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    Netizen Selects Top Ten Most Annoying Chinese Phrases

    Not only derogatory terms irritate people. Phrases that are too often heard or spoken can drive listeners nuts too. Different cultures and languages may have different “most hated words” according to situations. Researchers at Oxford University drew up a list they found annoying in spoken English and the top ten offenders are: 1 – At […]

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    Green Dam Girl: Chinese Netizens Use Art To Ridicule

    [From: IN2marcom] Chinese netizens ridicule the Green Dam Youth Escort internet filtering software that the Chinese government recently said must be installed on all new computers sold in China by creating and sharing many silly drawings of “Green Dam Girl” or “Green Dam Bitch”.

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    Along The River…After The City Managers Came…

    From BBS: “Along the River During the Qingming Festival” (清明上河图) is a famous Chinese painting that is originally from the 12th century and has been repainted many times throughout history. The above picture is a part of the 18th century painting that is in Taiwan: “Chengguan” (城管, city managers) are low level “government officials” […]