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  • Chinese student sleeping positions.


    13 Classic Sleeping In Class Positions By Students

    From Mop: Collection of post 90’s generation students sleeping in class positions; take a look and see which poses you made while in school Boring Style Novelty Factor: 1/5 Normally this posture can be commonly seen during a class with a teacher speaking with a tedious, monotonous tone. Students who have listened to the entire […]

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    ‘Avatar’ Movie, Chinese Reactions & Long Lines In Shanghai

    James Cameron’s latest film, Avatar, was released in China on 2010 January 2. Many Chinese are familiar with and loved James Cameron’s previous famous film, Titanic , which is still the number one most successful movie in history. Although Avatar or 《阿凡达》 (“ā fán dá”, in Chinese) has premier two weeks later in China than […]

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    Chinese Netizen Reactions To CCTV Attacking Google

    From Hudong Baike: A Letter To Gao Ye Schoolmate Gao Ye, hello: You probably do not know me, but I know you from Focus Interview. I attentively listened to you talk about the “Google China using yellow pictures [pornography] and vulgar content to poison your schoolmate” thing, and was deeply touched and learned a lot. […]

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    Chinese Netizen Reactions To Jet Li Becoming Singaporean

    From Mop: Today I saw Singapore “Business Times” confirm that movie super-star Li Lianjie [Jet Li] has given up his plans for American citizenship, and has already taken Singapore citizenship. He has even spent 20 million Singaporean Dollars (about 95 million RMB) to buy a luxury residence in Singapore. After Gong Li, this is yet […]

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    If The Passengers On The Titanic Were Chinese…

    From Tianya: Although I have watched the Hollywood blockbuster “Titanic” many years ago, the grandeur of the tragedy during the moment of the ship’s sinking forever etched in my mind. The honorable captain, the three violinists calmly facing death, as well as those gentlemen who gave the hope of life to the women and children […]