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  • Sister Feng & Brother Sharp, China internet celebrities.


    ‘Sister Feng’ & ‘Brother Sharp’ Celebrities Were Engineered

    We first reported about Sister Feng last year when she became famous on the Chinese internet as the ugly but audacious girl in Shanghai distributing leaflets with a list of high demands seeking a boyfriend and eventual husband. Last month, we discovered that she works in a Carrefour supermarket and that one BMW driver sought […]

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    ‘Brother Sharp’ Reunited With Family & More Photoshops

    Ten days ago, we reported about a beggar that netizens have begun calling “Brother Sharp” (or “Sharp Brother”) for his “sharp/penetrating” eyes and fashionable appearance. He became the hottest news on the Chinese internet. A few days ago, Brother Sharp was reunited with his family. Here is the update: From Xinmin: “Brother Sharp’s” real name […]

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    Brother Sharp: Beggar Hailed Most Handsome, Fashionable

    From QQ: Fashionable beggar becomes famous online, encounters human flesh search “Those sad eyes/that sad expression, the sad mustache, the miraculous godly hair, and that messy hair, all of it has deeply captivated me.” …Recently, a very hot/popular beggar post has become famous on the internet, the post narrating what netizens have hailed as “The […]

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    Children Selling Flowers Beat Up Young Chinese Couple

    There are children in China who try to sell flowers to couples exiting from nightclubs, bars, or are just walking along busy streets. They are very persistent and sometimes will wrap themselves around your legs so you cannot leave until you buy their flowers. Many believe behind the scenes are adults who organize and control […]

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    Spring Festival Train Ticket Lines In Ningbo & Xian

    春运, “chun yun”, is the term for the many Chinese people who travel around the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) time period. Many Chinese people who have left their hometowns to work in other places in China must “return home” to visit their families and celebrate the holiday together. This happens every year and most people […]

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    Feet-Warming Dispute By Students Involves Police

    From NetEase: Female University Student Dials 110 Calling Police Complaining Boyfriend Not Willing To Warm Her Feet Summary: A pair of university student lovers cohabitating in a rented apartment next to Ningbo University, the girl calls 110 [the emergency police number] for the police because her boyfriend is unwilling to warm her feet, dumbfounding the […]