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  • A Chinese girl who crushes a rabbit under a plate of glass in a video has been the subject of internet controversy recently in China.


    Rabbit Crushing Video Girl Comes Forth, Apologizes, Explains

    Below are the latest updates to the recent internet controversy surrounding a “crush fetish” video, in which the young beautiful girl pictured above sits on a plate of glass crushing a little rabbit underneath. These updates were published November 25th and today, November 26th and concern the public apology and statements of a young woman […]

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    Underground BDSM Dungeon In Nanjing Exposed Online

    From MSN China, Sohu, & QQ: Internet exposes debaucherous underground studio: Pay several hundred yuan to abuse a female model as you please Netizen reveals debauchery hidden in a Nanjing underground studio, manager claims “as long as no one dies, usually anything is allowed.” Pay up several hundred yuan, abuse female model as you please […]