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  • An embarrassed Chinese student exits from a standing female urinal.


    Shaanxi Normal University Tests Female Standing Urinals

    From Mop & Tiexue: Shaanxi Normal University promotes female standing urination, women testers shy September 26th, six women’s standing urinals officially being tested at Shaanxi Normal University public restrooms, the students using them to urinate while standing still a bit shy.  Female standing urination has ushered in a tough practice in colleges and universities. Special […]

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    Public Restroom, No Toilet Paper, What Do You Do?

    From Tiexue and XiCi: What do you do if you use the restroom but don’t have toilet paper? (Picture Explanation) Translation of captions: Really, I saw this with my own eyes… One day I went to the restroom to take a piss. I saw this guy. He was wondering what to do because he didn’t […]

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    National People’s Congress: More Toilet Stalls For Women

    From Mop and Netease: Chongqing National People’s Congress deputy suggests adjusting ratio of male-female public restroom stalls We see it all too often in restaurants, cinemas and shopping centers: Men always have all the time in the world to use the bathroom, while women line up, anxiously waiting for their counterparts. According to Zhang Huayi, […]

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    Complaints About Restrooms By Returnee Annoys Netizens

    From Sina: Taking Care Of Baby Awkwardness: China’s Restrooms, Definitely Chinese Characteristics Bringing my daughter back to the country, I wanted to see all my relatives and good friends, and dining with guests was unavoidable. That one day, I was invited to Tang Song Fu [a restaurant] to eat, a rather impressive restaurant, said to […]