chinese and black couple.


    Chinese Kindergarten Teacher’s Romance with Black Foreigner

    On Tiexue, Sina, and ifeng: Kindergarten teacher reveals her shocking romance with a black foreigner Eden Wan. Birthdate: 1986 December 31. Blood type: A. Birthplace: Da’an district, Zigong, Sichuan. Current Residence: Qingyuan district, Ji’an, Jiangxi province. Personality: Lively, open, forthright. Likes: The occasional drink, early to bed, early to rise. Hates: Cigarettes. School: JingGangShan University. […]

  • China's Fattest Man Liang Yong, laughing.


    China’s Fattest Man Liang Yong Hospitalized

    From Sina and QQ: China’s Fattest Man suffers severe heart failure, enters hospital transported on cargo trailer Well-known China’s fattest man Liang Yong recently was recently hospitalized. At 1.58m tall, his 225kg [almost 500 lbs]  weight has presented the hospital with an unprecedented challenge, whether for examination or treatment. This journalist yesterday learned from the […]

  • An interracial couple.


    “Chinese Women, Please Don’t Sleep With Foreigners”

    The following is actually pretty old but like the “China Does Not Have Any Men Suitable For Me” post, it occasionally is becomes hot again and is reposted across the Chinese internet. — Fauna On Tianya and NetEase and Mop: Chinese women! Please don’t sleep with foreigners. Ask a foreigner why he has come to […]

  • Two Chinese boys embracing each other in the streets.


    Chinese Bisexual Schoolboy’s Story & Experiences: Part 2

    Continued from Part 1. Note: The translation of this Chinese netizen’s story is slightly abridged. From Mop: I am a bisexual, my love life from high school to university! [Part 2] Now when I look back, my mind really was confused because I also had some drinks. But I was fully aware of it…. Just […]

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    Groom Almost Sleeps With His Bride’s Twin Sister

    From Mop: On my wedding night, I almost slept with my wife’s twin sister My wife has a twin sister. Not only is their height, weight and appearance identical, but even their interests, hobbies, personalities etc. are the same. I frequently can’t tell which sister is which, leading to a lot of embarrassment and jokes. […]

  • Girl holds sign seeking marriage with the dead.


    Chongqing Girl’s Boyfriend Missing, Seeks Ghost Marriage

    From Mop: Ghost marriage girl in Chongqing, her true love touching people and seeking help from society — quickly come and help her The weather today in Chongqing was gloomy, and there was a light drizzle. Went to the Guanyin Bridge pedestrian street to check out some homes for rent. Just as my foot landed, […]