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  • Aska Yang aka Yang Zongwei on I Am A Singer


    ‘My Best Love’ by Aska Yang (and Michelle Pan)

    《最爱》 “My Best Love” is the theme song of the 1986 Taiwanese movie 《最爱》 Passion starring 张艾嘉 Sylvia Chang aka Zhang Aijia and 林子祥 George Lam aka Lin Zixiang. The song was originally sung by Taiwanese singer 潘越云 Michelle Pan aka Pan Yueyun and included in her 1986 album 《旧爱新欢》 New Love/Old Love, but became popular […]

  • Yoga Lin 04


    ‘The Wonderful Life’ by Yoga Lin (Lin Youjia)

    美妙生活 ‘The Wonderful Life’ is included in 25-year-old Taiwanese singer 林宥嘉 Yoga Lin aka Lin Youjia’s 2011 album Perfect Life (available on Amazon). Despite being only in his early twenties, Lin has proven his ability to deliver a wide variety of musical performances, and he continues to experiment with new music genres and vocal styles.’The Wonderful […]