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  • 12-year-old Chinese girl goes online to show how she applies her makeup.



    12-Year-Old Girl Applies Makeup, Before & After Photos

    Physical beauty is a tremendously important attribute to have as a woman in China.  It is important when being evaluated for your potential worth before having accomplished anything, and also for being evaluated as more important than accomplishments or actions that have been already performed or done. Cosmetics play a key role in the beautification […]

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    Underground BDSM Dungeon In Nanjing Exposed Online

    From MSN China, Sohu, & QQ: Internet exposes debaucherous underground studio: Pay several hundred yuan to abuse a female model as you please Netizen reveals debauchery hidden in a Nanjing underground studio, manager claims “as long as no one dies, usually anything is allowed.” Pay up several hundred yuan, abuse female model as you please […]

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    Chinese Lingerie Model Inspired By Paraguay “Breast Goddess”

    A cursory glance at news and stories on the Chinese interwebs will inform you that China is obsessed with breasts, particularly breasts of large size.  To cite a few examples, a “Most Beautiful Breasts” contest was held recently in Hunan province that was well attended despite a downpour that did little to deter spectators.  Chinese […]

  • Monks at the 2010 ChinaJoy Expo in Shanghai.


    Monks Visit ChinaJoy Expo, Chinese Netizens Critical

    The ChinaJoy Expo, officially known as the China Digital Entertainment Expo, is an annual video game convention held in Shanghai that for the past ten years has been an important venue for Chinese online game companies to showcase their wares.  Besides promoting video games, the ChinaJoy Expo is also famous for hordes of pretty young […]

  • Kong Yansong and Kong Yaozhu, long-legged Chinese beauties, with graffiti background.


    Long-Legged Beauty Kong Yansong Not So Hot In Real Life

    Over one year ago, we had reported about a girl named Kong Yansong becoming very popular on the Chinese internet because of her long legs. That post was titled “Long-Legged Beauty Kong Yansong, Can Legs Be Too Long?” For review, here are some of her pictures, as well as the other “long-legged beauty” Kong Yaozhu: […]

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    Chinese ‘FHM’ (男人装) Magazine Controversial But Popular

    FHM, originally published as For Him Magazine, is an international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine. The magazine is printed on high quality glossy paper and the photography is of high technical quality. The Chinese edition of FHM has been published since May 2004 by Trends Magazines in Beijing. The magazine is named 男人装 [nan2 ren2 zhuang1] […]

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    Wenzhou University’s Exclusive Club For Rich & Powerful

    Recently, posts showing pictures of an invitation card for a private club at Wenzhou University became very popular. There are posts on Mop and Tianya. Below are translations of what is written on the card: KLSI Private Club – Gentlefolk Center of the University Match one condition below, and you can get a membership card […]

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    True Men: Happy Girl Zeng Yike & Super Girl Li Yuchun

    Zeng Yike is a young girl who became famous on the internet when she advanced to the Final 20 of the recent Happy Girls singing competition (similar to American Idol). One judge supported her but another judge strongly disagreed and then quit during the show as protest. Many people think her singing is terrible but […]