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    The Red Army Orchestra Internet Meme: Collection Of Parodies

    In the middle of June of this year, a video was uploaded to the Chinese internet in which the video from a Red Army Orchestra performance was synced to “Waving Flag”, the song by K’naan used by Coca Cola for promoting this year’s World Cup Championship. While this juxtaposition of old and new and East […]

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    Little Chinese Kid Lip Syncs To Michael Jackson Song

    This video has been viewed over 2.4 million times on Youku. A Mop post about this video has over 36 pages of comments (3600+ comments). On YouTube (faster for outside of China): Comments from Youku: 0兲堂幗度0: Whoa, little Indian. 月幻风影: I really, really want to slap him. 易小雪: Little buddy, if you want to become […]

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    Shanghai Michael Jackson 1 Minute Memorial Event – 7/12

    2009 July 13 UPDATE: Here are some pictures and videos of the event. Were you there? I was there! Can you find me? Bonus video from KDS: A girl dancing like Michael Jackson. From KDS, Michael Jackson Chinese Fan Club, and wooyeah: Shanghai July 12th Michael Jackson Memorial Flash Event. (updated with flash action video) […]

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    Michael Jackson Is Dead, Chinese Netizen Reactions

    Michael Jackson is dead. Comments from Sina: 新浪湖南网友: Michael is just a singer, but to some ignorant fans he is like their parents. Michael’s death makes them act as if they have lost their parents. They wish he could bring them to another world, because they themselves are soulless people who do not serve much […]