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  • Chinese worker making Vuvuzela horns in Zhejiang province, China.


    2010 South Africa World Cup, “Made In China”

    From NetEase: South Africa World Cup, “Made In China” The World Cup uses balls made in a Jiujiang City [in Jiangxi province] “sweatshop”? The World Cup mascot is from Yiwu City [in Zhejiang province]? 60 million World Cup condoms were Chinese produced? Yes, China uses this way to “participate” in the South Africa World Cup… […]

  • Chinese Character Art: Bad Child (怀小孩 huai xiao hai)


    Chinese Character Art: Words Become Pictures Of The Words!

    From Tiexue: Being able to write Chinese characters like this, so talented Comments from Tiexue: 衣然美: Talented, so many talented people! 油炸腊肉: If it is changed to complex/traditional characters, it will be even more expressive. flytigertw: Love it, very creative, this artistic calligraphy is very well designed, favorited. terryonline1978: Really like it, extremely like it. […]

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    North Korean 2010 World Cup Team Inspires Chinese Netizens

    From Tianya: Zheng Dashi’s face covered in tears has made us think/remember very much, very much. Beijing time June 16 early morning, 2010 South Africa World Cup Group G first round second match, world champions Brazil against new Asian powerhouse North Korea, the first time these two teams have met on the World Cup pitch. […]

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    Han Han: Answering Questions About Shanghai World Expo

    Han Han is a famous post-80s generation race-car driver, best-selling author, and Chinese blogger who was also recently named in Time magazine’s Top 100 list.  — Fauna From Han Han’s blog: Come quickly, leave quickly Recently, lots of media outlets have been wanting to interview me about the Shanghai Expo. I find this annoying. If […]

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    Shanghai University Campus Beauty 5 Dates Every Week

    From QQ: Girl claims to be Shanghai University campus beauty, five dates with male netizens each week Below is the text this girl posted: The boys in the school all like to kiss me, and I do not have the heart to refuse them, so I just treat it as kissing practice. Now when I […]

  • Zhang Lu, interpreter for Premier Wen Jiabao at the 2010 press conference following the end of the National People's Congress.


    Wen Jiabao’s Interpreter Zhang Lu Impresses Netizens

    From NetEase: Female interpreter fluently translates classical prose Wen Jiabao’s Summary: After the closing of the National People’s Congress, Wen Jiabao’s press conference has become a focal point for both Chinese and foreign media’s attention. Sitting beside Wen Jiabao, Zhang Lu was also well-received by the audience and netizens for her fluent translation of the […]

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    White Bugatti Veyron Spotted In Downtown Shanghai

    From Kaixin001 & KDS: Comments from KDS: 卖相一泡污: If those driving ordinary VW Santanas were to hit it, they would definitely be financially ruined. 小册老蛮灵: The taxi driver is smart, staying far far away. 嘿 姑娘: Too IB. miYaGi: Such a crowded street and yet such a distance between the cars [surrounding the Bugatti), the […]

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    ‘Leopard Print Man’ Latest Shanghai Metro Celebrity

    From Sohu: Deer Doctor, Gundam Man, “No Pants People“…no one knows when it began but the metro/subway has apparently become a platform for self-expression and personality. Recently, various major internet discussion forums yet again exploded with images and video of Shanghai Metro’s “Leopard Print Man”, whose behavior was weird and improper, attracting many netizen onlookers […]

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    Single Girl In Shanghai Envies Fat Married Girl In Taiwan

    From KDS: After seeing the photos a schoolmate forwarded to me, I am stunned Who can tell me why she can be married off…yet I am still single? Responses on KDS: 肉肉喵呜: The necklace around her neck is indeed a bit bright. closeto [the original poster]: There’s more there’s more… 西伯利亚: They do seem to […]

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    Chinese Village Constructing World’s 15th Tallest Building

    Often regarded as the “Number 1 Village in China“, the Huaxi village in Jiangyin [Jiangsu Province] is the richest village in China with average per capita income several times that of the national average. Heralded as a successful example of a communist style commune, the transformation of Huaxi village was the brainchild of former village […]